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all characters are at least 18

Jack-o-nine [edit]





Quarter of the Bull

Ruled by the pious Taurus Great House, this quarter is inhabited by the "Faithfuls"; people honouring the saviour, thereby earning special support from the Vatican.

Residence Area

See: Minor Residences

Salon of Madame Jofre

The best and largest brothel in Eternal Rome, it's clientele mainly residents and faithfuls of White Town.

  • Madame Jofre buys slaves:
    • D rank
    • Blowjobs
    • Regular sex
    • Group sex
    • Temperamental
    • Maid
    • Cook
    • Etiquette
    • Dancing, Singing & Music appreciated but not necessary.
    • Enough skill to be a Concubine
    • There are no hints as to what level each skill needs to be at.
  • She pays $500 for each, and is willing to buy many.

Gentleman's Club

A club exclusive to the respected in the Quarter of the Bull. You need the favor of a senior Bull Quarter noble to join, but once admitted you will find lots of potential buyers.

White Tower

Within the tower is the White Palace, the seat of government for the Quarter of the Bull.

Each of them wants a slave. Each has different specifications. In addition to other requirements, the ministers require their slaves trained to an "A" rating.

Minister Skill Skill Level Colour
Archbishop Molaru Maid A Teal
Nurse S+ Green
Fetishism A Teal
>Healthy Weight*
General Barabas Nature A Teal
Intellect A Teal
Etiquette B Blue
Secretary B Blue
Musician B Blue
Beauty S+ Green
Siegfrid Xenophily S+ Green
Pony Training A Teal
Maid A Teal
Endurance B Blue
Temperament B Blue
*The archbishop despises flabby bodies and demands his slaves be fit. Presumably the minimum would be "Healthy Weight". [Confirmed]

After you've sold a slave to one of the ministers you'll be able to have an audience with King Arboreus, the current regent of the Taurus House. Like the ministers he wants a slave and gives you a set of specifications. He requires his slaves be S+ rated concubines with the following skills.

Skill Skill Level Colour
Intellect B Blue
Nature B Blue
Etiquette A Teal
Oral pleasure S+ Green
Penetration S+ Green
Petting S+ Green