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all characters are at least 18

Real Kanojo [edit]



Technical Help


Version history

In order to modify anything in the game, you need ScumSuckingPig Decrypter to decrypt/encrypt the pp file for Real Girlfriend. The list below will show what each pp file contain:

List of PP files

This is a list of what each pp file contain as date : Feb,22,2010

  • rk00.pp Interface (UI)
  • rk10.pp Male and Girls Models + Clothes
    • cm_***.xx: Male
    • cw_***_00_***.xx : Ai
    • cw_***_01_***.xx: Aya
    • cw_***_02_***.xx : Kaori
  • rk11.pp Location Models
  • rk12.pp Animation Sequences
  • rk13.pp Animation Sequences
  • rk20.pp BGM + Environment Sound
  • rk21.pp Ai Sound
  • rk22.pp Aya Sound
  • rk23.pp Kaori Sound
  • rk30.pp LST linking files

How tools for editing

There are a lot of format in those pp files such as

  • Image type: tga, bmp
  • Text type: lst
  • 3D Model type: xa, xl, ml, ptcl
  • Audio type: ogg, wav, vss

How to edit each type of them : <incomplete>