Harem Heroes/Story/Stairway to Heaven Arc

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Stairway to Heaven
HH Adventure Background 14.jpg
Title Stairway to Heaven
Main Girl Mother Angel
World Number 14
Previous World Digisekai
Next World Training Dimension


Two Butts in Heaven

Bunny Carott and Lupa Longteeth, bringing the 5 Chaos Toys, travel via portal to a floating temple. Lupa asks Bunny if she wants to go through with their apparent plan, to which Bunny replies she does, stating that she is determined to save the Hero.

Penetrate the Temple

Bunny is about to enter the temple when Lupa warns her that the Pantheon will be uninviting for her. Bunny is still determined to go through with her plan, so Lupa decides to accompany her and make sure she does not do anything regrettable; stating that she will miss having a rival when the Angels wipe Bunny from existence.

An Li, Devin, and Breno appear after getting the message that the Hero is in danger. Devin states that he is more than willing to help a fellow clubmember, but is hesitant in fighting against the Pantheon. Breno tells him to relax, but An Li states that the The King of the Dead warned him that the Hero obtained strange powers. He wants to test the Hero's new abilities before he lets the Pantheon decide his fate.

Taurus♉ succumbs to his attraction to Bunny's moe personality. They prepare to enter the temple, when Taurus♉ is seen guarding the entrance. He tells the group to leave while they still can and that the temple is not for mortals, but Bunny decides to ignore him and enter anyways. She tries to run in, but Taurus flings her away and onto the ground. Lupa goes to tend to Bunny, and Bunny tells her that she is okay. Lupa informs her that she has a plan of getting past Taurus. The two begin fooling around, which causes Taurus to become visually excited. His excitement then causes him to knock himself out and fall unconscious, allowing the group to enter

Walking Sideways

The group reaches the temple staircase and are met with Nike, who compliments them on their boldness. Devin states his attraction to Nike's body. She states how she is proud that he expresses the core value of the Haremverse, but still punishes him for disrespect by taking his personality away. She shortly after gives it back and explains to the group that they are trespassing and therefore rebelling against the Pantheon. She gives the group twelve hours to ascend the Pantheon; otherwise, she will take the personalities away from all of them, leaving them an empty vessel. Devin tries to leave after hearing about this punishment, but Nike tells him that it is too late for him to turn back. Bunny apologizes to the group for dragging them into this, but Breno and An Li optimistically tell her that they will go through with the adventure.

Nike delivers the first performance. Scorpio♏♋ appears and begins walking sideways towards An Li. An Li questions why Scorpio walks sideways, stating that only crabs do that. She tells him that she is both the Scorpio knight and the Cancer knight (also stating the writers don't want to make offensive jokes). An Li strips down in preparation for the performance, but suddenly, Scorpio uses her ability on him, which transfers feelings from his main appendage to his rear.

Too Cool to Bother

Scorpio continues to use her ability on An Li, telling him that he'll completely lose feeling in his penis unless he surrenders. An Li is unfazed by this and tells her he will not be intimidated. His staunch confident aura shocks Scorpio. He tells her that he is disappointed that she is relying on her powers to win the competition, rather than her body. She gives in to his demeanor and the two of them begin performing. Nike shames her for giving in so easily, reminding her that the Pantheon gave shelter and purpose. An Li scolds Scorpio for her apparent lack of experience, to which she replies that she is from the Shokushu Dimension, where the demons there don't let her get much practice. She begins to open up more about her feelings due to An Li, even allowing herself to feel psychologically vulnerable enough to undo her powers on him. An Li reassures her, causing her to feel extremely happy and ask to join his harem. Nike reluctantly concedes victory for the rebel group for this contest.

Twisted Sisters

With Scorpio beat, the rebel team advances to the next challenge. Bunny commends An Li for his victory, but he brushes it off stating that his opponent was just weak. Nike is waiting for them at the next temple and brings out the two Pisces knights, Momo and Nana♓.Breno and Devin both step up to take the challenge, but they argue over who will be the one to take care of the two girls. An Li reminds them that they don't have time to argue, so they agree to each take one.

