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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]




Technical Help


There are several ways to sell slaves.

Base Price

Prices start as listed below.
They can be modified by bargaining for more money, guild contract bonuses, and auction bids.
They can also be modified by a virginity bonus [Jack HF?],

[Jack Original]

Rank Base Price Discount Subpurchaser Auction
F- $0 $0 $0 $0
D $500 $300
C $1000 $600
B $2500 $1500
A $5000 $3000
S+ $10000 $6000

[Jack HF Mod]

Rank Base Price Discount Guild Auction
F- $0 $0 $0 $0
D- $500 $350 $100/$250* $100
D+ $750 $525 $400 $200
C- $1000 $750 $500 $300
C+ $1500 $1000 $750 $400
B- $2000 $1400 $1000 $500
B+ $2500 $1750 $1250 $600
A- $3000 $2100 $1500 $700
A+ $3500 $2500 $1750 $800
S- $4000 $2800 $2000 $900
S+ $5000 $3500 $2500 $1000
* Subpurchaser only pays $100 for a D- ranked slave, but a contract for a D- ranked slave will pay $250


The shops in the different districts buy unlimited amounts of branded slaves. This often a good place to start when just starting out, to get a bit of spending cash.

[Jack Original]
The main skill in question usually needs to be blue. The "Charm" requirement needs to be met; usually a clean slave with "stylish" or higher style will suffice, but if the slave is dirty or below stylish, the buyers may often refuse - and never accept the slave thereafter.

[Jack HF]
Certain shops have no charm requirement.

Fixed Price

[Jack Original]

Location District Rank Specialization
Real Estate Office White Town D Assistant
Gentleman's Club Quarter of the Bull B Concubine
Virgin's Hip (Bartender) Serpentine Quarter D Maid
Medical Center Serpentine Quarter D Nurse
Public Animal Farm Quarter of the Outcasts D Pet or Horse
Anatomical Theater Necropolis D Artist
Base Camp Fogs D Alchemist

[Jack HF]
Some locations demand a slave with a certain specialization and no charm requirement, which they will buy for base price (No negotiations). They are listed below:

Location District Rank Specialization
Real Estate Office White Town D+ Assistant
Gentleman's Club Quarter of the Bull B+ Concubine
Virgin's Hip (Bartender) Serpentine Quarter D+ Servant
Medical Center Serpentine Quarter D+ Witch Doctor
Public Animal Farm Quarter of the Outcasts C+ Pet Ponygirl
Anatomical Theater Necropolis D+ Artist
Base Camp Fogs D+ Witch Doctor

Variable Price

The rest of the shops are more flexible. Aside from the ranking, which is absolutely required, they also have optional specifications for slaves. Meet them for a reputation boost or lie about them for a reputation penalty. If you really need the cash, you can work on your reputation at a later time.

There is also a "Charm" requirement. Charm is the sum of Beauty, Style, and Exoticism. It can be increased by stylish clothes, piercings, tattoos, jewelry, and making sure the slave isn't scarred or bruised. Furthermore, the slave cannot have wounds, illness, a parasite, negative energy, stamina below Healthy (blue, B rank), bruises, scars, mindbreak, or visible pregnancy. The slave also cannot be too dirty.

For the sale price, you can hold firm to base price, haggle/bargain for more money, or give a discount. Bargaining success depends on reputation. If your reputation is low, it's risky to bargain because you could say something wrong and have to accept a lower price. Bargaining is very much worth it once your reputation gets off the ground. Giving a discount will raise your reputation, but not enough to make up for lying about your slave.

Minor Residences

Each district has a residence area where you can find people buying branded slaves ranging from D+ rank to B+ rank. These buyers have a Specialization requirement and a Charm requirement. Failing a Charm requirement will result in the resident rejecting the slave forever. Sell her to someone else, maybe after training her up some more. Selling to minor residents also grants you reputation in that quarter, which means that once you've sold to a few of them, (as further detailed in the Slaver section) you'll get access to the nobles of that quarter.



[Jack Original]
The subpurchaser in the slavers' guild buys branded slaves of given ranks for 60% of that rank's real market value to businesses or residents. The advantage of consulting the sub-purchaser is that he does not require any specific skillset or style; he just requires the slave to be of a particular rank and he pays you the sparks, no questions asked. The disadvantage is of course that you get shafted 40% of your possible price.

[Jack HF]
The subpurchaser in the slavers' guild buys branded slaves of rank D+ or above for about half of that rank's price to businesses or residents. (The subpurchaser will also buy D- ranked slaves for a paltry $100. Get your slave to D+ if you can.) The advantage of consulting the sub-purchaser is that he does not require any specific skills and has no Charm requirement; he just requires the slave to be of a particular rank and he pays you the sparks, no questions asked. You also don't lose reputation for lying about the slave's skills, as you would selling to the shops. The disadvantage is of course that you get shafted for about half of your possible price.

Guild Contracts

If you have an open contract, you can turn in a slave that fits the requirements for guild price. If you turn it in quickly, you get a substantial bonus. You can also turn in a higher ranked slave for a bonus.

Note that the slave you turn in for a contract does not have to be the same slave that was given for the contract.


There are 3 nobles and a leader in each quarter except white town, where there is only 1 noble and a leader. After you've sold a branded slave to one of the nobles (see specifics on the wiki pages for each quarter), you unlock the leader which pays you 10000 sparks. The nobles only pay 5000. In white town they don't pay anything. After selling a slave to one of the leaders, you're made a patrician. Like with shops and minor residents, there is a Charm requirement (is there?) when selling to leaders and nobles. As with minor residents, failing this requirement once with a slave means that the leader or noble will not buy that slave for several weeks, regardless of whether or not you bring her back with enough Charm.


Every seven days, the slavers' guild holds an auction, where you can sell your branded slave. The prices here are random and depend on how many of the buyers you get interested in your slave. This is done by having a well rounded slave that meets multiple specializations. You can usually get around 9-10000 for a well made S+ slave. After you've gotten to the endgame, and you're no longer trying to please a quarter leader, this is pretty much the only way to get a good price for A and S+ slaves. To keep track of when the auction happens, you can click the "day x" in the upper left. This will show you the time until an auction happens, as well as races and tournaments at the Colosseum. If something is happening on the same day, there will be a "!" at "day".

Special Missions

There are 4 "special mission" in the central forum of the white quarter, plus an extra post-patrician mission. You don't get any sparks for selling to these, but you get unique items that boost various stats on your slaver. See Central Forum

Selling Bad Slaves

If you've got a slave (branded or otherwise) with stats you don't like, you can sell her to Farid in the slave market, but he'll only give you a pittance. He'll only buy unbranded slaves unless you have a certain level of reputation (?). You can also sell you slaves (branded or otherwise) for meat or sparks at the "Gastronomicon" in the trade market of white town. The butcher pays even less than Farid, but you can get some edible meat for it, saving you a bit on food bills.

Find Potential Customers

In the central forum of the white quarter you can do something called "find potential customers". This looks for people that are buying a slave which has the qualifications of your slave. It only finds for the slave's current rank, which means that an A or S+ slave will most likely not find any buyers, since only quarter leaders buy S+, and only nobles buy A+. Just to be clear, these "found" people, are not new people, it's just a tool which spares you going to each quarter and checking whether someone is buying whatever you trained your slave to. After you've looked around for customers, you need to go back to the house, look at your slaver, and check the "objectives" tab. You will see "I am thinking on how to sell slave more profitably". If you click this, it'll show you a list of people in each quarter that will buy your slave. Check to wiki afterwards to see which one(s) will buy your slave for the most money.