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{{IllusionGames}}  <!-- leave this line at the top of your page and add content about this topic below --> __TOC__
Welcome to the '''{{PAGENAME}}''' mini wiki at Wikia. This is a mini wiki for [[wikipedia:eroge|eroges]] made by the Japanese company '''Illusion''' (not ''Illusion Soft''). 
Topics include technical troubleshooting, gameplay guide, game modding, and news for the next release.  Please note that this is a public wikia and no inappropriate images are allowed to directly appear or be directly linked to.
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== News ==
* '''Illusion Games General''' wiki has been expanded to include basic stuff.
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== Create new article ==
Type in the name of the new article.
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== Manually maintained article list ==
(only selected articles are listed. See [[:Category:IllusionGames|here]] for a list of all pages/games)
=== General ===
* [[Illusion Games general modding guide]]
* [[Illusion Games How to install | How to install]]
* [[Illusion Games How to use Registry Fixer | How to use Registry Fixer]]
* [[Illusion Games How to use Illusion Wizzard | How to use Illusion Wizzard]]
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== Auto-generated article list ==
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== Links ==
* [http://www.Illusion.jp Official Illusion Homepage] - Japanese only.  Must be 18 or older to enter the site.
* [http://ag2wiki.kallisti.se/doku.php Artificial Girl 2 Documentation Wiki] - Kind of what this wiki aspires to be, except the difference in scope (one game vs all Illusion games)
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'''Other [[w:Gaming|gaming wikis]]'''<br />
<small>[[w:c:Eroge|Eroge]]&bull; [[TeatimeGames|Teatime]] &bull; [[w:c:mugen|MUGEN]] &bull; [[w:c:AliceSoft|AliceSoft]] &bull; [[w:c:eushully|Eushully]] &bull; [[RyonaRPG]] &bull; [[w:c:typemoon|TYPE-MOON]] &bull; [[w:c:touhou|Touhou - 東方]] </small>
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[[Category:Mature Content]]
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[[Category:Mini wikis|{{PAGENAME}}]]

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