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This page explains the basics you should know before uploading files to this wiki.

File formats

Currently you can only upload pictures in the following formats:

File format Accepted extension
Portable Network Graphics *.png
Graphics Interchange Format *.gif
JPEG *.jpg *.jpeg
Note that *.png is preferred, since it is lossless, even when compressed, and has an alpha-channel for transparency (So you can make the background disappear)

(Dis)Advantages of the formats

This should give you a briev overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the file formats.

Portable Network Graphics

PNG was created as an improved and non-patented replacement for the outdated GIF. PNG offers a better compression, more features and is in many instances more suitable than GIF.
Pro Con
  • lossless
  • can be losslessly compressed
  • has an alpha-channel for transparency
  • open format
  • ISO/IEC and IETF RFC standard
  • huge file size when not compressed

Graphics Interchange Format

GIF has nearly entirely been replaced by PNG, but is capable of animations.
Pro Con
  • can be animated
  • outdated by PNG
  • Not an official standard


JPEG is a widely used method of lossy compression for digital images, mostly used in digital photography. It should be avoided since it is lossy. For some uses, like screenshots, it is the best choice however.
Pro Con
  • small files
  • ISO/IEC and ITU standard
  • lossy format

File names

Basicly you can name your files however you like. But make sure they meet the following:

  1. The file name should give you a brief idea what this file contains
  2. If the file belongs to a certain game, make sure the filename starts with the game's acronym (see table below), devided by an underscore _ from the rest of the filename.
  3. Note that the wiki only accepts letters (a-Z), numbers (0-9) and some special characters (- and _)
Bad name Good name
Item_01.jpg AHM_UI_Item01.png

Game acronyms

Company Game Acronym
IllusionGames @HomeMate AHM
IllusionGames Artificial Academy AA
IllusionGames Artificial Girl 3 AG3
IllusionGames Battle Raper 2 BR2
IllusionGames Box -Hako- Hako
IllusionGames Digital Girl DG
IllusionGames Immoral Ward IW
IllusionGames I'm the Hero Hero
IllusionGames Love Girl LG
IllusionGames Musumakeup Musu
IllusionGames Premium Play Darkness PPD
IllusionGames Rapelay RL
IllusionGames Real Kanojo RK
IllusionGames Real Play RP
IllusionGames School Mate SM1
IllusionGames Schoolmate Sweets! SMS
IllusionGames School Mate 2 SM2
IllusionGames Sexy Beach 3 SB3
IllusionGames Sexy Beach ZERO SBZ
IllusionGames Wakeari Wakeari
IllusionGames Yuusha Yuusha
KISS Custom Maid 3D CM3D
KISS Custom Maid 3D 2 CM3D2
KISS Custom Order Maid 3D 2 COM3D2
Teatime EROI3D
Teatime HCT
Teatime Kasou
Teatime LoveDeath 2 - Realtime_Lovers
Teatime Love Death 555
Teatime Love Death Final!
Teatime Renai+H
Teatime SYL
Teatime Tech48
Teatime Virtual Stalker
INTERHEART Itazura Gokuaku
INTERHEART Itazura Musume
T-Graph GuriGuri Cute Yuffie GGCY
Violated Heroine
RyonaRPG RyonaRPG
Tech Arts 3D Games 3D Girl Custom Evolution
Hooligapps Cunt Wars CW