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all characters are at least 18

Real Kanojo [edit]



Technical Help


Version history

General Gameplay

The main mode of the game has you choose and interact with one of the characters. As you move through scenes she will ask you questions and based on your response the game will progress in several ways, many times culminating in an erotic encounter.


Basic Controls

N - Toggle perspective (first person/third person)

1 - Toggle player visibility

2 - Toggle member visibility

3 - Toggle background

4 - Toggle camera crosshairs

CTRL - Move the camera

SpaceBar - Fast forward through already visited scenes

F1 - Options

F2 - Key bindings

F3 - Turn on webcam

F4 - Turn off webcam

F5 - Turn on 3D effect

F6 - Decrease 3D level

F7 - Default 3D level

F8 - Increase 3D level

F9 - Toggle webcam mode (live shot, cartoon)

F11 - Take screenshot

Left mouse button - Action

Right mouse button - Cancel, go into idle state

Middle mouse button - Switch active hand, swap hands

Mouse wheel - (H-Scene: inside bottom right box): Up for moving forward in the course of action / change speed of action

Answering the girl's questions

You have these three possible answers:

Answer Webcam Mouse
Yes Nod Up/Down
No Shake Left/Right
Nothing Be still Do not move

It is important to note that no answer is also an answer. This (in)action is being used by the game.

3D cardboard glasses that are shipped with the game. In that case it is useful to turn off the webcam via the F4 button.

Camera control

If you have a webcam, you can control the camera with your head, at least in first person view. If you are not using the webcam, you can use the CTRL button and use the mouse like in previous Illusion's games. Moving the camera is needed if you do not want to miss any details, in both first person and third person view.

In 1st person view, the mouse controls for the camera are:

  • CTRL + Left mouse button - Tilt camera
  • CTRL + Right mouse button - Right/Left for roll, Up/Down for zoom

In 3rd person view:

  • CTRL + Left mouse button - Orbit
  • CTRL + Middle mouse button - Pan
  • CTRL + Right mouse button - Right/Left for zoom, Up/Down for pedestal movement

Two mouse operation

If you have two mouse devices, you can optionally use both in the game. In order to do so, you need to configure which mouse is going to be your right one, and which one the left one. You can find those options in the launcher, custom settings, third pane. Many forum users have reported problems with Logitech mouse devices. A hacked launcher provided in the forums like the English Launcher 1.0B can resolve this kind of trouble.

The other prerequisite is that both mice to be used must have their specific drivers installed and both mice must be visible under the pointing devices node in the device manager. No Generic or HID complient drivers please. This has been tested to work under Windows XP and 7 Professional.
Two mouse device operation

The main difference between one and two mouse devices is how many hands you can use at the same time. When you use a single pointer device, most scenes use the device for one hand. You can change the hand it controls via the middle mouse button, but you need to retract the hands, via right mouse button, before you are able to switch hands. The single exception is in the scene where the girls talks to you. In that scene, you are able to switch to two hands mode, but you are restricted to symmetrical placement on top of her head.

If you get two mouse devices working in the game, you will be able to use both hands at the same time. The way the launcher configures the mouse devices, your right mouse is going to be your main mouse device. This mouse device is the only the one that can react to the girl's questions. During the scenes with the girl, you can swap right and left mouse if you click on the middle mouse button.

As stated in the first line, using two mouse devices is completely optional.

3D Anaglyph glasses

3D mode ON/OFF
The game supports this old Red-Cyan 3D Glasses method. Two images are rendered at the same time and displayed using different filters. Color fidelity might be affected. Because the computer needs to render two different images, frame rate also suffers.

An user in the forums has reported that Nvidia polarized 3D glasses do not work with the game. It requires "Red-Cyan" 3D glasses, any other 3D glasses with other color simply won't work.

nVidia 3D Vision glasses work with this game. To work, a 3D vision capable video card and drivers must be installed, and stereovision must be enabled. This game's compatibility with 3D Vision is not rated by nVidia, but is fairly poor - multiple objects in the scene are rendered at the wrong depth. The game's 3D mode does not need to be enabled to use nVidia 3D Vision.


