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all characters are at least 18

Immoral Ward [edit]



Technical Help

If you have problems installing or running the game, this is what you should read.


Run with Japanese locale
  • Q: Will the game run on Windows 7/8 64 bit?
    A: The game has been verified by many users to run perfectly on Windows 7 64 bit. It will run fine on any version of Windows, as long as you're using XP SP3 or newer.
  • Q: WinRAR can't extract "???.rar". Help?
    A: Rename the file to game.rar and you can extract it.
  • Q: When I run the setup I get an error with unreadable text preceded by '1155:' (see picture "Run with Japanese locale", on the right). Anyone know how to fix this?
    A: This is a Japanese game and you have to run the setup with Japanese regional settings to install it. Follow the quick step-by-step guide below to install the game.
  • Q: Will the game run on Windows 10?
    A: Not without issues unless you switch system locale to Japanese, which you really shouldn't because you will experience issues with other stuff. You can't use AppLocale, but you can use NTLEA and Locale Emulator.

Running the game

  • Q: The game just skips the H scenes! Help?
    A: Switch your locale back to your native locale and use AppLocale instead (try HF pApploc or here). Alternatively, set Format to Japanese in Control Panel->Regional Settings.
  • Q: There are no customization in the game? Help?
    A: This was released as a day one DLC. It's included in mikocon's torrent in this folder: キャラカスタム&新規衣裝データ(DLC01). How to install it:
  1. Copy <torrent>\キャラカスタム&新規衣裝データ(DLC01)\immoral_01_custom.exe to an English named folder, e.g. C:\Downloads\IW.
  2. Run C:\Downloads\IW\immoral_01_custom.exe and enter a folder to extract to, e.g. C:\Downloads\IW\DLC01
  3. Copy all files and folders from C:\Downloads\IW\DLC01\インモラル病棟 キャラカスタム追加プログラム\setup\ to your game folder (yes to overwrite).
  • Q: I installed the HF Patch and when I run "Immoral Studio"/"Immoral Studio English.exe" it crashes (stops working) after I click Start! What can I do?
    A: You need to install the Immoral Studio. It is presented as a disk image or a folder depending on your sources. In girlcelly's release, this is available as an image disk file named "ImmoralWardStudio.iso" and in Mikocon / 2DGF release, as a folder named "インモラル病棟 購入特典 インモラルスタジオ".
  • Q: I'm having some trouble with the customization option. It appears as a blank button and when I press it and enter the customization I can only see the character inside a square and the rest is all blank?
    A: You installed things in the wrong order. Install DLC01 again to fix it.
  • Q: I installed DLC01, but I can't change the hair in the customization screen?
    A: Apparently there is no way to change it. The only way to "change" it is to change the girl you are customizing.
  • Q: Game worked, but now it stopped working (crashing)? I didn't make any changes to it.
    A: This is known to happen (rare) and can be caused by other applications running. Try closing any open applications (browser etc.) and try again. If that doesn't help, try restarting Windows and then try running the game again.


  • Q: The game is suffering the low framerate issue while running on Windows 10 build 1607 (also known as the Anniversary Update) and later.
    A: Since the Anniversary Update, Microsoft had modified the d3d9.dll file and is causing the problem for all non-unity illusion games. Illusion was aware of this problem and updated the support page to includes the d3d9.exe that has d3d9.dll in it for fixing this problem (Though you have to extract and copy paste the d3d9.dll into the game folder where the game's executable is). You can get it from here: Support page for running game on Windows 10

Using the HF Patch

  • Q: I get an error about SlimDX when running the HF Patch! Help?
    A: I was able to install patch successfully by installing VC++ runtimes in 32bit from here.
  • Q: I get this error "Fatal error: "C:\illusion\DD\data\99_00_01.pp" does not exist. This file is from 予約特典追加衣装データ : Pre-Order Additional Costumes Data (included in the torrent), read more here.
  • Q: The game just skips the H scenes and I installed the HF Patch! Help?
    A: I fixed it by downloading the 09_00_00.pp file linked at the end of TheShadow's English Launcher release post here).

Installing the game

This was taken from Dr Yoshi's great post in the HF Thread.

