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Core version: 140 (2018-10-26)


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The Devil's Forest (悪魔の森) is a difficulty ★★★ dungeon in the Eastern Continent. A once-sealed ancient devil has been released and demons have taken over the Bandit Forest, giving it its new name. This dungeon is an update to the Bandit Forest after speaking to the man with purple bandanna in Capital Avalon's pub twice (the second time after leaving and returning to the pub).


  • This dungeon is structurally identical to the Bandit Forest it replaces. There is a little more to the forest depths but as of December 2017 the planned cave section remains incomplete and inaccessible.
  • Common enemies are bandits, demons, frogs, and snakes.
  • Holy attribute attacks and equipment will help with killing demons.
  • Common status ailments are Poison, Paralysis, and Fallen.
  • Thieves will use their Plunder skill to steal potions, gold, and even potentially your main armor; avoid equipping your best armor for this dungeon. Alternatively, a high level mage with area of effect spells can clear areas completely to make it safer to travel.
  • This dungeons has a unique system that shows most items gained or lost by small floating icons.
  • You cannot save in this dungeons except at three specific points.
  • The character Flora will gain more from treasure chests in this dungeon.

Dungeon Layout

Outer Forest

The outer regions of the forest are relatively tame; there are less trees about and enemies are mostly snakes and spitting frogs. This region and the rest of the dungeon is entirely linear. You will encounter a young girl named Elle who will have you listen to her tale whether you like it or not.

Inner Forest

The forest canopy will gradually grow denser as you venture into the forest. To easily make your way through the later sections you can either wear Silver-Rimmed Glasses or note the positions of the white flowers on the ground; these will point you generally towards the next open area.

Enemies will consist of thieves and demons and will be increasingly harder to avoid as visibility decreases. The thieves will occasionally throw daggers which may be parried with proper timing. Some bandits will wear different clothing; these are tougher foes with increased health.

Demons will cast ranged spells at you and will occasionally cast おまじない, which randomly buffs a random enemy with one of the following:

  • Increased Attack Power/Magical Attacks.
  • Increased Defense/Magical Defense.
  • Increased Movement Speed.

Each enemy may only be affected by one buff, and if you have the Mute spell active the demons will not use this ability.

There are chests with some gold and potions in secluded areas of the forest but given the probability of thieves robbing them from you the material gain from this region will be negligible.

Forest Depths

There will be a save point and a hidden path leading east to a small white flower patch. Heading north will take you to a cave with sparkling points; as the dungeon is incomplete you will be presented with several options:

  • Return to the dungeon entrance.
  • Reset the dungeon as the Bandit Forest.
  • Reset the dungeon as the Devil's Forest.


If you are tackled by the bandits while in the Fallen state, you will trigger an event. This event will be automatically avoided if you are wearing certain armor such as various types of rubber suits, Hard Rock Armor, or Invasion Suit. Finishing the event may cause a game over.