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all characters are at least 18

Koikatsu Sunshine [edit]

Install Guide

FAQ & Technical Help



Installing the game

In the installation file, will be some japanese folders and inside one of them is the setup folder. Extract only the setup folder to other place without Japanese characters, something like "C:\KoikatsuSunshine_Install". Don't extract the Japanese folders itself! The file ILLUSION コイカツ! サンシャイン.msi and its companions must be inside a path without Japanese characters.

Install the game using ILLUSION コイカツ! サンシャイン.msi inside the new "C:\KoikatsuSunshine_Install\setup" folder.

It will ask the folder to install the game. It's recommended to install in a short path, otherwise the game can have issues. Avoid installing in the "Desktop" or in "Program Files" since they can have special access permissions.

A good folder to install the game is C:\illusion\KoikatsuSunshine since it’s the default path of the setup. You can install in other drive if you wish, such as "D:\illusion\KoikatsuSunshine".

After installing it is time to update your game.

Installing updates

Illusion update files comes in the form of an .exe file that not always works on pcs with languages other than Japanese. A workaround is to use the program 7-zip to open the file as if it were a compressed file (right click -> 7-zip -> Open archive).

Inside the file may have several Japanese folders. For each one of them you need to seek the "setup" folder and extract the files inside to your game folder (remember, its recommended to install the game in C:\illusion\KoikatsuSunshine), the folder "abdata" and his companions must be extracted to the game folder (where "KoikatsuSunshine.exe" is). When extracting, overwrite the files if asked.

Patching order

The following order was tested and confirmed working. Note that pre-order and paid DLC's are optional, you don't need them to play the game.

  1. **koikatu_sun_dl_souki** - Pre-order Bônus
  2. **koikatsu_sunshine_2_plus0827** - Launch game DLC with fixes and "Festival Set" (Recommended)