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The Ancient Library (古代の図書館) is a difficulty ★★ dungeon on the Eastern Continent. Teams of adventurers have descended upon the dungeon but have encountered difficulties penetrating the strange dual dimension the library exists in. It is unlocked by reading a note on the table in Hidden Town's church.


  • Common negative status ailments are ??? and Slime.
  • You cannot save in this dungeon except at specific points.
  • This dungeon has delta horse-like traps that cause ???; prepare Sedatives accordingly.
  • The enemies in this dungeon operate on a line-of-sight system so it may be easier to avoid most of them.
    • Bats will rush towards you and lift you into the air, dealing damage by dropping you.
    • Golems will charge right at you and knock you down.
    • Slimes have a long range eruption attack that will knock you around.
    • Mimics will spew slime at you.
    • Summoned Imps will case short range magic.
    • Shadows will shapeshift as they advance on you.
  • Later in the dungeon when you are able to switch dimensions any items in chests found in the real world are more valuable than their shadow counterparts.
  • Note that Stripping Spirits may be farmed here from the Summoned Imps.

Dungeon Layout

Assembly Area

This is the gathering point of various adventurers and other interested parties. There is a woman on a shelf to the southeast who will sell you information about the dungeon and its inhabitants. The path to the actual dungeon areas is through a small antechamber hidden by a narrow bookshelf to the southwest. Once inside use semi-hidden switches to move bookshelves so you can reach the hidden ladder to the northeast.

Main Library

This path is relatively linear. The red door is inaccessible. Some of the black background sections are actually access paths to other areas of the library. At one point you will find a door with an eye on it; the mirror in the connected room allows you to setup one of a selection of characters from the roster and equip them with a limited selection of equipment. Later on, once you have reached the dimension prison area of the dungeon you can switch to the shadow version of this room and enter the second doorway to emerge as your crafted character. Not needed to finish this dungeon, and not very useful as you can just switch characters normally at an inn. Be warned that not all character assets are available and the game may crash.

North of the said door is a moveable bookshelf. This leads to a section of the library with a number of moveable shelves you need to align to create a path to the shadowed doorway to the northwest where one of the two bosses of the dungeon resides.

Boss: Killer Tome

This fight starts by attempting to leave the chamber it is in. This boss moves somewhat erratically and tends to make round trips around the arena while hiding in the bookshelves. Its main attack is a telegraphed charge that deals heavy damage if it hits, while its secondary attacks are throwing pages from itself and rarely casting a few magic spells. When it hits the shelves it may drop books which are actually traps that deal damage. The trick is to have it charge at you into the pillar at the center of the arena, which will stun it for a brief time. This boss does not count towards the Boss Subjugation count.

Resting Point

The path created by the boss' defeat leads to a resting point where you will find a recovery fairy, a chest, and an NPC who will sell you status recovery for 450 gold and saving for 200 gold. He also sells a number of items at an inflated price that may help:

  • Potion x10 (1,000 gold)
  • Ether x 10 (1,000 gold)
  • Panacea x 10 (1,000 gold)
  • Stripping Spirit (4,500 gold)
  • Savory Key x3 (1,500 gold)

The Savory Key is useful for a quick exit should you be trapped in one of the monster rooms due to entering the wrong door in the level with trick doors.

Mirror Doors

This level has a number of doors that you need to navigate in order to reach the gates in the shadow dimension to the northeast. The trick to this level is explained by the notes on the walls at the starting area: do not enter doors that are not present in reality as the doors are linked. Note the positions of the doors in the real world and only use the corresponding ones in the shadow world.

If you end up taking the wrong doors you may either end up in a standard monster room, or a locked one. Once you leave you will end up at the door leading to the resting point.

The southern lever will switch sets of doors which will enable you to reach the two levers in the shadow world needed in order to access a lever in the center in the real world. If you are unable to go up the stairs to the east after activating them remember to pull this lever as it also creates a thin block blocking passage.

Dimensional Prison

This area is actually the main library, although in the shadow world it is a prison. It has two directions of interest; southwards leads to the reverse shadow world side of the mirror in the main library. If you defeat the enemies present you will also open up a door to the southeast which contains the trapped husk of an enslaved queen and her slave possessions; the real world version will contain her actual royal regalia.

Northwards leads to the boss. You need to manipulate levers to open up access paths while using the books to alternate between dimensions. Remember that an open path in either dimension is the opposite in its counterpart. Once past this area you will reach a small chamber where you can save before facing the final boss.

Boss: Mirror Demon

You will not be using your character for this fight; instead you will possess the soulless husk of one of five randomly chosen girls who may be equipped with powerful equipment (some of which may make this fight entirely trivial). There are two methods to switch bodies: the first is to be hit by purple shots from the boss, or alternatively to get yourself trapped in one of three traps to the northwest, southwest, and southeast of the arena. The second method is slightly more dangerous as you will be prevented from using that husk for the rest of the fight which may become an issue if you run low on bodies to switch to for any reason. When you possess a body initially you will need to break free from the enclosure; when attempting to re-inhabit a body on the field just walk over it and interact as usual.

The demon has Health equivalent to your current level multiplied by 256. She will frequently teleport across the level, pausing only for a few moments wherein she either does nothing or charges up one of her spells. While teleporting she may drop a puppet in her place that will explode; even if it doesn't hit you it will still cause your charge gauge to empty if you were charging for a hit. Her spells include a conical blast of purple shots that will seal off the character you are using, a number of homing arrows, a short range rain of flame, damaging and Capture-inducing homing magic circles, and several purple shots fired in succession. It is during the charging process that you will be able to do damage to her, although take care as she has no hit box and you may end up running into her instead which deals damage to you.

Spells such as Haste will greatly assist you as it will make it easier to track her down when she is charging and to avoid her spells. Certain characters will also have speed enhancing equipment which will make this much easier.

On defeat she will flee and drop a random boss item. When you leave you will find a Soul Jar 16, and will be able to backtrack and deal with anything you skipped, if any. This boss does not count towards the Boss Subjugation counter.

If you lose this battle the demon will have your soul, now inhabiting a specially modified body, impregnate your soulless husk while she decides that you will be made to inhabit your child's body to repeat the same. You can call upon your roster for a rescue.