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all characters are at least 18

Honey Select 2 [edit]


Install Guide

FAQ & Technical Help



MODs it’s a short for "modifications", with them you can introduce new features to the game such as new functions, parameters, clothes and hairstyle.

If you have installed a mod, never use the official cards uploader thereafter. Access will be prohibited, and the official uploader will not be available.

Please understand that modifying your game is risky by nature and requires some safeguards such as backing up the game data. Also always read carefully what each thing does before using it.

If you are coming from Honey Select 1

Modding structure is pretty different in Honey Select 2 since it uses a softmod method, differently from Honey Select 1 that used the HardMod method. Please read the Terminology bellow to understand what is happening.

In short: Never touch games folder such as abdata. Now we have a better modding system that do not mess with abdata and do not make id conflicts at all, making HSResolveMoreSlotID obsolete. Also never extract .zipmod files, read bellow for more instructions.


  1. Vanilla
    • It's a game without introducing any MOD. It’s like an ice cream (game) without toppings (MODs)
  1. HardMod
    • This method of modding overwrites game files, which was the main method used in Honey Select 1 but is not used anymore in Honey Select 2. This approach is likely to introduce errors and if any mod breaks your game it’s hard to seek the problem and its more likely that you'll need to reinstall everything again. It also leads to ID conflicts making harder assets management.
  1. Softmod
    • This method introduces new features to the game without any modifications to the game files. With this method Mods are installed in different files and folders from the original game, making easy to troubleshooting and mods management overall. This is the method used in Honey Select 2.
  1. Plugin
    • Plugins modifies the game code and behavior, proceed with caution when installing them. Luckily in Honey Select 2 the plugins are also softmoded, so it’s easy to troubleshoot if something goes wrong. In Honey Select 2 they are installed in BepInEx\Plugins folder
  1. Zipmod
    • A file with extension .zipmod it’s a .zip file packed without compression. It’s a softmod that contains a folder structure that imitates the game original folders, but without in fact changing them. Zipmods are made in a way that never needs to be extracted, you just need to copy the .zipmod file to the mods folder and the modded game will automatically recognize it in the next launch. In Honey Select 2 they are installed in mods\MyMods folder
  1. Sideloader
    • Sideloader is the plugin used by the modded game to load .zipmod files. It comes with the Base Mods listed below.
  1. Sideloader Modpack
    • Sideloader Modpack is an package of assets made in .zipmod format. This package is made and maintained by the community and contains mods that are open to distribute. In an modded Honey Select 2 there are several "Sideloader Modpack" subfolders in "mods" folder and are managed with the update tool. Note that when you update the Sideloader Modpack all mods that are different from the community list are excluded, so don’t put your own mods in Sideloader Modpack folders.

Installing mods and plugins

Zipmods files have .zipmod extension and must be copied to mods\MyMods folder. If the folder don't exist, create it. NEVER EXTRACT A ZIPMOD!

Plugins have .dll extension and must be placed in BepInEx\Plugins folder. Some good hearted developers put the right folder inside their packages, so if a plugin file have BepInEx folder you don't need to do nothing.

Easy way to install mods

By far the easiest way to install mods in a vanilla game is by using HF Patch. This package includes all free illusion DLCs, the base mods and essential plugins. Also, the extra plugins are cautiously selected to not generate any conflicts.

HF Pacth also comes with Sideloader Modpack, including over 500 .zipmod assets such as clothes, accessories and items. It’s The ideal package if you intend to open character cards from Illusion Booru, Kenzato or yuki-portal.

To install HF Patch, follow this page and read carefully the "Readme, help and download" link: https://github.com/ManlyMarco/HS2-HF_Patch/releases/

Advanced way to install mods

If you want to install each mod one by one, you must first install the base mods. Without then your modded game will not even launch. Its highly recommended to also install the essential mods since several other plugins and .zipmods rely on them to work.

Base mods

This mods are the very base to all plugins and zipmods works. Be careful with them. Read carefully each site before downloading.

