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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]




Technical Help


Download link: pastebin.com/iEKN4Z7q
What it is: Picture replacement pack that changes several of the pictures used. It won't affect gameplay in any way.

Hello Slavmakers of /hgg2d/, Grimdark anon here.

After clearing the backlog, here's the alpha mod for Slavmaker/Jack O'ninetails:

I wanted to say some "witty" commentary like "now with more milfy milf's and less toddlers" or "According to the statistics, you're now 50% less likely to chop a slave's head off because she got a bad case of jaggies"... (Or rather more than these two), but truth to be said I'm just fucking exhausted.

I spend a ton of work on this (and still it's not done) so if you could find in your cold-ass heart some pity/compassion and do either (or all if you're particularly generous) of the following things for me.

  1. Tell me whether you like or don't like the mod. And why in particular.
  2. Kick it forward to ulmf (I don't have an account; just post the link or something) and (especially if you're translator anon) to Old Huntsman (as I heard he was interested few months ago...)
  3. Enjoy, either the mod or laughing your ass off my autism and oh my god what I'm doing with my life

Grimdark Mod Full (Unfinished)

What this mod adds:
Rather than it adds, it replaces - adding stuff would mean changing the qsp which would make it invalid with saves and patches. In any case, I wanted the game to look better. It replaces pics. Lot's of pics. Backgrounds, sex pics, mobs, items, scenes, characters, slaves etc. Some sex scenes are animated.

I just zipped the whole pic folder. A few extra MB here and there aren't the issue when the unrared monstrosity takes 770MB. Just drag, drop and overwrite. Make a copy beforehand, don't be an idiot.

Stuff you ought to know:
There's shittton of unfinished stuff. Feel free to give me a hand. I left .psd files here and there if anyone wants to add stuff or continue the development.

Will this be finished?
I have no fucking idea. I thought it will take me a few days, tops. Few weeks later, I'm not half done. Right now, I just don't want to look at anything SlaVmaker related.

There are some alternative pictures lying around as well. Usually with "_alt" but also "(2)" or other stuff like that. Search it if you want.

Your pictures suck!
Don't use them.

I liked xyz better!
Feel free to change it. It's not canon (YET).