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The Bug Labyrinth (蟲毒の迷宮) is a difficulty ★★★ dungeon in the Central Continent. It is a dungeon filled entirely with swarms of insects infesting the depths of a old ruin. It is unlocked by paying 100 gold to the pirate wearing a purple bandanna at the Ray-On Village pub, by the bar.


  • You will be unable to leave this dungeon until you complete it; come prepared with as many Potions and Ethers as you can carry.
  • Common status ailments are Poison, ???, Parasite, and Captured.
  • The Parasite status is inflicted by touching any one of the various insect eggs in the labyrinth, and will both take over one of your equipment slots and slow you down.
  • Enemies consist mostly of weak insects that are especially weak against Fire-based attribute attacks and spells. Quite a number will also be capable of casting elemental magic. Beware of enemy knockback which may cause you to hit insect eggs and end up with parasites. Swarms (black masses of insects) are resistant to physical attacks.
  • Warriors will have an easy time, but mages with Fire-based spells will also do well here.
  • The Morningstar which is useful for breaking boulders will be found here.
  • You will lose both vaginal and anal virginity upon completing this dungeon unless you are wearing a chastity belt and pay 1,000 gold.

Dungeon Layout

Upper Levels

Falling into the dungeon will massively damage your character. From the start head north to find two Stripping Spirits and the Morningstar. Equip the latter and use it to break the boulders in your way to the south. The first room is a four way crossroad where you will be introduced to the mini-boss of the dungeon, a colossal swarm of insects that takes various forms.

The entire dungeon consists of random dungeon segments, making it impossible to create a useful map. You can only go forward and may not return the way you came. You may be lucky enough to encounter the stairs leading downward almost immediately after the initial boss area which will bring you to a shelter where you can rest, save, and get rid of any parasites; it is also possible to find a Prime Blue inside one of them. After the first of such shelters the insects you encounter will become stronger.

Note that some rooms have Giant Bug Traps which will drop you inside a bug that will start to digest you almost immediately, dealing heavy damage. To escape you need to defeat the anemone-like monsters in the center as quickly as possible to force it to vomit you back out.

Very rarely you may encounter tentacle traps which can be useful for stripping parasites off you if you do not have access to the shelter or any Stripping Spirits.

In this dungeon you will also find the Cordyceps plant needed for the guard brainwashing quest given by the scientist in the Life Science Institute. It will appear as an ivy-like growth in the southwestern corners of some segments after the first set of stairs.

Boss: Insect Swarm

This mini-boss is a slow-moving creature that takes one of three different forms that is determined when entering the crossroad room; it will not spawn in any of the other dungeon segments.

  • Humanoid - In this form the boss will occasionally fire a thick wave of insects at you.
  • Grasping Hands - This form has the ability to spawn a copy of itself that will come together into a crushing grasp, sometimes two or three times in a row. Due to its odd hit box it is possible to get temporarily trapped and be damaged multiple times when in close range.
  • Tornado - This form blows through the arena dealing severe damage.

It has around 3,000 Health but will regenerate if it absorbs any of the insect swarms present. It is also very resistant to physical attacks and should be countered with Fire-based spells and attribute attacks. It counts towards the Boss Subjugation counter, making it possible to meet the boss defeat requirements for unlocking several dungeons in one dungeon run.

Lower Levels

After finding a second set of stairs the dungeon walls will appear flesh-like and there will be tentacle beds scattered throughout the dungeon segments. The tentacle beds only trap you if you stand directly in front of them.

Once you find the stairs downward you will be unable to explore the labyrinth further as the game will inform you that the exit is nearby. Taking the stairs brings you to the final shelter where you will find a Crystal Fragment, a supply chest, and a large vehicle. The supply chest contains a large number of Potions and Ether but also includes a number of Evil Potions within the batch, which may be dangerous when at low health as the Auto Healer does not discriminate and will readily use the latter when attempting to heal you. Checking the bookcases will reveal the true reason for the dungeon's existence (tied inextricably to the Underwater Temple) and give you the basic control scheme for the vehicle.

If you have a chastity belt and 1,000 gold you may interact with the suit of armor at the far right; it will equip you with a suit that will protect both your vaginal and anal virginity from the vehicle's control rods, and also change the looks of both the vehicle and the final boss. Otherwise, step on the wooden platform to jump into the vehicle and begin the boss battle. Either way your equipment (including your chastity belt and any remaining parasites) will be stripped from you for the duration of the fight.

Boss: Sleipnir

Main status ailments are ???, Poison, Paralysis, and Darkness. If you have damage and erotic dialogs enabled it may be better to disable them for this fight as the timing of your attacks may become off.

You will be using the machine guns mounted on the vehicle to battle Sleipnir. Their power is proportional to your remaining Health and inversely proportional to your remaining Mana. Each time you fire you will take EX damage and use up Mana. If you became a non-virgin due to riding the vehicle your Mana bar may be empty and you will suffer Bleeding.

The fight with Sleipnir comes in two stages. In the first stage you will encounter a single insect enemy that launches unavoidable attacks, even with boosted engines. It will move quickly and randomly making it hard to hit but it will always attack the rear of the vehicle so it may be advantageous to train your guns directly behind you. The Auto Healer may fail to restore your Mana during the fight so you will need to manually use Ethers by bringing up the menu.

The second stage will have you defend against four lines of ever approaching insects. The best strategy is to move into an empty lane and to continually target another, taking aim at the middle of the targeted line as it is easiest to hit. Occasionally there will be rockfalls and bumpy terrain; the former will deal damage while the latter increases your EX gauge.

Once you have defeated enough of the lines you will speed up and crash into the end point of the dungeon. Avoid stepping into the differently colored terrain with treasure chests at the end as it will trigger a game over (you will be given a warning after taking one step in it). Take the stairs to the north to leave the dungeon.


  • The bugs will use you for reproduction if you are beaten in the fight. You can be rescued by other characters.
  • Lose the car race and you will be eaten by the cockroaches, leading to a game over.
  • After the Sleipnir fight, attempt to reach the treasure chests at the exit. You will be glued to the floor and be unable to escape, leading to a game over.