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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]




Technical Help


Release thread and discussion can be found here.

Download v5

/hgg/mod, by Boney M

This mod makes a few tweaks and changes, some thought up by myself, others imagined by all my brothers in dick unity from throughout the internet. If you've got your own suggestion, let me know! I check the thread for Jack-o-nine-tails at 8chan /hgg/ fairly regularly.

Installation: Back up and overwrite 'jack.qsp' in the 'Jack-o-nine-tails' folder in the game's directory. Keep in mind that saves will not be compatible between versions of the game, no matter how minor the changes - I suspect a checksum is involved somewhere.


Version 1

  • Unlimited rep: In the base game, the enmity between the Great Houses means if you have too much rep with one house, it will block you from increasing your rep with their enemy. This mod removes that cap, and also makes it so you can become Patrician with as many houses as you like.
  • Added Mage background, which comes with strong magical abilities, a bit of medicine, and not much else. Needing to rely heavily on magic makes for a very different early game. Uses the unused 'vampire' master image.
  • Removed the mood debuff from the 'Formal Suit', since it can get 'stuck' on your character and be bumming him out forever, even after he takes them off, and I can't figure out what's causing it without a whole lot more trial and error than this deserves. So it's gone. None of the other skill boost clothes have it anyway.
  • Cryochambers, the dungeon, and the assistant job now remember your slave's sleeping arrangements, diet, and rules. Could have sworn this would be more difficult than it was. Suggested by a kindly Anon at 8chan /hgg/.

Version 2

  • Mindbreak toggle: Adds a toggle to the options menu that lets you disable the 'mindbreak' mechanic entirely. Suggested by a kindly Anon at 8chan /hgg/ - in his words, 'Rance Playthroughs confirmed'. Warning: will not fix an already-mindbroken slave.

Version 3

  • Added a 'full beauty treatment' button to the salon that applies waxing, make-up and a haircut, and a 'mass piercing' button to the Steel Rose that pierces everything that can be pierced. Adapted from the_vm's code on Github, so full credit to him.
  • Added a new dietary option for nutritionist meals, which will keep a slave's weight stable and rapidly recover from any starvation without having to monitor their calories and activity level. Suggested by a kindly Anon at 8chan /hgg/.

Version 4

  • Added a new tattoo to Uncle Bo's - the magical 'Fiend Tattoo' that makes a slave immune to impregnation by a fog fiend and makes her love the taste of their cum, should you choose to feed her on it. The effects are mystic rather than cosmetic, so this won't get in the way of any other tattoos you wish to apply to your slaves.
  • Made it so you can select the target rating of the slave if you're doing contract work at the Guild.
  • Both of the above were suggested by the same kindly and diligent Anon at 8chan /hgg/, who wished to remain Anon.
  • Added a new rentable expansion - a small barn. Once set up with a lactating or egg-laying slave, it allows you to make a bit of passive income off the milk and/or eggs... or, alternatively, you could make a much more morally dubious income from the fattening up of useless slaves for meat. Improved output and new management options are unlocked by making a trusted slave a dedicated farmhand. This is accessed through the new 'Business' button under 'Domestic Issues'. Credit for this idea belongs to Alploochra at 8chan /hgg/.
    • Further details:
    • The farmhand takes care of the girls filling the animal slots in the barn, increasing their output to a degree based on the farmhand's lesbianism. They will also prevent the girls from losing their fitness from prolonged stays in the Barn.
    • The cow's milk output depends mostly on the slave's breast size and weight, and with fitness and age having a lesser effect (milfs give most). With a farmhand, breast size will slowly increase due to constant milking (fetishism wins out over realism) and you can order your farmhand to overfeed the girls in the barn to increase their weight.
    • The egglayer's egg output depends mostly on her weight and fitness, with age having a lesser effect (milfs give most). Again, the farmhand can increase weight over time if ordered.
    • The pig will gain weight rapidly, and if ordered the farmhand can automatically slaughter her once she's reached maximum fat.
    • All of the products the Barn produces will first go to your fridge, and then the excess will be sold. Profits will be listed in the end-of-decade financial information, or can be viewed under the 'reports' page on the Business tab.

