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all characters are at least 18

Honey Select 2 [edit]


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In order to progress in the game, you must unlock achievements. After meeting the requirements for an achievement, a lock icon will appear upon entering your room.

When an achievement is unlocked you gain points that are used to unlock new options for the player. Call Fur and then click on achievements to see how many points you have and trade to unlock your reward.

Achievement Content Points earned Tips
Commemorative visit Start the game 1P
First Timer Have sex for the first time 1P
Search the Place Go around the hall for the first time 1P
First call Call Fur for the first time 1P
Fur-Alban-Fur Have sex with Fur 1P
Lecherous Have sex 10 times 3P
Unequaled Ejaculate 10 times 3P
Technician Make a girl cum 10 times 3P
Chance Attack Surprise a girl 3P Attacks while bathing, in the bathroom, sleeping, etc.
Surprise Be surprised by a girl 3P Be attacked by a girl while sleeping in your room.
Lucky Lascivious Encounter a girl while she's in a private moment 3P Head to the place with the mark "!!"
Meeting A girl visited your room and had sex with you 5P "Walk to the Hall" to "your room" when its marked with "!!". A girl in a favorable state can visits and have sex.
Love Maxed Max out a girl's Favor status 3P
Hedonist Maxed Max out a girl's Enjoyment status 3P
Slave Maxed Max out a girl's Slave status 3P
Hate Maxed Max out a girl's Aversion status 3P
Mental Breakdown Max out a girl's Broken status 5P Use forced position and BDSM on her and continues one more time after she faints for multiple sessions.
Jailed Max out a girl's Dependence status 5P Dependence increases when you play the same girl multiple times in a row.