  1. BepInEx: The base of everything. All plugins rely on him to work. Install the x64 version (BepInEx_x64) Link: https://github.com/BepInEx/BepInEx/releases
  1. XUnity.AutoTranslator: Translate the game texts. Uses human translations if available, otherwise use GoogleTranslator. Its also required to run BepisPlugins. Download BepisInEx version (XUnity.AutoTranslator-BepIn). https://github.com/bbepis/XUnity.AutoTranslator/releases
  1. TextResourceRedirector: Provide tools for translator works properly in HS2. Install HS2 version (HS2_TextResourceRedirector). https://github.com/IllusionMods/TranslationTools/releases/
  1. BepisPlugins: The very base set of plugins to make other plugins to work. It also includes Sideloader that is what makes zipmods work. Install HS2 version (HS2_BepisPlugins). https://github.com/IllusionMods/BepisPlugins/releases
  1. Illusion Modding API: API designed to make writing plugins easier and less bug prone. Most plugins use it. Downlaod HS2 Version (HS2API). https://github.com/IllusionMods/IllusionModdingAPI/releases
  1. IllusionFixes: A set of fixes for Illusion Games. Without this your modded game will not even launch. Install the Honey Select 2 version (IllusionFixes_HoneySelect2). https://github.com/IllusionMods/IllusionFixes/releases

Essential Plugins

Now that you have a working modded game, its highly recommended to also install these plugins that are essential to make some cards, plugins and zipmods to work properly, otherwise you may get distorted faces and clothes, cards with missing accessories, etc.

  1. BepInEx.ConfigurationManager: configuration menu for plugins. https://github.com/BepInEx/BepInEx.ConfigurationManager/releases
  1. GraphicsSettings: Includes a menu with graphics settings in plugin settings. https://github.com/BepInEx/BepInEx.GraphicsSettings/releases
  1. Bones Framework: Adds extra bones to clothes. Without it some modded faces and clothes (like Roy12 ones) will load in a horrendous distorted way. Install HS2 version (HS2 BonesFramework). https://www.patreon.com/posts/hs-kk-ai-hs2-1-4-38056126
  1. More accessories: increase the limit of 20 accessories per character. Install HS2 Version (HS2 MoreAccessories). https://www.patreon.com/posts/ai-hs2-1-2-1-38236359
  1. BonemodX: Adds more character customization settings to character maker. These settings are saved inside the card. Use the HS2 version (HS2ABMX). https://www.patreon.com/posts/hs2abmx-v4-3-for-37819916
  1. Illusion Overlay Mods: Allows adding overlay textures (tattoos) to character's face, body, and clothes. All overlays are saved inside the card. Use HS2 version (HS2_OverlayMods). https://github.com/ManlyMarco/Illusion-Overlay-Mods/releases
  1. MaterialEditor: Manage overlays, maps, materials, and shaders of the characters. These settings are saved inside the card. Lots of cards use it. Download HS2 version (HS2_MaterialEditor). https://www.patreon.com/posts/materialeditor-0-37972906
  1. Heelz: Make modded High Weels works correctly. https://github.com/hooh-hooah/IL_Heelz/releases
  1. UncensorSelector: Removes the mosaic censor and allows you to specify which uncensors individual characters use. Use HS2 version(HS2_UncensorSelector). https://www.patreon.com/posts/uncensorselector-38666838

Feature Game Plugins

These plugins add extra features to the game.