The two knights explain the rules: the first party to climax loses. The Harem Performance begins and it initially looks favorable for the rebels team. However, the two girls utilize their abilities to reset each other's urges. After about an hour, it seems clear to Breno and Devin that the two girls aren't going to give up. The two of them begin arguing over who is underperforming, when Devin suddenly realizes the secret between the two girls' abilities. He summons Bang Bang and tells her to increase Momo and Nana♓'s sensitives. In conjunction, he tells Devin to use his conviction powers to make them lose control, causing the two girls to be unable to cancel each other's urges. The male duo begin performing as a team and are able to achieve victory in the challenge.

Breno reveals that he discovered what the two girls' power was: they were able to take control of each other's feelings. When one was close to a climax, they would revert back to their feelings, thus canceling the feelings altogether. The rebel team are then able to advance to the next challenge.

Crazy Rabbit

The rebel team are about to take on Sagittarius♐, but Nike is surprised to find out that he is on vacation. To compensate, Nike unfairly deducts an hour from the rebels remaining time, giving them just nine hours to finish all the trials. Additionally, in replacement for Sagittarius, Nike calls Nesola Celery. Nesola introduces herself to the team and reveals that she and Bunny used to be lovers. She then scolds Bunny for slacking off in her hero recruitment duties ever since she joined the Hero's Harem. She reveals the next challenge: whoever can satisfy their partner more in an hour wins. When Bunny asks her who their partners will be, she reveals that they will be performing on Synchrons. Lupa explains to the other rebels that Synchrons are training dummies that take the shape of the people they are in love with/admire. They create a perfect copy of their body, minus the personality. Nesola brings two Synchrons out and they activate. Her Synchron takes the form of Bunny and Bunny's Synchron takes the form of the Hero, indicating that she truly is in love with him.

When Bunny Carott reveals that she cannot go through with the challenge, Lupa Longteeth decides to step up and take her place. She walks up to the Synchron, smirking that because she loves herself so much, she predicts the Synchron will look like herself. However, when the Synchron takes form, it takes the form of Bunny, indicating that Lupa is in love with her.

The challenge begins and Nesola takes the lead. Because she and Bunny used to be lovers, she remembers the ins and outs of how to satisfy her. Falling behind, Lupa develops a new plan. She whips out the Hero's shirt.

The Wolf Hunt

Nesola laughs at Lupa, stating that she doesn't see how a shirt will help her catch up. She decides to make a deal with Lupa, if Lupa is able to win the competition, she will reveal the secret about one of the next guardians they will encounter. However, if she loses, Bunny will join Nesola's harem. Lupa checks with Bunny, who tells her that she is okay with the conditions.

Lupa wears the Hero's shirt and a pair of glasses. Because she better resembles the Hero, Lupa's Bunny Synchron is much more responsive to her interactions. Nesola's Synchron also takes notice of Lupa and decides to leave Nesola to join Lupa. Nesola begins questioning why the Synchron prefers Lupa, to which she responds that Nesola has always been too obsessed with Bunny, to the point where it began to turn her off. Lupa invites Nesola's Synchron over and finishes both Synchron's off using a parodied version of "Neptune's Touch", "Vulcan's Piston Touch". Nesola sadly watches and questions why it feels like Bunny is leaving her again.

Bunny tells her that she had a lot of fun with Nesola, but began losing interest when Nesola kept treating her as a "fragile princess". When Bunny told her she was not into that kind of treatment, Nesola became too obsessed to the point of wanting exclusivity. She tells Nesola that she tried to tell her many times, but she would never listen. Regardless, Nesola tells Bunny that she loves her. Bunny, however, tells Nesola, for her own good, to get over those feelings. While they were conversing, Lupa satisfied both Synchrons, putting her at a score of 40 to 21, passing the challenge.

Aries' Horn(yness)

Nesola accepts defeat and reveals that one of the future pantheon warriors, Gemini, has her sensitive spot well hidden. Nike is infuriated by this and complains about not wanting to be the referee anymore.

As the Rebels Team advances to the next challenge, Bunny praises Lupa for her performance in the last challenge. Lupa is dismisses it and begins questioning herself on why her Synchron took the shape of Bunny. They arrive at the Aries ♈ temple, with Nike already there, drunk and crying about being the referee. She calls Fabienne Blossom♈ to challenge the Rebels Team. Fabienne is suddenly appears and complains that she was in the middle of a meeting. Nike is even more saddened by Fabienne's complaining, stating that even she doesn't heed her authority.

