Jack-o-nine: Quarter of the Outcasts

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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





Quarter of the Outcasts

Residential Area

See: Minor Residences

Uncle Bo

Offers Brands and tattoos.

Slave requirements:

  • Lolis (Trait - immature)
  • B/Blue class sensitivity (empathy?)
  • B/Blue class Cook
  • C/Purple class Enchantress
  • C/Purple class Singer
  • C/Purple class Dancer
  • Nothing exotic
  • Pays extra for virgins, likes them plump and a little spoiled.
  • pays based on rank of slave, with options to bargain/offer a discount


Offers Alchemy ingredients and explains the formulas and effects of various potions.

Will pays 500 for a D class enchantress. Unlike most businesses, Mystra's requirement seems to be a one-time-only deal.

(Mystra counts as a resident, not as a business.)

Public Animal Farm

Requirements for slaves:

  • "Familiarity with mating stall" - D level Pet job - at least one of Pet or Horse at rank B.
  • Obedient

Pay is 500 sparks.

Tierra del Citadel

The Palace residents' slaves must be at least A rank, and the Ruler's slave must be S+.

As usual, unlike the town residents, Palace residents have a style requirement like businesses, and if they would otherwise take your slave and the slave fails the style requirement, they will never take that slave.

Minister Skill Skill Level Colour
Archbishop Shaitana Enchantress S+ Green
Sing A Teal
Dance A Teal
Dance A Teal
Play Music (Dulcimer!) A Teal
Loli, virgin
General Carneys Intelligence S+ Green
Xenophillia A Teal
Secretatry (Literacy) A Teal
Sex B Blue
Oral B Blue
Praetor Tifaret Health S+ Green
Xenophilia A Teal
Sex A Teal
Termperament B Blue
Pet Training B Blue
Mistress Tiamat* Empathy S+ Green
Pet S+ Green
Nurse A Teal
Maid A Teal
Singing A Teal
Xenophily B Blue