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all characters are at least 18

PlayHome [edit]



FAQ & Technical Help


Running The Game

  • Q: How to change Resolutions? Does it supports lower than 1280x720?
A: Open up the launcher (InitSetting.exe), there should be a scrollbox to change your resolution. Yes it does, as long as your Graphics Card supports widescreen with a lower resoulution (e.g. 640x400) otherwise you will have to opt into windowed mode. To Enable windowed mode, uncheck the box just below the resolution scrollbox.


  • Q: I can't seem to get out from the "resistance" state, how to get out of it? makes the girl loves doing it with me?"
A: Grind your way to make each girl compatible with each of their stats (Vaginal, Anal, Horny, Mouth, Semen), eventually, you will get an event triggered to change your "resistance" state into "level change" state.