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all characters are at least 18

Koikatu [edit]

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Much like it's predecessor, Artificial Academy, Koikatsu's chat system is the main way to get closer to the girl you are interested with. The player will have 5/5 chat interactions on each school's period. Active interactions and Girl's initiation are not counted. To start off, it is advised that you use reactive chat.

Active Interactions

These does not consume chat interactions but it does contribute on raising Love or H Rating. Spamming the locations will lower the girl's favorability, so it is strongly advised to stop when the girl said to stop. These Active Interactions are refreshed each time the Player starts a new conversation with the girl.*

Interaction Description
Koi touch button.pngTouch Touch the Girl. There are 4 touch locations: Head, Lips, Breasts, and Hands.
Koi look button.pngLook Look at the Girl. There are 2 look locations: Face, Breasts.

Below are the details regarding the parts' effect on relationship:

Interaction Acquaintance Friend Lover
Koi touch button.pngTouch the Head Love+ Love+ Love+ H+
Koi touch button.pngTouch the Lips Love+ Love+ Love+ H+
Koi touch button.pngTouch the Breasts Love- H+ Love+ H+ Love+ H++
Koi touch button.pngTouch the Hands Love+ Love+ Love+ H+
Koi look button.pngLook at Face Love+ Love+ Love+ H+
Koi look button.pngLook at Breasts H+ Love+ H+ Love+ H++

*Note: using the potential game exploit, you can max love points in just one school period by repeatedly starting and leaving conversation without ever using the 5/5 chat interactions.

Proactive Chat

Interaction Description
Koi chat button.pngDaily Life Light topics that are very easy to get a character to open up and reveal themselves with.
Koi chat button.pngLove Talk about matters of the heart. The dialogue will vary depending on whether the NPC has a lover or not.
Koi chat button.pngLewd things Talk about sexual desires and perverted things. The dialogue will vary depending on whether the NPC has a lover or not.

Reactive Chat

Interaction Description
Koi listen button.pngListen NPC will give PC certain questions, and PC will have to pick an answer to those. They will impact Love Rating or H Rating depends on the question given with the correct answer. Successes have a drastic effect on the character's opinion of you while failures can sometimes lower the love rating or not effecting at all.

Proactive Romance Chat

Interaction Description
Koi romance button.pngConfess Tells a character that you love her. Lover relationship will establish if accepted.
Koi romance button.pngBreak up Break up lover relationship. Results in upsetting the girl.
Koi romance button.pngInvite to date Invite the character on a date next saturday. Be careful, you can only date one person at a time. Not fulfilling others' date will get them upset on the next day.
Koi romance button.pngInvite to join club Invite the character to join your koikatsu club. One of the main goals in the game.
Koi romance button.pngInvite to H Ask the character to do ecchi with you.*
Koi romance button.pngInvite to Lunch Ask the character to eat lunch with you.*
Koi romance button.pngInvite to Study Invites a character to improve Wisdom score with you in the library. Increases Wisdom by 1-3 unconfirmed*
Koi romance button.pngInvite to Exercise Invites a character to improve Strength score with you. Increases Strength by 1-3 unconfirmed*
Koi romance button.pngWalk home Ask the character to walk home with you after school. Option to invite the girl over for H is available if a lover. For more info, see Morning H Events.
Koi romance button.pngApologize Apologizes to the character who is currently upset. Other interactions will lower Love Rating.

*Note: rejecting the girl's invitation (e.g. study) will remove the ability to invite her.

Time Periods

Time Description
Influence button.jpgLunch Break Invite for lunch available
Influence button.jpgClub Break Invite for club activity available
Influence button.jpgAfter School Invite to go home together available


Mood Description
Influence button.jpgNormal
Influence button.jpgSleeping NPC bubbles will appear "zzz"
Influence button.jpgAngry Apologize option available

Favorability Rating

Favorability Rating: From Acquaintance to Friend, From Friend to Lover. Starts from a value of 0 to 100. Successfully maxed the first becomes friend, the second will give the chance being confessed on. Losing points completely while being a lover, gives the chance for the girl to ask to break up.

NPC with friendly trait will have a big Favor boost when interacted with.

H Rating: Willingness to have H. Starts from a value of 0 to 100. When fully maxed it glows in white pink (after fulfilled the girl's invitation e.g. lunch).

NPC with slutty trait will have a big H boost just by look/touch them with/without Love Rating not being so high.