Bunny greets Fabienne and the two begin chatting. Nike asks how the two of them are so friendly with each other when they are supposed to be battling each other. Fabienne notices that Nike is acting very stressed out from the recent events, so she goes to "comfort" her. Nike responds well to Fabienne's comfort so much that she allows the Rebels Team to pass on. Bunny quietly thanks Fabienne, as the team moves to the next temple.

Gemini Kekette

With seven and a half hours remaining, the Rebels Team arrives at Gemini's temple. Gemini greets them and tells them to wait for Nike to arrive and act as referee. She appears and is giddier than usual. The Rebels wonder what Fabienne must have done to her to make her feel this good, but puts it off to focus on the task at hand. Devin decides to step up to challenge Gemini, but before continuing, he asks her to make sure that she doesn't have powers similar to Scorpio♏♋. She assures him that she doesn't and they begin to perform. He teleports Bang-Bang to assist. But when she arrives, she is livid because she was in the middle of having fun with Tanuki and disappears in frustration. He decides to go at it without Bang-Bang's help.

He begins playing with Gemini, but strangely enough, the rebels notice that her personality begins to change. After a while of performing, it becomes clear to Devin that nothing is working on her. He is confused at her resistance, but she nods it off, stating that she is a "complex girl". He asks her for any tips on how to please her, but she tells him that it's a secret she is not willing to ever reveal to them. He realizes that he's not able to do this and asks the group for help. Breno first wants to step in, but An Li instead cuts in to help.

Bone Surprise

With the combined efforts An Li and Devin, Gemini is seemingly unaffected. They explosively put their competitiveness aside, but still to no avail. Bunny and Lupa question why the two of them are acting so dramatic, but Breno tells them that they just don't understand a guy's sacred duty to satisfy a girl.

After a while of no success, Nike hands out peaches to everyone while they wait. Gemini eats some and reminds Devin and An Li that she's a "complicated girl" and that she needs something more to be satisfied. Bunny gets frustrated from their lack of success and asks Gemini why she has to be such a "frigid b*tch". Gemini becomes enraged by Bunny's comment and unwittingly reveals her secret, she is a hermaphrodite. Now that she has revealed her "power", Bunny steps up to satisfy her.

Hidden Spot

Bunny, with the help of An Li and Devin, begin trying to satisfy Gemini. The three get extremely worked up while doing so, but notice that Gemini is barely reacting at all. Breno notices that Bunny has an odd look to her and Lupa explains that it is because Bunny hasn't been with the Hero in a while, thus she has gained an extra level of perception of other people's desires; she coins the term "carrot juice hunt". Bunny decides to take Gemini on by herself. While the two of them are alone, she whispers to Gemini, as girls, if she is even feeling a little bit of satisfaction, to which Gemini replies no. Bunny gets an idea and gives Gemini a kiss.

It turns out, that Gemini's pleasure spot is in a not-so-obvious spot, her mouth. Bunny tells the An Li and Devin to help take over and the rebels are able to succeed in satisfying Gemini.

Untouchable Virgo

At a distant temple, Angel Mother is checking up on an interrogator's progress on the Hero, who is strapped to a chair and staring at a monitor. She is shocked to hear that the Hero has been tortured due to a misunderstanding between the interrogator and Nike. She scolds the interrogator for incompetency and decides to deal with the Hero on her own. She comforts the Hero, frees him from his shackles, and introduces herself to him. She reveals that the reason she had him brought here was because she wanted to investigate the Hero's ability to exhibit Tetsuya's aura. He claims that ever since he was resurrected into the Haremverse, he has no remains of Tetsuya's powers. Angel Mother, however, isn't convinced of this and decides to test for herself if he possesses the aura.

She begins to perform on the Hero and reveals that she used to know Tetsuya, and also revealing that she very ancient and experienced. She reveals that she was one of the first girls recruited into the Haremverse by Tetsuya and Seraphine, and became part of their harems. She then stops herself from revealing anymore and decides to focus on servicing the Hero. The two of them have sex and Angel Mother reminisces on the way that she and Tetsuya used to be. She also points out that the Hero exhibits extremely similar traits to Tetsuya, which annoys the Hero, who states that he does not wish to be compared so much to Tetsuya. Afterwards, Angel Mother concludes that the Hero does indeed possess a small amount of Tetsuya's aura and tells him that they need to talk.

