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all characters are at least 18

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Ritsuko Morikawa


The eldest daughter of the Morikawa family. While she has a rather cold personality, she can become quite emotional when it comes to her beloved sister. She's not in really good term with her parents.

Akiko Morikawa


The second daughter of the Morikawa family. Of likable nature, she loves her family. She's sociable, and really good at reading the situation.

Yukiko Morikawa


Koichi's partner, and mother of Rirsuko and Akiko She does things at her own pace, being a little awkward with her family members. She has a good relationship with Koichi, being newly-wed and all.

Koichi Morikawa


He's the serious and sincere type. He just got married to Yukiko, and really want to take care of his family A bit confused about this new situation where he has to deal with young maidens, but goes to great length to have a better relationship with them.

Takeru Nishikujou


A punk holding a grudge against Koichi. Following his lust and instinct, he work to break down the Morikawa Household.

Mariko Yamazaki


The new victim that visits the Morikawa household. She's a shy boku-ko. While it doesn't show at 1st, she's more interested in H than your average person.

*character summary translated by MelSorana from Hongfire