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Welcome to IllusionGames, a mini-wiki for games made by Illusion.

This page is a WikiNode, a page that tells you how this wiki relates to other wikis.

Brief description

This wiki covers:

  • technical trouble-shooting for installing/playing Illusion games
  • manuals on how to play various Illusion games
  • walkthroughs on how to beat Illusion games
  • tutorials on how to mod Illusion games
  • listings of some mods for Illusion games

Key points of interest


Some content don't quite fit within the scope of this wiki. Please use the following wikis for such content.

Content Wiki Notes
Japanese info on Artificial Girl 3 人工少女3wiki no WikiNode
Artificial Girl 2 info Artificial Girl 2 Documentation Wiki no WikiNode; Complete delegation, the IllusionGames mini-wiki should only have one overview article on AG2, letting the AG2 Wiki cover everything else.
Info on Japanese culture/references Wikipedia wikipedia:Culture of Japan


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