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Back Streets (裏通り) is a dungeon area inside Ray-On Village.

General Info

  • Area behind Ray-On Village, contains many strong monsters
  • The thieves will steal lots of potions and ether if they attack you.
  • Can be accessed by path between Beginners Pavillion and Arms Dealer
  • Contains several shops where rare items can be purchased
  • If character is defeated here...

Back Alley North

Ray-On Back Alley North
  • Where character first enters
  • Can have slave collar removed by samurai, see slave mode for details.
  • You need to have a Chain Flail equipped to reach the poles. If it doesn't reach, kill some enemies to level it up.
  • There's a guy down the ladder on the west side (west of the samurai) who sells ethers or something.


Northwest Shop
Item Cost
Leather Whip 100
Gladius 100
Iron Armor 200
Broken Armor 1
Worn Out Clothes 1
Light Guard 500
Spike Shield 1500
Protective Suit 5200
Star Piercing Seal 6000
Succubus Eyeshadow 6000
Pink Lipstick 3000
Dark LIpstick 3000
Northeast shop
Item Cost
Worn out Clothes 1
Burning Gloves 1000
Pickaxe 6000

Power Band

Magic Belt 1500
Carving Knife 1500
Bastard Sword 800
Iruun 1600
Noble Slaves Dress 16000
Noble Collar 4000
Noble Slaves Chain 2000
Southwest Shop (Requires Chain Flail)
Item Cost
Mini Protector 1200
T-back 2000
Loincloth 1000
Demon Ring 8000
Southeast Shop
Item Cost
Broken Armor 1
Worn out clothes 1
Light Guard 500
Mithril Claws 250
Eastern Katana 6000
Flame Arrow 50
Genji Armor 30000
Rope and Spikes 1200
Throwing Knife 20
Water God Tabi 3762

Back Alley South

Ray-On Back Alley South
  • Accessed through sewers.


Maid Shop (Southwest)
Item Cost
Throwing Knife 20
Ribbon Dagger 2000
Shuriken 1000
Fuuma Shuriken 15000
Dagger Whip 10000
Gauntlet Sword 12000
Ring Blade 12000
Melk Real GS 40000
Chained Axe 9000
D Chained Axe 40000
Fencing Saber 3000
Twin Lance 10800
Bane Spear 20000
R Disk Launcher 20000
Leather Disk 500
Silver Arrow 800
Shuriken 1000
Fuuma Shuriken 15000
Rod of Flame 12000
Rod of Ice 12000
Rod of Thunder 12000
Northern Shop
Item Cost
Moondry 5
Southeast Shop
Item Cost
Broken Armor 1
Worn out clothes 1
Light Guard 500
Aura Knuckle 2000
Princess Gown 16000
Dagger Whip 10000
Silver Dagger 2000
Silver Foil 2000
Silver Medallion 1000
Jewel Broach 3000
Queen's Bondage 16000
Dark Circlet 6000
Papillon Mask 1800
Queen's Dress 16000
Queen's Crown 6000
Queen's Ring 3000


Ray-On village sewers
  • Characters can get piercings here (Map ID118). See piercings for more information.
  • Characters defeated in the back streets can be found here
  • Characters may get certain piercings after being defeated.


Jellyfish Man's Shop
Item Cost
Fake Potion 50
Fake Ether 50
White Bottle 100
Lady's Medicine 2000
Piercing Shop
Item Cost
Bell Piercing 5000
Luck Piercing 5000
Spirit Piercing 2000
Barrier Piercing 2000
Saint Piercing 3000