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all characters are at least 18

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*translations by Caevinz from Hongfire

New Father Hirochi arriving

  • Akiko : did you hear? it seems that our new father will coming here soon!
  • Ritsuko :’s pretty sudden topic huh.
  • Yukiko: ufufu... I’m thinking of make both of you surprised~
  • Akiko: really, mom~
  • Ritsuko: ...
  • yukiko: oh my, it seems like Ritsuko didn’t want to welcome him.
  • Ritsuko: not really, he will eventually come so I don’t really care about it.
  • Akiko: onee-chan, its not good you know. We need to greet properly since we will become family after all.
  • Ritsuko: If Akiko said that, then I think I will do my best.
  • Yukiko: with him...ufufu
  • Ritsuko: just shut up.
  • Yukiko: Kok gitu~ (here I can’t put a precise expression in English so I put it in Indonesia)
  • Ritsuko: ...chi
  • Akiko:haa... with this condition is it possible to get along each other?
  • Yukiko: If its him, it would be alright~
  • Ritsuko: hm..we will see.
  • Akiko: aah.. papa, will he come faster?

Rebellious Girl

  • Yukiko : Oh, good morning Ritsuko
  • Ritsuko: ..Morning
  • Yukiko : ufufu...tommorow finally huh..
  • Ritsuko: yeah
  • Yukiko: will that person like it?
  • Ritsuko: well? It doesn’t have anything to do with me
  • Yukiko: really, even though a new family will be increased..
  • Ritsuko: nothing... You can do you want but please, don’t drag me in. okay?
  • Yukiko: Even if you says so, he is your new father. It has something to do with you, you know?
  • Ritsuko: That’s why I frankly show my hatred since it’s related. Anyways, I absolutely doesn’t have anything related with your love affair.
  • Yukiko: a... really, I wonder why she becomes like this?

Sisters in the Bath

  • Akiko: hurry onee-chan!
  • Ritsuko: yes yes, I understand so turn your back.
  • Akiko: nfu~
  • Ritsuko: is it not hurts?
  • Akiko: its oka-y~, it feels good~
  • Ritsuko: is that so, then I will start to drain it.
  • Akiko: O-kay~ thank you onee-chan
  • Ritsuko: fufu, it’s because my cute little sister asked for it.
  • Akiko: still you know, its true that I am the one who said it but, aren’t you spoiling me a little too much?
  • Ritsuko: It’s okay, I do it because I like it after all.
  • Akiko:But, I was hoping that you can also do it like this you know, getting along with papa and mama.
  • Ritsuko: .....
  • Akiko: both of them are concerned about you, you know?
  • Ritsuko: ...well, let’s go out now.
  • Akiko: ah.... really..that onee-chan.

About Papa and Mama

  • Akiko: nee mama, which part of our current papa you got interested in?
  • Yukiko: right.. I think his seriousness and honest side.
  • Akiko: Uwaa, so template-like. There’s should be another parts of him that you like, right?
  • Yukiko: Ufufu, I wonder about it.
  • Akiko: what, what? please tell me~
  • Yukiko: Nope~ it is too early for you, you know?
  • Akiko: a...I could understand it somewhat.. thank you for the food~ (P.S: I think she means about she’s thankful about the information, or about her mother relation with her father)
  • Yukiko: He seeking for me, filling me.... kya!
  • Akiko: It’s not something that you talk about in front of your daugther right?
  • Yukiko: really.. it’s because you’re asking for it
  • Akiko: well, as long as mama happy, it should be enough, right?
  • Yukiko: Ufu, our happiness are also (not finished yet)
  • Akiko: Ahaha... I will received only your feelings though.

In Her Room

  • Ritsuko: Fuu... It’s been almost half a month since that man came to this house huh.. and mother seems always smiling...
  • Ritsuko: Gross.....
  • Ritsuko: That woman only wants a man after all...
  • Ritsuko: Right... just like father...
  • Ritsuko: She want to be disordered...satisfied....lose her mind...
  • Ritsuko: Such an immoral
  • Ritsuko: na......n................kufu........n
  • Ritsuko: really...idiot....

Papa and Onee-san

  • Akiko: Fufu... I’m really glad that new papa is seems like a good person
  • Akiko: Mama also seems to be always happy.
  • Akiko: ....Now it’s only sister huh...
  • Akiko: Always putting her unfriendly face, makes her beauty become spoiled right...
  • Akiko: Should I take a move here?
  • Akiko: But still, I have no idea for this...
  • Akiko: Is there something I can.........u—m....
  • Akiko: Well, it will be useless even if I’m thinking about it
  • Akiko: Maybe, they could even get along if I just let it like that.


  •  ???? : Ha.....haa......Ku....
  • Yukiko: Ahaa.......Moree.....~
  •  ???? : Plea-..Please wait a minute, If its more than this......
  • Yukiko: Even you say such a thing...I am....(kissing noise)
  •  ????: Ku......That’s why you really....Oh my...
  • Yukiko: (keep kissing intensely)
  •  ????: S-..Stop it right now!
  • Yukiko: Kya!?
  •  ????: A....Le-..Let’s do it next time, I need to go now.
  • Yukiko: A...please wait..... Really, I still wanna to do it though.... well, it can’t be helped after all. Fufu.... I wonder what should I do next time..?

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Rumors of a House

  • Friend "Did you hear about it? That rumor?"
  • Mariko "hm? Rumor?"
  • Friend "you know, it's that house ..."
  • Mariko "Ahhhh that ..."
  • Friend "Well its only a rumor but to think there are voices like that coming out of it"
  • Mariko "Well, hmm ..."
  • Friend "Nowadays, doing something like that you'll absolutely be caught"
  • Mariko "... ... Right... to think that was real "
  • Friend "hm?"
  • Mariko "... I have heard that voice."
  • Friend "Eh, you?"
  • Mariko "in front of that house, while on my running course· · ·, I might be mistaken, since I only heard it once ... I haven't heard it again ... no matter how many times I passed that place ... "
  • Friend "... Hey, do you want to check it out?"
  • Mariko "What ?!"
  • Friend "Because I'm curious :)"
  • Mariko "No. Do you really want to? Isn't that spying? That's wrong"
  • Friend "Say, aren't you also curious"
  • Mariko "Well, I guess I'm a little bit curious... well ... (actually a lot) ...
  • Friend "Mufufu, Mariko is perverted."
  • Mariko "uuuu, you don't have to say it!"
  • Friend "Well, lets go on the next holiday :)"
  • Mariko "Are you sure you want to go? It was a really lewd voice
  • Friend "I wont know unless I see it myself, so I will decide if it's lewd, Isn't everyone a bit perverted?"
  • Mariko "Eh, I don't think everyone is?"
  • Friend "Well, class is about to start, then next holiday, meet up at the nearby park, Ms. closet pervert-san :)"
  • Mariko "Huh, Hold on! I'm not closet pervert"