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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





Quarter of the Bull

Ruled by the pious Taurus Great House, this quarter is inhabited by the "Faithfuls"; people honouring the saviour, thereby earning special support from the Vatican.

Residence Area

See: Minor Residences

Salon of Madame Jofre

The best and largest brothel in Eternal Rome, it's clientele mainly residents and faithfuls of White Town.

  • Madame Jofre buys slaves:
    • D rank
    • Blowjobs
    • Regular sex
    • Group sex
    • Temperamental
    • Maid
    • Cook
    • Etiquette
    • Dancing, Singing & Music appreciated but not necessary.
    • Enough skill to be a Concubine
    • There are no hints as to what level each skill needs to be at.
  • She pays $500 for each, and is willing to buy many.

Gentleman's Club

A club exclusive to the respected in the Quarter of the Bull. You need the favor of a senior Bull Quarter noble to join, but once admitted you will find lots of potential buyers.

Club buys Rank B Concubines for $2500

White Tower

Within the tower is the White Palace, the seat of government for the Quarter of the Bull.

Each of them wants a slave. Each has different specifications. In addition to other requirements, the ministers require their slaves trained to an "A" rating.

Minister Skill Skill Level Colour
Archbishop Molaru Maid A Teal
Nurse S+ Green
Fetishism A Teal
Healthy Weight[1]
General Barabas Nature A Teal
Intellect A Teal
Etiquette B Blue
Secretary B Blue
Musician B Blue
Beauty S+ Green
Loli (Immature)
Siegfrid Xenophily S+ Green
Pony Training A Teal
Maid A Teal
Endurance B Blue
Temperament B Blue
King Arboreus Sex S+ Green
Petting S+ Green
Oral S+ Green
Beauty S+ Green
Ettiquete A Teal
Intelligence B Blue
Character[3] B Blue
[1] The archbishop despises flabby bodies and demands his slaves be fit. Presumably the minimum would be "Healthy Weight". (Confirmed)
[2] There is no indicator in game saying what slave is a Milf or not. Generally speaking, the slaves that look older/have larger breasts are the ones you're looking for.
[3] Probably temperament. Possibly nature?
[4] "She should know her place"

After you've sold a slave to one of the ministers you'll be able to have an audience with King Arboreus, the current regent of the Taurus House. Like the ministers he wants a slave and gives you a set of specifications. He requires his slaves be S+ rated concubines with the following skills.

Skill Skill Level Colour
Intellect B Blue
Nature B Blue
Etiquette A Teal
Oral pleasure S+ Green
Penetration S+ Green
Petting S+ Green