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all characters are at least 18

Love Girl [edit]


Technical Help


The story mode of the game has two sections: lessons and challenges. You will need to beat these lessons and the challenges in order to beat the story mode of this game. Let us start with the lessons.

Each girl provides a different kind of lesson, and as such, only this girl can be used for that lesson. After you beat the lessons, you can try it with a different girl.

Except for the tests at the end of this section of the story mode, each lesson focus on the skill that is given you new to you. Please pay attention to the briefing, as the requirement to complete the lesson will be outlined here, specially the service mode ones that require the male to cum in a specific pose.

On the right side of the selection screen you will see two boxes with grids of tiles. The ones on the left are the available ones, while the ones on the right are the ones you chose for the scene. While the skill that you will be testing at each lesson is maxed out, the skill will be given to you at level 1, restricting your moves. The ones that you set will be the ones that will be leveled up according to your scene score. The score can be made larger if you do extracurricular activities, as in using skills not needed for the completion of the lesson. As some later challenges require a specific level of a skill, please set as many skills are needed. The score also levels up the player, that will grant extra cum bars and extra slots for the skills.

Foreplay Lesson

KISS lesson

requirement : use kiss skill by click mouth icon and click at girl mouth to make her mood GREAT (yellow)

GROPING lesson

requirement : use groping by click one-hand icon and click at girl breast to make her mood GREAT(yellow)

TEASING lesson

requirement use teasing skill by click mouth icon on breats and one-finger or two-finger skill on breats to make girl mood GREAT (yellow)


requirement : use one-hand or two-hand on girl ass to make her mood GREAT (yellow)

OCHIRI lesson

requirement : use mouth icon or one-finger icon on girl asshole to make her mood GREAT (yellow)


requirement : use one-hand, one-finger or mouth icon on her pussy and make her Wet meter 30% or more

Service mode Lesson

During these lessons, you might be given a specific pose when you need to make the male cum. Please pay attention to the briefing section, as you will need to wait until the girl is in the pose shown then.

CHANGE lesson

requirement : accept girl chance for changing mode timely click JUST in girl service mode or do nothing and wait till feeling is build up... every 10 more you CHANGE bar will appear ...just click the bar before it run out ...if your feeling is reach 300% and still can't get CHANGE ...try to click some miss in girl service to reduce the feeling and hit another JUST again

PAIZURI lesson

requirement : cum on her breats in Service mode paizuri this mode girl will randomly change her move so just wait till she use move that you dick is not in her mouth then click the ejaculate icon ...after you click the icon you will see the tiny bar run up the gauge when it reach the right most point of gauge and then click again when it run back to the pink area on the left most point of the gauge

69 Lesson

requirement : cum in her mouth in 69 position service mode do this just wait till she randomly chage her move to where you dick is in her mouth then click ejaculate and do the process

HANDJOB lesson

requirement : get ?% covering

FOOTJOB lesson

requirement : just cum from any footjob move by click ejaculate will do

Insertion mode Lesson


requirement : successfuly insert into her pussy by click at girl body and move mouse up or down to aim at pussy or ass then hold down left lick and move you mouse to the direction of the long arrow icon


requirement : successfuly insert into her ass by click at girl body and move mouse up or down to aim at pussy or ass then hold down left lick and move you mouse to the direction of the long arrow icon


requirement : make girl mood up to GREAT (yellow) by adjust speed of your move by hold left button and move left/down for lower and up/right to higher the speed ...and also change your move lvl by the mouse wheel


requirement : you need to cum in sitting-back position by click that position icon above your ejaculate gauge first then build up bar and click ejaculate


requirement : you need to change from "Girl on top Service mode" back to insertion mode timely click JUST or wait till Feeling is build up ..when you see CHANGE bar click it before it runout


requirement : you will need to make girl cum by adjusting speed and lvl of your move till girl mood is more than Ectasy. This is impposible if you don't have level 5 skill .



requirement : use foreplay skill to make girl mood EXELLENT (brown) or higher


requirement : just ejaculate in 2 difference Service mode position


requirement : just ejaculate in 3 difference Insertion position


requirement : ejaculate and hit JUST 2 time


These are available by default from the beginning of Story Mode. The three types of lessons are divided among the three girls; Kasumi teaches Foreplay, Maya teaches Service, and Erika teaches Sex.

In each Lesson, a new Skill is introduced. That skill becomes useable up to maximum level during the Lesson, and successful completion makes it available as a permanent Skill.

After completion, all Lessons can be repeated with any girl, the introduced skill can still be used at maximum level for that Lesson and still increase Exp for the skill, if it's in the Skill grid before beginning.

The only fail condition for Lessons is to quit before achieving the success condition.


Teacher Kasumi
Name Success Condition Reward
The Basic: Kissing Pleasure state GREAT by Kissing


Unlock the rest of Foreplay Lessons

Handle the breasts gently

Pleasure state GREAT by Caress Breast(s)

Caress Breast, Caress Breasts
The bottom line is nipple Please state GREAT by Caress Nipple(s) Kiss Nipple, Caress Nipple, Caress Nipples
Love that butt Pleasure state GREAT by Caress Butt(ocks) Caress Butt, Caress Buttocks
Lovely anal Pleasure state GREAT by Anal Analingus, Caress Anus
Delicate part Increase Wetness to 30% Cunnilingus, Caress private, Finger private


Teacher Maya
Name Success Condition Reward
Experienced and skillful mouth Achieve higher Motivation to gain control

Blowjob, Deepthroat

Unlock the rest of Service Lessons


Ejaculate on breasts

How to enjoy 69 Ejaculate in mouth during 69 69
Strokin' with hand Ejaculate on hands Handjob
Footjob technique Ejaculate on feet Footjob


Teacher Erika
Name Success Condition Reward
Don't hate missionary Successful private insert

Missionary, One-click Insert,

Unlock the rest of Sex Lessons

Doggystyle is easy, right?

Successful anal insert

Enjoying Side position Please state GREAT by Side position Side
Sitting on you Ejaculate in sitting position Sitting
Letting your partner do it? Achieve higher Motivation to gain control Cowgirl
The mystery of standing position Make girl climax in Standing position Standing


Examinations become available after all Lessons are complete. On first attempt, each Exam must be completed with their respective teacher first; Kasumi for Foreplay, Maya for Service, and Erika for Sex, then the final can be completed with any.

As with the Lessons, quitting will fail an Examination, but they have additional fail conditions.

Name Success Condition Fail Condition Reward
Foreplay Examination Pleasure state Excellent with Foreplay skills Pleasure gauge 0 Paizuri(Foreplay), ExpX2
Service Examination Ejaculate in 2 Service positions Pleasure gauge or Ejaculation gauge 0 No Ejaculation cool-down
Sex Examination Ejaculate in 3 different Sex positions Pleasure gauge or Ejaculation gauge 0 Slow Ejaculation timing
Graduation Examination Achieve "Just" twice in Ejaculation timing Pleasure gauge or Ejaculation gauge 0 One-click Ejaculation