Koikatsu Sunshine: Traits

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all characters are at least 18

Koikatsu Sunshine [edit]

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エッチ H Scene

Erogenous Zone

  • None
  • Lips
  • Breasts
  • Crotch
  • Anus
  • Ass
  • Nipples

質問 Yes/No Questions

  • Always Allows Kissing?
  • Always Allows Groping?
  • Always Allows Anal Sex?
  • Always Allows Vibrating Toys?
  • Condomless Sex is OK?

Vagina Options

  • Stretched Hymen - Makes it less likely that she will bleed during her first time
  • Hymen Regeneration - The hymen grows back after a good night's sleep
  • Fragile Hymen - Chance to bleed when going at it rough, be gentile!

個性 Personality Traits

  • Starved (Hungry) - Tends to eat more often at the canteen
  • Easy (Simple) - Increases affection rate
  • Bookworm (Likes Reading) - Often performs related animations in low poly environments
  • Likes Music - Often performs related animations in low poly environments
  • Immature -
  • Friendly - Seeks Crowds and increases affection rate
  • Tidy (Neat) (Likes Cleanliness) - Often performs related animations in a low poly environments
  • Elusive (Suddenly Appears) - Teleport around as one pleases
  • Loner (Likes Being Alone) - Stays away from crowds
  • Active - Performs actions twice as much in low poly environments
  • Diligent - Acts as a limiter makes it harder to ask about lewd things
  • Well-Informed -
  • Romantic -
  • Chatty -
  • Fellowship -
  • Relaxed - Harder to increase H-parameters when in a position where the girl is meant to perform an action (e.g., blow/handjobs)
  • Small Bladder (Pees Often) - Uses toilets more often
  • Likes Girls - Will do yuri scenes with other characters with this trait
  • Slutty - Doesn't mind when found in male restricted areas or masturbating in front of others
  • Promiscuous (Gloomy) - Increases affection rate when talking about lewd things and will follow MC into female restricted areas
  • Lonely -


  • Playtime
  • Nature
  • Fishing
  • Tourism
  • H Love