Game Content

The three game disks :

  • インモラル病棟 : Immoral Ward
    • This is the main game disk. Contains all of the base elements needed to install and run the game.
    • Comes as a disk image file named "ImmoralWard.iso".
    • Size of the disk / disk image : about 3,1 GB
  • インモラルスタジオ : Immoral Studio
    • This is a "poser" program allowing you to play with the game characters, animations and other models and build scenes.
    • Presented as a disk image or a folder depending on your sources. In Girlcelly's release, this is available as an image disk file named "ImmoralWardStudio.iso" and in Mikocon / 2DGF release, as a folder named "インモラル病棟 購入特典 インモラルスタジオ".
    • Size of the disk / disk image / folder : about 800 MB
  • プレミアムディスク : Premium Disk
    • This is a bonus disk containing a whole lot of costumes, accessories and other props for Immoral Ward and Immoral Studio.
    • May be presented as a disk or a folder depending of your source : disk image named "ImmoralWardPremium.iso" in Gircelly's release or folder named "インモラル病棟 購入特典 プレミアムディスク" in Mikocon / 2DGF release.
    • Size of the disk / disk image / folder : about 2.2 GB

For further information about the bonus disks shipped with the game, you could consult the dedicated page on the Illusion's website.

The two pre-order costumes pack :

  • 予約特典追加衣装データ : Pre-Order Additional Costumes Data
    • This bonus archive contains a few additional clothes for Immoral Ward and Immoral Studio. Visit this page on Illusion's website for more informations about this bonus.
    • It comes as a self-extracting archives named "予約特典追加衣装データ.exe" which expends to a folder with the same name.
    • Self-extracting archive size : 63.2 MB / Uncompressed folder size : 282 MB
  • 早期予約キャンペーン 衣装データ : Early Pre-Order Campaign Costumes Data
    • This is a lingerie set looking like a basque, available in black or white.
    • Comes as a self-extracting archives named "早期予約キャンペーン 衣装データ.exe" which expends to a folder with the same name.
    • Self-extracting archive size : 5.6 MB / Uncompressed folder size : 25.4 MB

The day-one DLC :

  • インモラル病棟 キャラカスタム追加プログラム : Immoral Ward Character Customization Additional Program
    • This DLC add options to customize various aspects of the five girls featured in the game like size, measurements, skin, hair and eyes color... The DLC shipped with torrent release is currently outdated but you can grab an up-to-date version on the download page of the game's website.
    • It comes as a self-extracting archives named "immoral_01_custom.exe" which expends to a folder named "インモラル病棟 キャラカスタム追加プログラム".
    • Self-extracting archive size : 31.7 MB / Uncompressed folder size : 268 MB

Quick step-by-step guide

How to install the game as intended by Illusion. Follow this and you'll be playing in no time!

Startup.exe: Click the second button to install the game
Click highlighted button to change the destination
  1. Extract the ImmoralWard.iso file to an English named folder, e.g. C:\Downloads\IW
  2. Mount C:\Downloads\IW\ImmoralWard.iso with Daemontools Lite (other mounting software has been known to fail with Japanese games, so please use Daemontools Lite! - it's completely free)
  3. DO NOT autorun, but explore the mounted dvd and right-click Startup.exe and select Run with Japanese locale as administrator (you need HF pApploc or here for the right-click options).
  4. Refer to Startup.exe picture on the right: If you can click the top button it means you have to install DirectX 9.0c. Your game will not work if you ignore it!
  5. Click the second button from the top (ref. Startup.exe picture) to start the Immoral Ward setup.
  6. Click the button with (N) once.
  7. IMPORTANT: Change the destination to e.g. C:\illusion\IW. Your game will most likely not work if you forget!! (see picture on the right)
  8. Click (N) again a few times and wait while the game is installed.
  9. To run the game you need to keep the ImmoralWard.iso mounted and right-click C:\illusion\IW\インモラル病棟.exe and select Run with Japanese locale.

Learn more about installing Japanese games

A Japanese game is not meant to run on non-Japanese Windows. To get it to work you have to do some tricks: Click here to learn more about installing Japanese games.