  1. Bepis Fix: Fix the rotating penis issue. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/715932300382044170/722498293640462428/Bepis_Fix_for_HS2.7z
  1. Subtitles: Adds subtitles when characters speak in the scenes. Use HS2 version (HS2_Subtitles). https://www.patreon.com/posts/subtitles-v1-6-1-38662379
  1. ColorPanelX: Lets you select colors using numeric input as well as to toggle between HSV and RBG color silders in Chara Maker. https://mega.nz/file/AJkgSAga#yRyIxYkjBFIWgs2ZdK5nuIpBL8q7V8T51Pg0kRLP8nY
  1. MuteInBackground: Adds an option to mute a game when it loses focus, i.e. when alt-tabbed. Must be enabled in the plugin settings Download BepInEx.MuteInBackground version. https://github.com/BepInEx/BepInEx.Utility/releases
  1. InputHotkeyBlock: Blocks hotkeys from triggering when typing in text fields. Use HS2 version (HS2_InputHotkeyBlock). https://www.patreon.com/posts/inputhotkeyblock-29761547
  1. MaleJuice: Enables juice textures (aka cum) on males. Use HS2 version (HS2_MaleJuice). https://www.patreon.com/posts/malejuice-v1-2-2-38142772
  1. BrowserFolders: Adds folder support to card browsers in main game and studio. Download HS2 version (HS2_BrowserFolders). https://github.com/ManlyMarco/Illusion_BrowserFolders/releases
  1. HideAllUI: Hide the interface with the press of space button. Use HoneySelect2 version (HideAllUI.HoneySelect). https://github.com/IllusionMods/HideAllUI/releases
  1. CheatTools: Powerful Trainer that allows control over player, heroines, and most other aspects of the game. Hit F12 in an scene. Use HS2 version (HS2_CheatTools). https://github.com/ManlyMarco/IllusionCheatTools/releases
  1. Simple Cheater: An basic cheater designed for simplicity. It adds a box with girl stats in selection screen. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/715932300382044170/717803833874448415/FPI.zip
  1. DragAndDrop: Drag cards, scenes and outfits to the game window to load them. Use HoneySelect2 version (DragAndDrop.HoneySelect2). https://github.com/IllusionMods/DragAndDrop/releases
  1. HeightBar: Allows measuring of the character's height in centimeters. Use HS2 version (HS2_HeightBar). https://github.com/ManlyMarco/Illusion_HeightBar/releases
  1. RemoveToRecycleBin: Moves removed/overwritten cards and scenes to the recycle bin to prevent accidentally losing your work. Use HS2 version (HS2_RemoveToRecycleBin). https://github.com/ManlyMarco/Illusion_RemoveToRecycleBin/releases
  1. BetterHScenes: Adds some extra features in sex scenes. Use HS2 version (HS2_BetterHScenes). https://github.com/Mantas-2155X/BetterHScenes/releases
  1. UnlockPlayerHClothes: allows you to undress each clothing part of your player during sex. Use HS2 version (HS2_UnlockPlayerHClothes). https://github.com/Mantas-2155X/UnlockPlayerHClothes/releases
  1. HLightControl: allows you to change some light settings during a scene. Some configs can improve performance. Use HS2 version (HS2_HLightControl). https://github.com/Mantas-2155X/HLightControl/releases
  1. UnlockPlayerHeight: enables the male height slider and unlocks the players (or male chara) height hard lock of 75. Use HS2 version (HS2_UnlockPlayerHeight). https://github.com/Mantas-2155X/UnlockPlayerHeight/releases
  1. PushUp Plugin: makes the bras in shape and hold the breast while worn. Also hide inner accesories when an outfit is on top, so piercings wont clip through clothes https://mikkemods.blogspot.com/2020/06/honey-select-2-plugin-releases.html
  1. Beaver: Automatically hide accessories in lower abdomen if panties are dressed, so piercings wont clip through clothes. https://mikkemods.blogspot.com/2020/06/honey-select-2-plugin-releases.html
  1. Gravure plugin: Adds a button to overwriting a character card while keeping the image, brings a menu when pressin g with pose options and adds a button to set every piece of clothing in the same color. https://mikkemods.blogspot.com/2020/06/honey-select-2-plugin-releases.html
  1. PovX: In-Game POV Add-On. https://github.com/FairBear/HS2_PovX/releases/
  1. BetterAA: Add a temporal Anti-aliasing for the game. Much better than vanilla. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/715932300382044170/717337805726154802/HS2_BetterAA_v1.5.7z
  1. InvisibleBody: Makes characters invisible. Use HS2 version (HS2_InvisibleBody): https://www.patreon.com/posts/28424780
  1. BoobSettings: Allows you to override the game's breast physics on each individual character. https://github.com/FairBear/HS2_BoobSettings/releases/
  1. Lipsync: Makes the lip motion of characters more realistic when they are speaking. https://github.com/01010101lzy/kk-lipsync/releases/
  1. ClothColliders: Allows zipmods to easily add cloth physics to clothes and make them interact with the characters. https://github.com/ManlyMarco/Illusion_ClothColliders/releases
  1. Boobs and floor collider (zipmod): makes boobs collide with characters and objects and clothes collides with floor. Fix clipping issue but can cause bugs. https://mega.nz/file/RU8DHaZa#j-CKPrJzWedkviLeMmWT8kGf1pRfJMOUciT60YtySNQ
  1. Fur Shader - for MaterialEditor (zipmod): Make everything fluffy and furry with this fur shader! Open Material Editor and select Fur 20 B from the Shader drop-down list. https://mega.nz/file/NQlHlIKS#lndOMxKtsKcdJOqzZUMQYPA2z96nQuxS5HT8scRHEws
  1. Flame Shader - for MaterialEditor (zipmod): Customizable shader will let you change color, flow speed, brightness, among other settings. Open Material Editor and select KKY/Flame from the Shader drop-down list. https://mega.nz/file/BB0wgYIR#MRNGKt8JyhfCNr99_uFD12Lqm_2NXXksp6hrqEMgD7I

Feature Plugins for Studio

Studio only plugins.