Version 5:

  • Sanity-checked the public toilet code - slave could get pregnant but would never lose her virginity from it. Changed it so there's a chance of her getting fucked while acting as a public toilet, and if that happens there's a chance she'll get pregnant from it. Pointed out by a kindly Anon at 8chan /hgg/.
  • Made it so that your starting assistant in sandbox mode will never have a parasite or a disease. Pointed out by a kindly Anon at 8chan /hgg/.
  • Tweak to the barn code: amount of 'pig' meat stored now depends on fridge capacity. Suggested by Alploochra at 8chan /hgg/.
  • Added a 'full service' to the list of men's options at the Salon, for those of you who want to get super pampered. Requested by a kindly Anon at 8chan /hgg/.
  • Changed the text of a slave complaining of 'shame' to make it clear she's objecting to being on display. Pointed out by Rynak of ULMF.
  • Fixed the storage of humility and vibe rules, which should now be remembered when you put your slave into cryo-storage, the dungeon, or make her an assistant. Pointed out by Rynak of ULMF and a kindly Anon at 8chan /hgg/.
  • Tweaked the code controlling mood decay a fair bit. Slaves disobeying no longer reduces every positive influence upon a slaver's mood, neither does being 'bored', and made it slightly easier to get the positive mood for having a well-trained pet - it was completely impossible for a max-rep master to enjoy a well-trained pet, for some reason. Pointed out by a kindly Anon at 8chan /hgg/.
  • Changed the results of combat so that more difficult fights while patrolling the fog are more likely to grant you more valuable slaves. Suggested by stuntcock of ULMF.
  • Several tweaks to arousal code - devotion increases daily arousal increase for non-frigid slaves, altered when erotic rewards become available, and added a new 'no masturbation' rule that can optionally be enforced with a chasitiy belt to allow arousal to build up without banning orgasms altogether. Also fixed the orgasm code, which was partially broken due to modifiers from active sex being used for orgasms experienced outside of active sex. Input for these changes came from Rynak, Alploochra, stuntcock, and several Anons at 8chan /hgg/.
  • Added the ability to buy newborn fog fiends from the Smugglers at the Border of the Fogs. Suggested by a kindly Anon at 8chan /hgg/.
  • Changed the 'fear' code so that max-level fear would eventually (albeit slowly) decay over time. Pointed out by a kindly Anon at 8chan /hgg/, code written by stuntcock of ULMF.
  • Fixed an edge case with Tremendio where an unskilled mage could make a slave *less* afraid with the spell. Pointed out and code written by stuntcock of ULMF.
  • Added 'relaxed anal sex' option, similar to the current 'relaxed sex' except using anal sex skills and no chance of pregnancy. Suggested and descriptions provided by a kindly Anon at 8chan /hgg/.
  • Integrated the following changes from dickbutt's mod, with his permission:
    • autosave options fixed (now show "off" when off, etc)
    • big nerf to interest drop upon comment/talk/etc more than once during active sex
    • reworked accounting menu a bit - hopefully easier to understand now
    • reward hints completed (note from Boney M: this refers to adding the number value to all the rewards)
    • translated Earl Grey's txtstring (note: it's not any more helpful in english than it is in ruski)
    • changed "rest/fun until evening" to "day off for rest/fun" just to be clear you are, in fact, losing a whole day of energy
  • Added a 'story mode - custom character' option to the main menu, based on dickbutt's changes to how sandbox worked in his version. Also added an option to select starting region and faction rep.
  • Integrated the following changes from the_vm's version on Github, with his permission:
    • New trait for unbranded slaves
    • Fixed errors in slave database
    • Changed the name of the punch sound variable to avoid overlap with the variable name for the pictures of fist hit
    • Fixed masturbation sound for slave
    • Master excitement level fixed [Placed the minimum and maximum for the excitement variable, so it will not go over limit]
    • Now deepthroat increases blowjob (instead of vice-versa)
    • Charm status are now visible
    • Fixed wrong food order of the third, fourth and fifth level - solves the problem when virgin meat could not been used for cooking, and wrong level of meal
    • Fixed bad ingredient order
  • Plus a number of obscure bugs fixed and translations tweaked.
  • With thanks to Lillibilli and many others for helping hunt bugs.