Meanwhile, the Rebels team have finished the guardians Aquarius and Capricorn, and are exhausted. The clock states that they have just two hours left to complete the last three guardians. Nike appears and introduces the Virgo♍ guardian, who is seen wearing a virtual reality headset. Nike explains that they are to put on VR headsets and compete against him in-game. Instead of competing, Lupa and Bunny decide to take advantage of the fact that the author of the story made Virgo into a story trope. The two of them strip down and pull Virgo's headset off. He becomes disgusted at their touch, stating that he is saving his virginity for his digital waifus. He runs away to take a shower and, to against the orders of Nike, let the Rebels continue on.

Teacher Lion

With one and a half hours left, Nike praises the Rebels for making it this far and warns them that the last two guardians are the Pantheon's most elite. She calls Libra♎ over to her side, but she refuses, stating that she is currently having fun in the Gay Haremverse. Nike awkwardly asks the Rebels to wait, but Lupa points out if no one is going to stop them, they will continue on.

The Rebels make it to the final terrace before the Angels' Palace. They comment on how beautiful and vast the palace is. Nike agrees with them as she brings in the last guardian, Sabira Tezuk♌, who is revealed to be Bunny's and Lupa's mentor. Bunny happily greets her, but Sabira expresses how disappointed she is to hear that they are rebelling against the Pantheon. Bunny explains that they aren't "rebelling", rather they simply want the Hero back, describing him as an "adult boy".

Sabira decides to challenge Bunny. Bunny will perform on a Synchron, while Sabira judges her performance. Seeing that Bunny is hesitant to perform on a Synchron again, Sabira warns her that if she refuses the challenge, it will be deemed a fail. Lupa offers to go instead, but Bunny decides to step up to the challenge. Sabira explains that she has 20 minutes to satisfy the Synchron without it morphing.

Bunny represses her thoughts of the Hero to prevent the Synchron from morphing by reminding herself of a recruiter's duty. As Bunny performs, Sabira notes that she has always enjoyed watching Bunny's devotion to sex. As the Synchron performs on Bunny, she is occasionally reminded of the Hero. However, each time she reminisces, the Synchron begins to morph, forcing her to keep focus and forget about him. After multiple close calls, she is able to satisfy the Synchron before it fully morphs. Bunny is excited that she was able to pass, noting that she passed quicker than the first time she took the test. Sabira acknowledges that Bunny has passed the recruiter test, but tells her that she still failed the challenge and orders Nike to execute their sentence.

The Rebels are confused as to why Sabira deemed the challenge a fail, but Nike doesn't question the order and begins the execution of their sentence. However, just as she is about to start, Louise Carott♎ appears and stops her.

Passion is the Key

Louise explains that the reason she is late is because she was behind on her ironing. Sabira tells her that because Bunny failed the challenge, she should not interfere with the results. Louise disagrees with this and tells her that the challenge was unjust. The rules of challenge were never explicitly stated, therefore was designed in a way to mislead Bunny. She reveals that she and Sabira are close friends and that she occasionally tells her about how mature Bunny's feelings have gotten for the Hero. Bunny gets embarrassed, stating how she only sees the Hero as a friend and that he is too lame and not manly enough for her. Louise sees through her denial and explains that ever since Bunny was younger, she never desired having any deep connections with people. She only ever expressed happiness or excitement to attract other people. But when she met the Hero, something changed. Even with his goofy personality, Louise realizes why the Hero is able to deeply touch Bunny.

Devin is confused as to what makes the Hero unique from them. Louise postulates that it is because Devin and the others originated in the Haremverse and thus lacks the same view worldview that the Hero possesses. As someone who has recruited from several other worlds, Louise explains that she has seen things that the others won't understand. For people like Devin, there is nothing special about sex. But in other worlds, people have completely different viewpoints over the concept of intercourse. She explains that sex in other worlds is sometimes seen as immoral, citing the concept of Puritanism, and sometimes even as a reason to steal or commit murder.

