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all characters are at least 18

Honey Select 2 [edit]


Install Guide

FAQ & Technical Help



Here you will found the most frequently asked questions regarding the game. You may add your own FAQs (if not yet added) by using Edit on this page. Good luck and enjoy!


Be sure to check in-game manual! Press F1. (it is in japanese though if unpatched)

  • Q : So I have a girl who hates me, I want her to stop?
    A : Use love positions (missionary is advised) and make her cum without you cum inside her, this should take around 1-2 tries and her feeling will change from hate to love (favor) to you.
  • Q : Help! I'm forced to break a girl in order to get my achievement, how could I?
    A : I know how you feel, it's truly can't be helped. Use forced position (e.g. forced missionary) and BDSM (spanking etc.) on her repeatedly until the red bar is full, this could happen in multiple runs. You could break a girl in a single run if you use multiple men position (which is undesireable for a man who treasures her girl). If the girl is dependent (lowermost purple bar is full), it is impossible to break a girl.
  • Q : My girl is broken, how do I heal her back?
    A : Use love positions (e.g. missionary) but having only you cum inside her, the more you cum inside her, the more healed she gets. (May need testing if this can be done in a single run)
  • Q : How to change her feeling into a slave?
    A : Cum inside her repeatedly (using male-dominant position is advised) without having her cum.