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all characters are at least 18

Love Girl [edit]


Technical Help


Main Menu

After the girls introduce themselves in Story Mode, you can reach this menu between sessions and on Continuing from saved games.

Gameplay Menu

Brief menu description:
  • Choose Partner - select the partner for next H-session. If a Lesson requires one particular girl, the other two will be greyed out. The selected girl's specialty and amount of lesson progress is displayed to the right.
  • Game Mode - The main three categories, Lessons, Challenges, and Free Mode, and their subcategories, are more completely explained in those sections.
  • Success and Failure Conditions - Explains conditions for ending a Lesson or Challenge, successfully or not. Quitting will always result in failing even when not specified here.
  • Essential Skills - H Skills that must be in your Equipped Skill Grid to begin a Lesson or Challenge. If they aren't Equipped, they will flash in the H Skills tab.
  • New Skills - H Skills and Special Skills that will be awarded on successful completion.
  • New Clothing - Clothing that will be added to the Free Mode Wardrobe on successful completion.
  • Status and Skills - these are described in more detail in the Skill Guide, but note that the green Skill Grid displays the Skills equipped for use in the next H session.

The Start will begin, and the Love Girl H Guide contains information useful for any selected session.


These are available by default from the beginning of Story Mode. The three types of lessons are divided among the three girls; Kasumi teaches Foreplay, Maya teaches Service, and Erika teaches Sex.

In each Lesson, a new Skill is introduced. That skill becomes useable up to maximum level during the Lesson, and successful completion makes it available as a permanent Skill.

After completion, all Lessons can be repeated with any girl, the introduced skill can still be used at maximum level for that Lesson and still increase Exp for the skill, if it's in the Skill grid before beginning.

The only fail condition for Lessons is to quit before achieving the success condition.


Teacher Kasumi
Name Success Condition Reward
The Basic: Kissing Pleasure state GREAT by Kissing Kissing,
Unlock the rest of Foreplay Lessons
Handle the breasts gently Pleasure state GREAT by Caress Breast(s) Caress Breast, Caress Breasts
The bottom line is nipple Pleasure state GREAT by Caress Nipple(s) Kiss Nipple, Caress Nipple, Caress Nipples
Love that butt Pleasure state GREAT by Caress Butt(ocks) Caress Butt, Caress Buttocks
Lovely anal Pleasure state GREAT by Anal Analingus, Caress Anus
Delicate part Increase Wetness to 30% Cunnilingus, Caress private, Finger private


Teacher Maya
Name Success Condition Reward
Experienced and skillful mouth Achieve higher Motivation to gain control

Blowjob, Deepthroat

Unlock the rest of Service Lessons


Ejaculate on breasts

How to enjoy 69 Ejaculate in mouth during 69 69
Strokin' with hand Ejaculate on hands Handjob
Footjob technique Ejaculate on feet Footjob


Teacher Erika
Name Success Condition Reward
Don't hate missionary Successful private insert

Missionary, One-click Insert,

Unlock the rest of Sex Lessons

Doggystyle is easy, right?

Successful anal insert

Enjoying Side position Pleasure state GREAT by Side position Side
Sitting on you Ejaculate in sitting position Sitting
Letting your partner do it? Achieve higher Motivation to gain control Cowgirl
The mystery of standing position Make girl climax in Standing position Standing


Examinations become available after all Lessons are complete. On first attempt, each Exam must be completed with their respective teacher first; Kasumi for Foreplay, Maya for Service, and Erika for Sex, then the final can be completed with any.

As with the Lessons, quitting will fail an Examination, but they have additional fail conditions.

Name Success Condition Fail Condition Reward
Foreplay Examination Pleasure state Excellent with Foreplay skills Pleasure gauge 0 Paizuri(Foreplay), ExpX2
Service Examination Ejaculate in 2 Service positions Pleasure gauge or Ejaculation gauge 0 No Ejaculation cool-down
Sex Examination Ejaculate in 3 different Sex positions Pleasure gauge or Ejaculation gauge 0 Slow Ejaculation timing
Graduation Examination Achieve "Just" twice in Ejaculation timing Pleasure gauge or Ejaculation gauge 0 One-click Ejaculation


The Challenges tab appears on the Selection Screen after completing all Examinations from the Lessons tab. Each of these require a set of one Foreplay, Service, and Sex Skill to be included in the Skill Grid, and are rewarded with various Special Skills.