Devin still does not understand how even if the Hero originates from such a world, what makes him so special. Sabira cuts in and asks them how many "Heroes" actually end up staying in the Haremverse. She points out that the people who are recruited into the Haremverse are people who fantasize about a pure and passionate sex life. However, after they experience weeks of orgies and fantasies, they begin to grow bored of the Haremverse. They begin to miss their families and start thinking about other endeavors. Because of this, only 1% of them actually end up staying long-term. She cites that this is the reason why there are rules to forbid recruiters from falling in love with their recruited. Louise adds that the 1% who stay become like any regular inhabitant in the Haremverse. They eventually lose the drive to expand their harems once they have a dozen or so girls. However, she cites that the Hero is different in this sense. He has a burning love for every girl that he meets and the Haremverse in general. He never gets bored of meeting new girls and getting to know them. She describes him as an "endless source of love". Breno laughs it off and points out how foolish it is to mix up sex and love, but Louise states that maybe the two concepts shouldn't be separate in their world.

Nike cuts in and wants to carry out the Rebels' sentence. However, Sabira nullifies the results of the challenge and offers a new one. Louise agrees and proposes the new challenge: Bunny will perform on a Synchron with the difficulty set to the highest. Sabira also sets the same challenge for Lupa. The two of them agree and the challenge starts. Lupa's Synchron morphs into Bunny's form, causing her to question why this keeps happening.

The two of them begin performing on their Synchrons, but to no success. Nothing the two of them does seem to arouse the Synchrons. However, when Bunny begins to think about how much she lusts for the Hero, the Synchron's arousal levels begin to rise. And when Lupa begins to get excited, her Synchron's arousal level also increases. However, when Lupa loses focus and ponders on why her Synchron morphed into Bunny, the Synchron's arousal levels begin to lower. Frustrated at her lack of success, Lupa proposes they use the 5 Chaos Toys to amp up their performance. They use the toys and morph into Golden Bunny and Silver Lupa.

Stop Fleeing Forward

Louise is surprised and asks Bunny and Lupa where they got the toys from. They reply that it was mysteriously mailed to them. Louise decides that instead of pondering on the mystery of the toys, they should just get on with the time-sensitive test. The two of them begin performing on their Synchrons.

Even in her ascended form, Bunny is still, for some reason, unable to excite the Synchron. On the other hand, Lupa is having a slightly better time with it. She begins to ask herself on why her Synchrons keep turning into Bunny. She rejects the reason that she is in love with Bunny and postulates that it is instead because, ever since they met the Hero, she has become an important part of her life. She decides that she is to be her own person, independent of the people around her. She regains her confidence in her skill, causing her hair to turn golden and the Synchron to morph into a red-haired version of herself. Because she knows herself better than anyone, she is able to satisfy the Synchron with relative ease.

Bunny, however, is having a tough time with hers. Sabira tells her that she is resisting her romantic feelings for the Hero, but Bunny tries to reject her feelings, fearing that she will lose her recruiter job, just like Louise. Louise begins to understand why Bunny refuses to acknowledge her feelings. She corrects her in stating that she was not fired from her recruiter job, she merely left to pursue a life with her father. Lupa tells Bunny that the secret to beating the challenge is to stop fighting her feelings and being at peace with herself.

Bunny begins to flashback to all the good memories she has had with the Hero, even remembering how he described the differences between his world and the Haremverse. After her brief reminiscing, her Synchron begins to morph into the form of the Hero.

A Secret to Whisper

As she performs on the Synchron, Bunny converses with it as if it really was the Hero. With just seconds left in her performance time, she secretly whispers something into the Synchron's ear, causing it to climax, passing her the challenge.

Nike accepts their victory and commends the Rebels for their effort. Devin tells Bunny and Lupa that he was beginning to lose hope for the last challenge, but Breno expresses how he always believed they had it in them. Louise hugs the naked Lupa and Bunny, embarrassing the two of them. Suddenly, Bunny and Lupa both get a headache and then a flashback of the memories of their counterparts in the Clickerverse.

Meanwhile, Finalmecia is visiting Liberti to deliver urgent news. Liberti asks her why she is kneeling like a "common minion", so Finalmecia asks for his forgiveness. Liberti notices that his wine glass, which is placed on the body of a Demon, is spilling due to her movements. He threatens to feed her to his hounds if she continues moving. Liberti tells Finalmecia that he cannot stand people who hide their true selves and tells her to take her helmet off. Finalmecia undoes her helmet and reveals that she is a were-cat. She apologizes for hiding her true nature and reveals that she cannot stand being part of the were-cat race.

