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all characters are at least 18

Immoral Ward [edit]



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Iwasaki Takuya (岩崎 拓也)

Main Character

Himuro Reika (氷室 麗華)

IW Himuro Reika.png

Medical Doctor

Iwasaki Haruka (岩崎 遥)

IW Iwasaki Haruka.png

A nurse and the main characters sister-in-law.

Akitsuki Saya (秋月 沙耶)

IW Akitsuki Saya.png

Seemingly the only other patient in the hospital, very ill.

Akitsuki Kaname (秋月 叶愛)

IW Akitsuki Kaname.png

Waitress at the hospital's coffee shop, and also mother of Akitsuki Saya.

Kinashi Yuzuho (木梨 柚帆)

IW Kinashi Yuzuho.png