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Training Dimension
HH Adventure Background 15.jpg
Title Training Dimension
Main Girl Lyrsa
World Number 15
Previous World Stairway to Heaven
Next World WereSquid Island


Weirdo Squatting Nearby

The Harem Heroes/Player is in the middle of having sex with Bunny when Goku appears and says hi to them. Annoyed, they ask him what he is doing in the dimension. Goku replies that he is exploring the dimension and was curious what they are doing, referring to sex as " 'Chichi's favorite thing' as a Super Saiyan Jin". The Player corrects him and says that it's his "Super Sexual Jin" and that he is mastering his powers. Neono politely asks him to leave them alone and to not bring his kid near them since the show isn't PG12.

Big Ball of Energy

Bunny continuously has sex with the Harem Heroes/Player which annoys Neono, asking the duo when it is her turn. After a long session, the three of them are visibly exhausted. Bunny asks the Player if he has felt anything related to the God's powers, but the Player says he has not. Sake appears and advises the Player to focus on Tetsuya and his personality and desires. The Player remembers that Mother Angel revealed that Tetsuya was a boobs guy, so the girls propose giving him a titjob. Bunny quickly jumps to please the Player, which again annoys Neono, stating that Bunny has been hogging him for the entire morning.

After the Player finishes, he has not felt anything related to Tetsuya. Neono decides to give it a try by wearing a tight outfit with bunny ears. The Player asks why she is dressed as she is and she tells him that she believes he has a thing for rabbit girls, since he is always willing to have sex with Bunny. The Player reveals he doesn't have a particular fetish for bunny girls, which angers Bunny. As the Player is about to orgasm, he receives an unfamiliar feeling and begins to have a vision. Tetsuya and Seraphine are together having sex. Tetsuya has a wolf helmet on while Seraphine has bunny ears. Tetsuya notes that the cute bunny ears makes him forget about how much of a brutal warrior she is. Seraphine tells him that the wolf helmet makes him look dangerous and makes her forget about how much of a sweet doctor he is.

Suddenly, the Player blacks out and is teleported to a big shining ball of blue energy. He is met with his Navel side who tells him that he is hiding from the ball of energy because he is scared of it. The Player decides to connect with the ball, but his Navel warns him not to because he has a feeling he will vanish. As he connects with the ball, his Navel side screams in pain.

What's Up, Doc?

The Player wakes up horny from another blackout. He sees someone, with great resemblance to Tetsuya, named The Doctor. having sex with Mizuki and an alternate version of Bunny, Bunny Alt. After they finish, Estelle Alt appears with a girl suffering from sex-deprivation. The Doctor tells her to quickly remove her clothes and lay her on the emergency bed. Estelle prepares the girl by fingering her. Estelle further explains that the Doctor possesses a power called "Mojo", the ability to make girls orgasm, and that the entire office is soaked in his Mojo. She then prepares the Doctor's penis through oral sex. Estelle then assists the Doctor in having sex with the girl until she finishes. Mizuki comes in and takes a selfie with them to post on her social media.

Megane barges into the office and pulls the Doctor away. She informs him that the office has been transformed into a "Sex Sanctuary", a place that is permanently infused with his Mojo. The sanctuary acts as a barrier that wards off the Mist. Thus, anyone can have orgasms again while there.

The Player blacks out again and suddenly wakes up in a dark void accompanied by Tuto-Chan.


The Player wakes Tuto-Chan up and asks her where they are. She is as confused as he is but quickly remembers something awful; The Pandora Witch is back. The Player asks how this is possible and Tuto-Chan gives him a quick summary. Blue wanted to retire to become an ordinary person, so she gave her remaining powers to Tuto-Chan, making her the Goddess of the reformed Digisekai. They decided to reboot the world and give time for Tetsuya's body to regenerate. Tuto-Chan was able to temporarily banish Pandora's away, but she was too powerful to completely erase, and thus she remained hidden somewhere. Thinking all was well, Tuto-Chan accelerated the world's time. She reveals that a God's body requires centuries to fully heal. However, while she was monitoring the progress of Tetsuya's healing, the remnants of Pandora attacked her and that's the last thing she remembers.