Liberti asks Finalmecia to tell him the news she came to deliver. She reveals that over the past few days, she has been receiving mysterious memories from acounterpart in an unknown dimension. She has tried to use interdimensional portals to reach her counterpart, but is unable to due to some strange magical barriers. She requests that Liberti lend her some of his creator powers to help her break the barrier and contact her counterpart.

Liberti uses his creator powers to penetrate Finalmecia's mind and locate her mysterious counterpart. He is amazed that her counterpart looks exactly like her, but isn't her. He deduces that the world she resides in must be Blue's pocket world, Digisekai (A.K.A the Clickerverse). He channels his power and manifests a demon-like projection to visit Finalmecia Alt. He attempts to call her, but she is unable to hear him. He calls her by her real name, Idae, which catches her attention. He begins to corrupt and seduce Finalmecia Alt. with the promise of getting vengeance on the people who took away her powers. To prove that he is trust-worthy enough to be her master, he uses his creator powers to heal Finalmecia Alt.'s spine.

She is amazed by the spontaneous healing and agrees to serve him. Liberti tasks her with two things: gathering followers under his name to worship him and finding a man and a woman that have the same creator powers as he does. He then reveals his name to her, "Lord Ch't'u'tacle".

Back in Heaven, Nike tells the Rebels that Angel Mother has agreed to grant them an audience. She asks them what they are requesting an audience for and Devin tells her that it is to save the Hero from them. Nike is confused and tells them that they never kidnapped the Hero. She reveals that the Hero and "his girlfriend" were both invited to join them. Nike opens the gate to Angel Mother, revealing the Hero, Neono, Angel Mother, and the previous interrogator having an orgy. The Hero notices the rebels and casually greets them. Bunny, visually upset, punches the Hero and begins stomping on his body. She calls him a stupid moron and tells him that the day after he came back from the dead, he suddenly disappeared without even having sex with her, causing her to become extremely worried. She tells him that she's going to break every single bone in his body except one so she can use it. The Hero tells her that he wants to explain, but Bunny tells him that until she is satisfied with a performance from him, he can only call her by the name "Alice". Devin is also annoyed at the fact that they all thought the Hero was in danger, Breno laughs it off and is simply amused by the events unfolding before his eyes, and An Li is disappointed and tells them to never ask for his help again.

Angel Mother notices how energetic the Hero's Harem is and decides to join it.

A Big New Quest!

Bunny asks the Hero why he disappeared. He tells her about his strange possession of Tetsuya's lingering aura. Angel Mother further explains that when the Hero was killed previously, he was sent to a pocket world for one of the Gods of Haremverse and was infused with Tetsuya's soul, granting him godly powers. She brought the Hero to her so that she could train him in order to combat the forces of the Shokushu Dimension. She explains how Liberti was once a delicate, refined, and sweet man, but at some point was turned to violence. Eventually, nothing sexually excited him except for pain and violence. He continued to indulge in this behavior until he eventually fell completely to the darkness. When Tetsuya, Blue, and Seraphine found out, they banished him to a prison dimension, which eventually turned into the Shokushu Dimension.

However, ever since Tetsuya and Blue disappeared from the Haremverse, Liberti has gotten stronger and the barrier between Shokushu Dimension and the Haremverse has been slowly weakening. Seraphine became alone, and went into self-exile, leaving part of her powers to the Angels. Ever since, the Angels have been using their powers to try and maintain the barrier. They have been successful in keeping the most dangerous monsters from invading, but occasionally weaker ones make it into the Haremverse. She explains how crucial it is that the Hero learns how to use the powers he obtained from Tetsuya.

Bunny is shocked to hear about this, stating that she had always believed the Gods of Haremverse were myths. She also questions why the Angels decided to keep this secret away from the public. Angel Mother states that she wants to prevent chaos and instability from breaking out. She leads Hero, Bunny, and Neono to a door that connects to different dimensions. It also has the unique property of having time passing faster, stating that one day in then Haremverse would equate to months for someone who enters the door. Because of this unique property, it is suited for letting people train their skills. She calls it the "Training Dimension". She tells them that Neono and the Hero need to go into the training dimension to train their godly powers. Bunny asks why Neono should be the one to accompany the Hero. Angel Mother theorizes that because Neono looks identical to Seraphine, it might help the Hero awaken Tetsuya's spirit. Bunny offers to go with them, since she thinks she can help invoke more feelings with the Hero. Angel Mother endorses her proposal and introduces them to the best trainer she knows.