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all characters are at least 18

Premium Play Darkness [edit]


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Technical Help


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H-Mode is split up between the setup and the actual H'ing. Unlike other Illusion games where there used to be some kind of performance meter, H-Mode in Premium Play Dark is purely Aesthetic. Nothing can be achieved from trying to perform well in a scene.

H-Mode Configuration

Before you can do Actual H-Mode, you will have to pick the settings.

Normal Mode

Normal mode is the regular one on one sex mode.

Location Tab

There are 6 Outdoor Locations and 21 Indoor Locations.

Note that not all locations support every sex position. The lab (Bottom row, middle button) does support every sex position.

Heart Tabs

The hearts signify the state of Arousal, (1 heart = Cold hearted. 5 hearts = tongue sticking out / ecstasy) They have no influence on the positions themselves or on the sex scene in general, they only change the way the girl acts during the position chosen for the heart.


You can choose either consensual or rape from the two buttons above the heart tabs. This changes her facial expressions and voice during H-mode. Left button is consensual sex with the Male Protagonist and the Right button is rape from the Male Antagonist.

Heart Tabs- Positions

There are 4 tabs with positions once you select a heart tab, and one button at the top which is no position, they are divided as follows:

1.) Foreplay

2.) Normal Sex Positions

3.) Masturbation

4.) Exotic Sex Positions (This includes ass-fingering during masturbation and female-dominant positions)

A text file with the basic layout of positions can be found here: List with positions. (Note: This was a text file for personal purpose so the person that made it has used shorthand and less descriptive terms for many of the positions)

If the position you chose contains some boob-grabbing, you can move around the mouse to fondle the breasts.

H-Mode Action!

The game will spawn you in the first position in the location chosen during the configuration.

From here on you can use the area in the bottomright corner to change the speed and variety of the position. Note that not all positions have multiple varieties. If the position you used supports fondling, you can move the mouse around anywhere on the screen to move the hands.

There are buttons above the interaction area which has a combination of the following icons, depending on position:

1.)A red heart (Make her cum)

2.)Red and blue heart (both cum)

3.)Blue heart shooting semen into some curved red thing supposedly resembling a womb (Cum inside)

4.)Blue icon with semen. (Cum outside)

Clicking these will trigger the cumming, similar to Artificial Academy.

Hard Mode

Hard mode is the dark side of Premium Play Dark, and contains a variety of sex scenes with demons, as well as torture-ish scenes and 3p/4p.

Here you can pick a location and the type of sex. The positions are pre-determined for every type of sex act. This means you can only switch between the pre-set positions in-game.

There are 3 positions per sex-act (not counting the left-click/right-click varieties in-game) and there are 3 level buttons that change the arousal of the girl.