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all characters are at least 18

Real Kanojo [edit]



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OK from what i know there isn't much of a back story. Feel free to edit this if i'm wrong. ~RemyM

Ai is an "Idol", she's a sweet innocent girl who is a bit foolish sometimes. Ai and the Main Character are traveling together down south for the holidays. The main character has been going out with Ai for about 6 months, yet they have not had sex. Ai is growing impatient and hopes they will "do it" soon.
Aya is a young childhood friend of the Main Character who has a personality that is difficult to describe. Back then, the Main Character and Aya did everything together. It is easily misunderstood because she likes to act tough, but deep down she is a very "girly" girl. Aya parents recently divorced, so she decides to give the main character a call and invites him to her room so they can talk. Aya would never tell him straight-forward, but she really wants to be his girlfriend and is interested in "doing things" with him.
Kaori is the main character's English teacher at school. She has a deep yearning for a "super sexy boy-toy". The Main Character has been making advances on Kaori for some time, and it has now come to the point that the two of them meet in secret. The main character intentionally skips class just so he can get detention, therefore giving them a reason to meet after class. Kaori is very good at teaching naughty things to an enthusiast young man. Kaori will stop at noting until she gets her heart's desire,which is for him to give her his chastity.