Tuto-Chan quickly returns to the "GOD-Mode" terminal to check on the status of the world's development. However, she is locked out because she no longer has Admin access and is thus only able to access "Viewer Mode". Pandora seems to have revoked her rights and installed a virus called "The Mist", which prevents all citizens in the world from feeling sexual pleasure. The only thing Tuto-Chan can do is to slow down time back to normal. The Player decides to reconnect with the Doctor as he did earlier, since it seemed like his powers could affect the Mist. Tuto-Chan realizes that the Doctor must be Tetsuya's body in recovery and scans for his signal. They find his signal and are able to view the Doctor, who is currently having sex with Megane. The Player notes that the Tetsuya looks more like him, but Tuto-Chan believes that after the Player left Digisekai, his and Tetsuya's body must have fused.

After Tetsuya finishes, Bunny Alt and Harem Heroes/Girls/Estelle Alt appear to inform him that an elven woman claiming to be a Mojo specialist is requesting an urgent meeting with him. The Player is shocked to see Bunny there. But Tuto-Chan tells him that Blue used his memories to recreate her world such that Tetsuya would wake up surrounded by girls who would bring him love. Tuto-Chan is worried that nothing is going as planned, but the Player is optimistic and decides to continue watching.

Megane encourages Tetsuya to meet the specialist, telling him that defeating the Mist is more important than getting money from satisfying the other girls in queue. They let the Elf through the queue and admire her beauty. She introduces herself as Lyrsa and explains that she needs her powers restored to prevent her people from going insane. In return, she offers to grant him the power of "Mojo Forging". She demonstrates this power by stripping down and laying Tetsuya on his desk. She collects his semen into a bowl and chants a prayer to the Goddess Lustia. A rune appears, but before she is able to further explain, she succumbs to her desires and has sex with Tetsuya.


Tuto-Chan asks the Player why they are still snooping. The Player reasons that Tetsuya was a former god and thus should have some remaining knowledge of his powers. Meanwhile, Tetsuya is on the beach utilizing the powers granted from Lyrsa's Mojo Forging. He utilizes "Neptune's Touch" and "Neptune's Tsunami" on a number of unnamed girls, causing them to all climax at the same time. Bunny Alt, Mizuki, and Estelle Alt appear to congratulate him on turning Begin City into a Sex Sanctuary. Additionally, Mizuki's social media followers have also come to praise Tetsuya on his accomplishments.

The Player is amazed at how popular Tetsuya is. Tuto-Chan theorizes that he possesses the natural talent to inspire others, which in turn fuels his Mojo.

Tetsuya plans on turning more cities into Sex Sanctuaries. Lyrsa makes a personal request for him to visit her younger sister, Ithori, near a human community. Tetsuya agrees and asks his harem to stay behind to manage his Sex Sanctuaries. As Tetsuya is packing things to take on his journey, Finalmecia Alt suddenly appears and attempts to seduce him. The Player recognizes her counterpart and is shocked that she is in this world. Tuto-Chan ponders that the world should only be filled with girls he desires; so thus the Player must desire Finalmecia deep down. Tetsuya scolds Finalmecia for attempting to take advantage of his weak spot for her large bare breasts. She asks if he has considered taking her powers, to which Tetsuya declines. She notices that he seems grumpy, to which Tetsuya admits that lately, sex hasn't been feeling the same. She theorizes that he needs new sensations and tells him that the people of Begin City don't see him as a hero, but as a slave. She tempts him to take control over them by utilizing her powers. She reveals that she is being supported by a God that has the ability to grant him an army to rule everyone. She continues to seduce him and convince him to take her evil powers.