Fail conditions for all Challenges:

  • Girl's Pleasure reaches 0
  • Misfire maximum Ejaculation
  • Miss Ejaculation timing 5 times for 1-Star Challenges, 4 times for 2-Star Challenges, 3 times for 3-Star Challenges, and only twice for 4-Star Challenges

1-Star Challenges

All require 3 gauges of Ejaculation, Inside or Outside
Name Success Condition Required Skills Reward
Let's Do Paizuri Ejaculate using Foreplay Paizuri Paizuri (Foreplay) lvl 2, 69 lvl 2, Missionary lvl 2 Wetness increases faster
Let's Do Deepthroat Ejaculate using Deepthroat Deepthroat lvl 2, Handjob lvl 2, Standing lvl 2 Sperm won't cover face
Fascinating Mouth Ejaculate using Blowjob Caress Breasts lvl 3, Blowjob lvl 3, Side lvl 3 Sperm won't cover breasts
Lovely Munching Ejaculate using 69 Caress Anus lvl 3, 69 lvl 3, Doggystyle lvl 3 Wetness increases much faster
Charming Hands Ejaculate using Handjob Caress Buttocks lvl 3, Handjob lvl 3, Cowgirl lvl 3 Sperm won't cover hands
Alluring Legs Ejaculate using Footjob Caress Nipples lvl 3, Footjob lvl 3, Standing lvl 3 Sperm won't cover feet

2-Star Challenges

All require 5 gauges of Ejaculation, Inside or Outside
Name Success Condition Required Skills Reward
Delicate Spot Ejaculate in vagina penetration Kiss lvl 4, Handjob lvl 4, Missionary lvl 4 Autoinsert into vagina
Anal Mastery Ejaculate in anal penetration Caress Anal lvl 4, Paizuri (Service) lvl 4, Doggystyle lvl 4 Autoinsert anal
Lap Dance Ejaculate in any facing position Caress Pussy lvl 5, Blowjob lvl 4, Sitting lvl 4 Sperm won't cover stomach
Girl on Top Ejaculate in any rear entry position Caress Nipple lvl 5, Footjob lvl 4, Cowgirl lvl 4 Sperm won't cover back
Prince of Spooning Ejaculate in Side position Cunnilingus lvl 5, 69 lvl 4, Side lvl 4 Sperm won't cover thighs
Master of Standing Sex Ejaculate in Standing position Caress Anus lvl 5, Paizuri (Service) lvl 4, Standing lvl 4 Sperm won't cover butt

3-Star Challenges

Name Success Condition Required Skills Reward
Massive Ejaculation Ejaculate 9 gauges at once Kiss lvl 5, Footjob lvl 5, Missionary lvl 5 Ejaculation timing Very Slow
I Love Breasts Use all Required Skills Caress Breast lvl 5, Caress Breasts lvl 5, Paizuri(Foreplay) lvl 5 Nipples always erect
The tides of Pleasure Climax with Foreplay skill Caress Pussy lvl 5, Caress Buttocks lvl 5, Paizuri(Service) lvl 5 Pleasure increases quicker
The tides of Pleasure Continued Climax with Sex skill Lick Nipple lvl 5, Handjob lvl 5, Doggystyle lvl 5 No pause after failing ejaculation
Naked Party Ejaculate 7 gauges with girl naked (any position, Inside or Outside) Caress Butt lvl 5, 69 lvl 5, Side lvl 5 Sperm won't cover clothes

4-Star Challenges

These are unlocked only after successfully completing all 1-3 Star Challenges.

Name Success Condition Required Skills Reward
Aim for the "Just" Achieve "Just" Ejaculation Timing 3 times, any position Analingus lvl 5, Footjob lvl 5, Sitting lvl 5 Pleasure increases much faster
Magician Skill in Works Ejaculate 3 gauges in Foreplay, Service, and Sex Deepthroat lvl 5, Blowjob lvl 5, Cowgirl lvl 5

Prevent misfire at max Ejaculation,

Unlocks final 4-Star

Unforgettable Memory Achieve Syncope state Caress Nipples lvl 5, Paizuri(Service) lvl 5, Standing lvl 5 All Foreplay, All Service, All Sex skills

Free Mode

Free Mode unlocks after completing any lesson. As with Lessons and Challenges, only Equipped Skills will be usable during the session. In addition, the girl's clothing and hair can be selected from the Wardrobe. All hair is initially available, but clothing is acquired through Lessons; the final Examination will complete the Wardrobe collection.

Additional H options available in Free Mode are described in the Love Girl H Guide.