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all characters are at least 18

I'm the Hero [edit]



Technical Help


The game consists for a great deal in talking with the two girls, occasionaly only one of them, which makes it mainly a Visual Novel. For those who aren't able to read Japanese, there is currently no translation, which means that it basically comes down to listening to their (change in) voices. A little help is given with indicators that show a mood change. In this way the player gruadually gets an idea about their different personalities and preferences.

Now and then the player is confronted with a choice between one of the girls: the top choice is always Yuna, the 'sweet' girl with yellow hair and the second choice is for Kuu, the more rough and assertive blue haired girl. The chosen girl is soon thereafter used in a small series of H-sessions. During these session the player is sometimes confronted with another choice, which is between coming inside (top option) or outside (second choice).

The complete story is divided over 6 chapters which all take place at a different location and setting, introducing the girls to different times and places in earths history. Each chapter unlocks one set of memories for the chosen girl. The story ends with an epilogue where the players unlocks parts of the free mode, based on these memories and the choices made. This means that the game has to be played at least two times to unlock all options in free mode. The game knows at least three different endings (epilogues), 3P is one of them.


Each chapter the player can -after lots of (japanese) talking- decide, which of the girls he will date. The upper option is for Yuna Yuna (the blond girl), the lower option is for Kuu Kuu (the one with the blue hair).

Choosing one of the girls

For more information on the h-scenes see the H Guide

Chapter Overview

Chapter/Episode Setting Appearance
Hero UI Ep0Thumb.png
Main Character's room Angel-like (as seen on the cover)
Hero UI Ep1Thumb.png
Inside a house / on a bed Angel-like (as seen on the cover)
Hero UI Ep2Thumb.png
In a classroom / toilet School uniform
Hero UI Ep3Thumb.png
Oriental bazar Oriental clothing
Hero UI Ep4Thumb.png
Dojo Ninja / Bondage
Hero UI Ep5Thumb.png
Mansion Housewife
Hero UI Ep6Thumb.png
Beach Swimsuite


The main character's room

Although it is not possible to let the main character wander around, there are a lot of points in game where the player can press the space-bar, removing the talk window, and look around in the rooms from different points of view. Especially the guys room is interesting to give the player a rough idea about his taste and interests.


Based on the choices the player made during the game, he will get one of the three endings

Hero UI YunaEndThumb.png
YunaYuna End

Choose Yuna more often than Kuu

Hero UI KuuEndThumb.png
KuuKuu End

Choose Kuu more often than Yuna

Hero UI HaremEndThumb.png
YunaHarem EndKuu

Choose Yuna and Kuu equally (3 times each)

Title Screen

Translated title screen

The main screen gives five options - from top to bottom:

New GameNew game
Load GameLoad game

The settings can also be changed any time during gameplay


First tab of the configuration menu

Here you can change the volume of sounds, bgm, etc. and show or hide things like accessories. Note that the config menu has 2 tabs.

Memories / Free H

More information here

Will take you to a screen where you can rerun any of the scenes during story mode. To access a more 'free' Free mode where you can select room and girl(s), click one of the buttons on the upper right in the Free mode screen.