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all characters are at least 18

Koikatu [edit]

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Running The Game

  • Q: Can I run Koikatsu in Windows XP?
    A: No, Koikatsu will only runs on Windows 7 and above due to the use of DirectX 11 graphics API.
  • Q: Does Koikatsu requires the game DVD image to be mounted in order to play?
    A: No, Koikatsu doesn't requires the game DVD image to be mounted while playing. This is related to the fact that it uses the Unity 3d engine instead of Illusion's own Yayoi engine.
  • Q: Can I run Koikatsu on the 32-bit Windows OS?
    A: No, Koikatsu will only work on the 64-bit version of Windows. If you have a 64-bit processor but are running the 32-bit version of Windows, it is highly recommended you switch to 64-bit Windows.
  • Q: Will Koikatsu run on Windows 10?
    A: Yes, it can run on Windows 10, without any locale emulator at all. However, installing the game still requires the use locale emulator and since Applocale and HF Applocale are no longer work on Windows 10 as Microsoft had rewritten the locale/region system, users are advised to use either NTLEA or Locale Emulator for installing the game.
  • Q: How to change Resolutions?
A: Open up the launcher (InitSetting.exe), there should be a scrollbox to change your resolution.
  • Q: Does it supports lower than 1280x720 for fullscreen?
A: Yes, as long as your Graphics Card supports widescreen with a lower resolution (e.g. 640x400) however you will need to edit manually setup.xml file located under the UserData folder in your game directory, otherwise you will have to opt into windowed mode. To Enable windowed mode, uncheck the box just below the resolution scrollbox.


  • Q: How to get nicknames for each other?
    A: Spam Small Talk option while being a lover until you get the nicknames-giving chat. It's pure random chance.
  • Q: Help! my waifu got upset, something to do with date? how to get her back to love me?
    A: Spam Apologize option till her forgive you.. and Yes, you just left her beautifully dressed on saturday for nothing.
  • Q: I kept H her but I don't see her sex state changing from Unfamiliar/Inexperienced state?
    A: Max out all her sensitive parts (chest, nipple, pussy teasing, vagina-piston, butt, anal teasing, anal-piston, service), she will instantly become a nympho. Familiar state is used when she is not horny (H<100) otherwise she went nympho.
  • Q: Duh! I accidentally let my waifu refuse anal on creation and after I do a whole lot of love grind on her without knowing.. will she give up soon?
    A: Don't worry, friend. Max out her other things beside anal teasing and anal penetration, after 1-2 periods or the next day, she'll let you do her anal play. But before you can penetrate her anal, you must max out anal teasing first. That way you will able to create your nympho waifu (who refuses anal play at first). Visit H Guide section.

    additional note: at first her anal is unselectable, then later on- it becomes selectable for caressing but she won't allow you do her yet, continue H her often she'll give up.
  • Q: How to grind fast for her sensitive parts?
    A: Look for Special H locations (library, pool, rooftop) you can get her addicted fast without having her exhausted for each school period. Having her cum outside the special H locations counted as a total (4 cums in total), she will be exhausted and no longer feel horny in having "intimate relationship" thus receiving less exp on maxing the circles. You will still need to normally H her to grind for anal-piston, cumming together inside anal twice increase the anal-piston by 45%.

    P.S. The best place would be the Pool, you can grind everything there, except anal-piston.
  • Q: How to get quickly around the map? (e.g. avoiding horny girls)
    A: Press F3 to instantly access any locations.
  • Q: If I change her chest size (or butt, or fatness.., or height) while she's already on my class, will the dialogue change if she asks for her size?
    A: Yes! It will change. Make sure to answer accordingly (I like it big for big chest.. etc.) Cherish! Banzai!
  • Q: Sometimes this annoys me, How to maintain her Nympho state?
    A: At least talk to her once in a school period, and cum a lot (cumming together once is a must), don't worry about making her tired, her nympho power is limitless*. The after-dialogue will guarantee maintains her horny state. Remember, after a total of 4 cums**, she won't feel horny anymore, so you can at least have sex twice in a school period (1-2 cums on first sex, infinite cums on second sex) with the intent on maintaining nympho state. But in some rare cases, cumming twice may decrease her horniness (.. so if you invite her home, don't hold back, fill her up in every nook and cranny). For extra caution, you can save up some chat interactions so you can interact with her later by touching her just in case her horniness drop. Also note, finishing activities together like lunch, study, exercise, and date will also lower their horniness by 1. (H=99) For more info about H, visit H Guide wiki section.

    additional note: If she initiates H question (Yes/No) without you talking to her at least once, accepting her invitation will result on losing her nympho state (H drops), this could be a bug in the game, an annoying one that is.
    *additional note 2: If you closely listen to the girl's dialogue after cumming, you will get the gist if she wants more or not, sometimes 1 cum is enough to turn her on, but cumming a lot will always does the trick.
    **additional note 3: the 4 cums total if she's the one who invites you.
  • Q: How to unlock all sex positions?
    A: Doing Hs often and read H books will eventually unlock most of the sex positions however for specific H positions (e.g. cowgirl) you need to complete the story. For example, in this case, to get the Cowgirl position, you need to finish Sakura's storyline (The Cheerleading Girl).
  • Q: How to get a scene when they are having showers or taking a pee or masturbating?
    A: The easiest way is to follow her. they will masturbate alone when they are feeling horny (H<100). Three types of masturbation, they can masturbate using the corner of a table, standing masturbation, and sitting masturbation. (What a lovely sight to behold upon!) More students = more chances to encounter them to do the manly tradition of peeking at girls.
  • Q: How to make her do H with me in the morning?
    A: First house visit is always a memo, second house visit she takes a shower, third house visit she wakes up with you, fourth house visit - you get what you want. A house visit before the weekend is always starts with H in the morning.
  • Q: How to get close to the teachers? Do H with them?
    A: When you spot a teacher in a school period, talk to her repeatedly until an event occurs (e.g. asking for a help to move things), it may or may not work provided that you talk to them each individually. Stop if it doesn't work after 10+ tries, try another teacher first, they may have something for you. Do this frequently you will do her eventually.
  • Q: How to get the Yuri Scene? Girls go at it?
    A: Much like masturbation, the girl needs to be horny (100% H) and one of them should have "I like Girls" trait for the scene to trigger. Follow the girl, if she enters a room, and another girl comes in, the yuri scene will be triggered. Some girls are going to be embarrassed when found out, so use that handy new update sneak button. (default is CTRL) Good luck.