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RyonaRPG edit

Core version: 140 (2018-10-26)


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Bug Labyrinth


  • Once you've entered this dungeon, you cannot leave until you've completed it.
  • Completing this dungeon will make your lose your character virginity (both).


  • The rock can be borken using the morning star found north at the start of dungeon.
  • The dungeon is made of random corridors. Some loot can be found here and there.
  • You will need to go deeper and deeper to escape. Gotta find those stairs !
  • The egg countains different kind of parasite, and even one of them will be a huge pain, since it slows you a lot.


  • Some of the room countain giant bug trap, which can be quite nasty.
  • The enemies here are weak, but resistant to physical attack. Also, expect a lot of Poison / ??? status.
    • In fact, you'll realize that this dungeon will more likely kill you by having you run out of potion than by pure damage, so come stuffed (30 potions at least).
  • Warrior characters have no trouble surviving here, but a firespell clean a room nicely.
  • The eggs countain different kinds of parasites, and even one of them will be a huge pain, since it slows you a lot
  • Every once in a while, you will find stair that always lead to a shelter where you can sleep and save, and get ride of the parasites on you.


Sometimes, and at the beginning of the dungeon, you'll face a horde of insect, taht assemble to take form. The three form are :

  • A humanoid ones, that will shoot stuff at you.
  • A hand one, that will hurt like hell if it catch you.
  • A tornado one that can go through the screen dealing severe damage.

The boss will heal absorbing smaller group of insect, and takes nearly no damage from physical attack. Prepare a firespell or weapon (very easy to deal 999 dmg with those)

I think the miniboss has about 2000hp

Going deeper

  • After the first stairs, you will face stronger ennemies.
  • After the second ones, the layout changes, and there will be tentacle maiden around. There is always a way to move around without being caught, be carefull.
  • The third ones will lead to the boss.


Take the crystal and loot the chest, it's loaded with potions and ether. Then board the car.

The race is divided into two parts. During the first part, you need to keep shooting a giant cockroach until it dies. It is recommended to stock up on healing items and turn on auto-healing (both HP and MP).

Once you killed the first one, additional groups appear. After you have killed a number of cockroaches, the car will speed up and crash to a wall, then you can leave the dungeon. Don't try to open the chest there, that is a bait like cockroach house...