Game Routes

There are a total of 3 girls in the game namely AI (1st), AYA (2nd) and KAORI (3rd). The story branches following a simple pattern. You always start in a place that depends on the girl you chose. Midway of the story you are given the option to go to two places. For example, Ai asks you if you want to go to the beach. If you nod, then you go to the beach. If you do not accept to go to the beach, then she forces you to go the pool. At the end of the story, you are given such another option again, and your selection determines where the H scene will happen. That makes a total of four routes for each girl.

Everytime you are being asked by the game, there are two outcomes. Either you did it right and get a scene, or you did it wrong and you are sent to the next decision. There are three type of scenes that can happen (letters in parenthesis is how we are referring to them in this wiki):

  • Talking Mode (T)
    This is the scene where you have a good look at her face. You can listen to whatever she is saying, or poke and prod her face with your fingers.
  • Groping Mode (G)
    If you do the action in the time you are allotted to, you will be rewarded with a heart. Hearts can be used in H Mode.
  • H Mode (H)
    For more information, visit the H Mode page.

You might also get sent back to the main menu if your selections have been inappropriate, that is, where you did not get any of the scenes.

Following sections explain how to get the perfect score for each route and which kind of scene will you experience at each decision point:

AI's Route

Starting - YES (T), YES (G), YES (G), YES (G), YES [Go To Beach] / NO [Go To Pool]

Beach - No (G), YES (G), NO, (G), YES (T), YES [Go To Cave] (H) / NO [Go To Small House] (H)

Pool - YES (G), NO (T), YES (G), NO (G), YES [Go To Bedroom] (H) / NO [Remain At Pool] (H)

AYA's Route

Quick guide

Starting - NO (G), YES (T), NO (G), NO (G), YES [Go To Bath Room] / NO [Go To Kitchen]

Bath Room - YES (G), YES (G), NO (G), YES (T), YES [Remain At Bath Room] (H) / Do Nothing [Go To Bedroom] (H)

Kitchen - YES (G), NO (G), YES (G), YES (T), YES [Go To Bedroom] (H) / NO [Go Remain At Kitchen] (H)

Detailed guide

This section contains each room separately, the question the girl asks and your possible reactions. Positive answers are marked in green.

Starting room

To advance to next room, you need 2 positive answers

Question number Question text (aprox.) Answer Result
1 Remember my room? Is something wrong? Yes Nothing happens
No Caress legs
No action Caress legs
2 Can we talk? Yes Talking
No Talking
No action Nothing happens
3 Do you have someone? Yes Nothing happens
No Caress butt
No action Caress butt
4 You think my boobs are small? Yes Caress boobs
No Caress boobs
No action Nothing happens
5 Wanna take a bath? Yes Go to bathroom
No Go to kitchen
No action End of date


Question number Question text (aprox.) Answer Result
1 Can you help me with the salat? Yes Carress legs
No Nothing happens
No action  ?
2 Is there anyone special for you? Yes  ?
No Caress boobs
No action  ?
3 Can you take the salat and put it on the table? Yes Caress butt
No  ?
No action Caress butt
4 Are you suprised by my cooking? Yes Talking
No Nothing happens
No action  ?
5 Can you help me clean up before we go back? Yes H-Scene (Bedroom)
No H-Scene (Kitchen)
No action  ?


Question number Question text (aprox.) Answer Result
1 I'll wash your head Yes Caress boobs
No  ?
No action  ?
2 Will you wash my back? Yes Caress back
No  ?
No action  ?
3 Are you staring at me? Yes  ?
No Caress legs
No action  ?
4 Lets get in the bathtub together Yes Talking
No  ?
No action  ?
5 Should I "wash" something else? Yes H-Scene (Bathroom)
No  ?
No action H-Scene (Bedroom)

KAORI's Route

Starting - YES (G), YES (T), YES (G), YES (G), YES [Go To House] / NO [Go To Classroom]

House - YES (G), NO (T), YES (G), YES (G), YES [Stay in Living Room] (H) / Do nothing [Go To Bedroom] (H)

Classroom - Yes (T), YES (G), YES (G), NO (G), YES [Go To Room] (H) / No [Remain At Classroom] (H)