Player is scared that Tetsuya is about to give into Finalmecia Alt's seduction. He pleads with Tuto-Chan to intervene, but Tuto-Chan has lost her ability to do anything. The Player then utilizes his power connection to Tetsuya and attempts to talk with him. He telepathically reasons with Tetsuya telling him to resist Finalmecia's evil. Finalmecia detects his intervention and asks who he is. The Player tells her to leave Tetsuya alone, but Finalmecia states that her God will have Tetsuya. Suddenly, Liberti manifests himself as a large eye and states that he has heard about the Player. Finalmecia tells Liberti that she will take action to stop the Player, but Liberti punishes her for stepping out of line. Liberti tells the Player to enjoy the last few days of the Haremverse before he invades and zaps the Player into oblivion.

Meanwhile, back in the Training Dimension, Bunny and Neono are having sex with Harem Heroes/Boss/Sake masturbating to them. Neono and Bunny commend Sake's suggestion them to hook up and make peace when the Player suddenly wakes up in a panic. The girls ask him what is wrong and he gives them a long summary of the occurred events. Bunny and Neono seem disinterested in his summary and sneakily hook up again. However, the Player attempts to reconnect with Tetsuya but fails. Sake explains that he probably used up all his Mojo energy during his first connection and thus needs to refill. The Player says that he will some form of veneration to recharge. Neono and Bunny tell him that they like him, but are not sure if that will be enough veneration to help him completely recharge. Sake explains that it will take several days for him to recharge at that rate. She suggests that he satisfy an Harem Heroes/Species/Angel like her to accelerate his refueling.

The Player and Sake begin having sex. Although she is enjoying it, she tells the Player to do something that will make her worship him. Suddenly, the Player's Navel side appears in his subconscious. It scolds him for being too gentle with Sake and tells him that he needs to be less shy and be rougher to be worshipped. His Navel tells him to let him out so that he can sufficiently please Sake. The Player says he doesn't want to be an egotist, but the Navel states that sometimes it is necessary. The Player agrees and works with his Navel side to bring out his Holy Egotist form. Sake notices that he has changed form and is met with an intense coitus session. She screams as she becomes satisfied to the point of worshipping the Player.

Bad Girls Get What They Deserve

Now armed with the devotion of Sake, the Player concentrates and is teleported back to the big ball of energy. Meanwhile, Tetsuya is on the verge of corruption by Finalmecia Alt, Liberti, and their army. The Player telepathically pleads with Tetsuya to not give in and that he is a God. Liberti tries to repel him back to his world, but the Player is able to neutralize his attack. The Player utilizes his shared power with Tetsuya and repels Liberti's conjuration. He then approaches Finalmecia Alt and attempts to dominates her while ordering her to release Tetsuya. She offers to give up Tetsuya if the Player has sex with her. Finalmecia Alt loses control of herself, allowing Tetsuya to snap out of her control.

Spiritual Struggle

Tetsuya snaps out of his stance and asks who the Player is. The Player says he is like him and asks him to join in on having sex with Finalmecia Alt. The Player mentions Harem Heroes/Girls/Bunny, causing Tetsuya to be surprised he knows an alternate version. The two of them satisfy Finalmecia Alt, causing her to lose her control over Tetsuya. Tetsuya detains her and the three of them enter into a battle of the minds. Finalmecia appears helpless, so Tetsuya decides to give her the opportunity to repent for her wrongdoings. He asks her why she would betray him. She says she felt complete despair until Liberti recruited her for his plans. Tetsuya forgives and embraces her, promising to take care of her and to join forces to defeat the Mist.

Meanwhile, the Player is conversing with his alter egos over whether they should inform Tetsuya that he is a God.


Finalmecia Alt is deeply touched by Tetsuya's kindness, so she throws herself on top of him. Tetsuya and the Player satisfy her again, causing them to return back to their reality. Tetsuya asks Finalmecia Alt to look over his body while he talks with the Player. The Player informs him that he will be leaving soon since it appears that Tetsuya has recovered. Tetsuya asks him for his name, but the Player tells him that he will tell him in the near future. The Player asks him for his name, and Tetsuya introduces himself as Hiro Nomura. The Player returns to Tuto-Chan and informs her what has transpired.

Road Trip

Lustia at Woods

The Community

Devil May Squirt

Carriage Trip

Etoile's Hospital

Purple Wish

A Danger For the Future

Darth Excitor