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RyonaRPG edit

Core version: 140 (2018-10-26)


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  • active - you can only choose one of the active ability
  • passive - you can't disable even you don't want it


Name Type From effects
休息 active Basic Defenseless, increase HP and MP regen rate, takes a while to get up when you ask her to move
通常 Cancel all active ability
警戒 Increase chance to dodge traps and avoid negative status, but decrease stats
快感に耐える Take less Ex damage and Ex decrease faster, all stats down to half
慰める Masturbation, to increase Ex (Cannot use in town area or when Ex bar is empty)
無抵抗 Dodge attacks but have no defenses against traps and negative status
肉切骨断 Warrior Lower your defense and increase attack.
受け流し Take 50% less physical damage but cannot attack
結界 Mage Need MP to maintain, increase spirit and more resist to negative status (5MP)
魔力集積 Mage and battlemage MP regeneration faster but all stats decrease
魔法盾 Need MP to maintain, increase defense and spirit (5MP)
魔法剣 Battle mage Need MP to maintain, increase attack and weapon have magic attribute
みだれうち on/off 精神と時の部屋<ref>inside village inn 1/F 5th door from left</ref> Weapon have chance to have HIT+1。[LV1 : 8%, LV2 : 16%, LV3 : 24%]
ためる Increase charging speed [LV1 : ?, LV2 : ?, LV3 : ?]
ねんぞくま Magic don't cost MP so you can cast again [LV1 : 6.25%, LV2 : 12.5%]
しらはどり Block enemy attack [LV1 : 10%, LV2 : 20%, LV3 : 30%]
たえる Decrease orgasm damage and sexy [LV1 : half/-1, LV2 : immune/-2]
底力 Ignore deadly strike [LV1 : 20%, LV2 : 40%]
ぬすむ More coins and higher chance to get chests from monster [LV1 : 1.2 times/+5%, LV2 : 1.5 times/+10%]
けいかい Dodge traps [LV1 : 25%, LV2 : 50%]
けり Push away the monsters when you attack them [LV1 : 30%, LV2 : 60%]
まほうバリア Take less magical damage when dying(very low HP) [LV1 : -50%, LV2 : Immune, LV3 : absorb]
攻撃専念 active Village weapon store(girl) Increase attack, magic and charge faster, decrease defend and spirit
防御専念 Increase defend and spirit, decrease attack, magic and charge slower
大自然の加護 passive Character ナコルル Nakoruru recover HP and MP faster when outdoor, MP recover faster, higher chance to do chain attack, cannot use heavy armor/shield
妖魔 メサルティム Mesarthim have stats limit, move faster in water but very slow on land, 妖魔 demon/devil/imp (?) weapon can let her absorb enemy ability
浮遊 ようせい Fairy have higher chance to dodge traps and move 2 times faster
すっぴん レナ Lenna don't have any equipment and ability limit
なし 真珠姫 Pearl greatly decrease stat and cannot equip powerful weapon/armor/magic/large sword/axe...
ブラッドスレイ(剣) 妖魔weapon Weapon attribute change to absorb
毒免疫(手) Immune from Poison/毒
麻痺免疫(手) Immune from Paralysis/麻痺
ディドリーバウダー(手) Decrease enemy stats if they are not immune from posion
戦士マスタリー(足) Switch to warrior mode
魔法マスタリー(足) Switch to mage mode
悪臭(足) active All enemy on screen are poisoned (15MP)
俊足(足) passive Increase Movement speed
サイコアーマー(足) Take 20% less damage

H ability

  • All H- related ability below are passive
  • Random means you have a chance to get the ability when requirment met.
  • 肉便器 - start a new character and choose this type (4th) will be in slave mode and have many H-ability
  • Hypnosis abilities are aquired with the yellow pokemon monster in hi store in Brainwashed city Meruberu.
Name Requirement effects 肉便器
A敏感/弱点 (尻 Buttocks) 敏感 - 5 感覚 sensitive points
弱点 - 10 感覚sensitive points (A,B,V 13)
Take more / very high Ex damage(B,N,U,V弱点) from that attack Yes
B敏感/弱点 (胸部 Breast)
N敏感/弱点 (乳腺 Nipple)
U敏感/弱点 (尿道 Urethra)
V敏感/弱点 (膣 Vagina)
快楽に弱い/全身性感帯 sexy 4/8, and meet orgasm experience requirment Ex increase faster when in ??? status / Take more Ex damage
自慰中毒 Orgasm in Masturbation (random) Take more Ex damage from masturbation, dialogue change.  Can choose from a list of options upon masturbating (additional option if futa.  What are they in order?)
精液中毒 Orgasm in vagina attack(random) Take more Ex damage from vagina attack, dialogue change
搾乳奴隸/搾乳狂い Orgasm in breast attack (random) Take more Ex damage from breast attack, dialogue change
母乳分泌/母乳体質 Orgasm in nipple attack (random) Able to 射乳 milk discharge, take more breast Ex damage
尻孔狂い/尻穴狂い Orgasm in buttocks attack (random) Take more Ex damage from this action, dialogue change
乳家畜 After Milk discharge, Ex damage >50 (random) Easier to milk discharge
魔乳化 Transform at 生命科学研究所 Life Science Institute Breast grow faster
ふたなり Get an organ that should found on male only...
搾精奴隸 Ejaculation 10 times, you will need ふたなり to do this, of course Easy to Ejaculation, ふたなり type attack Ex damage increase
異形の苗床 Give birth 10 times (such as infested by [妖花川のスライム] slime flower of the river , they will lay eggs when you sleep, and born after few days) Easy to pregnancy, 種付け attack Ex damage increase, dialogue change.
気丈 Take less Ex damage
元せいど Take more Ex damage
おもらし癖 pee (random) Easy to pee, take more Ex damage from 尿道 Urethra attack
おとなのけいけん Lost virginity(?)
自慰催眠 Masturbation Hypnosis Masturbate every night at inn.

Exposure hypnosis

Cannot wear any clothes in town.
おもらし催眠 Leaking hypnosis Will pee yourself on orgasm.
絶頂催眠 Sudden orgasm hypnosis 1% chance to orgasm every 10 sec
No-resistance hypnosis Forces the character to use the non-resistance stance in addition to their current stance.
Suggestion Hypnosis Lowers attack by 50 and spirit by 80.