  1. HS2PE: a plugin that improves posing for Honey Select 2 Studio. Download HS2 version (HS2PE). https://www.patreon.com/posts/hs-kk-ai-hs2-2-0-38673900
  1. HS2US: various optimizations and quality of life improvement for HS2. Download HS2 version (HS2US). https://www.patreon.com/posts/hs-kk-ai-hs2-1-9-38675642
  1. FK&IK: Enables FK and IK at the same time in studio. Download HS2 version (HS2_FKIK). https://www.patreon.com/posts/fk-ik-v1-1-now-29928651
  1. AnimationOverdrive: Lets you set animation speeds in Studio to values higher than 3. https://www.patreon.com/posts/animationoverdri-37738615
  1. StudioSceneSettings: Adds a few useful settings for your Studio scenes. All changes save and load with the scene. Use HS2 version (HS2_StudioSceneSettings). https://www.patreon.com/posts/studioscenesetti-32713423
  1. StudioSceneLoadedSound: Plays a sound on scene load or import. Useful for anyone who spends the load time for large scenes alt-tabbed. Use HS2 version (HS2_StudioSceneLoadedSound). https://www.patreon.com/posts/studiosceneloade-32459105
  1. CharacterExport: Export characters from saved Studio scenes. Use HS2 version (HS2_CharacterExport). https://www.patreon.com/posts/characterexport-32434052
  1. StudioObjectMoveHotkeys: Allows you to move objects around in Studio using hotkeys. Use HS2 version (S2_StudioObjectMoveHotkeys). https://www.patreon.com/posts/studioobjectmove-31184561
  1. PoseFolders: Allows you to organize your saved Studio poses into folders. Use HS2 version (HS2_PoseFolders). https://www.patreon.com/posts/posefolders-v1-0-31127973
  1. QuickAccessBox: Adds a quick access list for searching through all items, both stock and modded. Install HS2 version (HS2_QuickAccessBox). https://github.com/ManlyMarco/QuickAccessBox/releases
  1. StudioPOV: Allows you to have first person view in Studio. Use HS2 version (HS2_StudioPOV). https://github.com/Mantas-2155X/StudioPOV/releases
  1. AnimationPairing: When you select more than 2 actors in studio, it will change and convert correct H animations. Use HS2 version (HS2_AnimationPairing). https://github.com/hooh-hooah/AnimationPairing/releases/tag/1.0.0
  1. MoveController: Includes move controllers for studio. https://mikkemods.blogspot.com/2020/06/movecontroller-plugin-for-honey-select-2.html
  1. OrthographicCamera: Allows using of the orthographic (parallel projection) camera mode. Use HS2 version (HS2_OrthographicCamera): https://www.patreon.com/posts/31909622
  1. VN Game Engine: Studio Mod for making VN games, animations, utils etc. Use aishoujo_hs2 version. https://mega.nz/folder/oiB2wAQK#ojGIzlAN-1B-263uUDEalQ/folder/Jm5xAIbA
  1. HS2 Fighter: Simple fighter game, Require VNGE 17.6.1+ and DHH need for lighting. https://mega.nz/folder/tmhwSA6R#QZ6Y1rgPYdg97_1uAnVExw

Graphics Mods

Mods that alters the game graphic processing. Don NOT use more than one at the same time.

  1. DHH Graphics Enhancer: A plugin to adjust various settings to enhance and fine tone graphics. https://mega.nz/file/L59H1J4J#ZPYQ1qAxne5_WqZF1Ht-5_fl7UzMz4mSDNf-eiPdKWc
  1. Graphics: An advanced and powerful graphics enhancer for advanced users. https://github.com/ore-/Graphics/releases/


Utilities used outside the game.

  1. KKManager: Mod, plugin and card manager for games by Illusion. https://github.com/IllusionMods/KKManager/releases