Harem Heroes/Story/Splatters Archipelago Arc

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Splatters Archipelago
HH Adventure Background 12.jpg
Title Splatters Archipelago
Main Girl Selena
World Number 12
Previous World Ninja Sacred Lands
Next World Digisekai


Crossing Jackson's Territory

The Hero and Breno cross Jackson's territory via boat and art attacked by a female bird-human hybrid.

Plug Me In!

She snatches up the Hero up and begins interrogating him for his intentions. The Hero lies, which greatly angers her, causing her to use him to pleasure herself. The Hero decides to give her a proper performance, causing her to feel exhausted, dropping the Hero down from the sky. He falls back onto the ship, along with a plug that falls out of the hybrid. Breno deduces that the object is some sort of compass.

Pirate Life

The compass leads them to a popular pirate bar. Breno believes that Jackson's crew is present here because it's the perfect hideout for pirates. Piper Walden comes to take their orders, but when the Hero asks her where Jackson's captain is, she tells him that they need to order something. Breno places an order for two "house specials", causing the Hero to question his sense of urgency. Breno explains that he believes being stressed out does nothing to help their situation.

Piper returns with Tabatha, telling the Hero and Breno to choose which drinks they would like. The Hero choose Piper, causing Tabatha to feel slightly jealous, hoping she would get picked instead. Regardless, she is picked by Breno. While they are getting served, the Hero asks them where he can find Jackson's captain. She informs him that one of the captains is currently present at the bar. After they finish their drinks, Breno rushes to the bathroom, just when coincidentally, the captain walks by to their table and scolds Piper for goofing off with the guests. The Hero tells the captain that he would like to join Jackson's crew. The captain, very skeptical of the Hero's abilities, brings him into his office.

Rum All Over Me

The captain tells the Hero that the pirate's life is extremely cruel and that he will need to test his abilities before considering to let him into the crew. The Hero agrees, so the captain begins to administer the first test. He calls Piper and Tabatha into the office and explains to the Hero that he will need to be able to drink rum while trying not to pass out or climax. If he's able to outlast him, he passes. The captain tells the girls to pick their partner for this test, to which Tabatha picks the Hero, causing Piper to feel slightly jealous. This annoys the captain, stating that they should be wanting him as their partners instead.

The test begins and the Hero is able to hold his liquor for the most part. However, as time goes on, Tabatha notices that the Hero is about to lose. Because she likes him, she conspires with Piper to ensure that the Hero wins. Piper gives it her all, causing the captain to climax before the Hero. Impressed at the Hero's victory, the captain prepares the final round of tests.

A Harrrrd Game

The test consists of performing on their partners while drinking rum. If the Hero is able to satisfy his partner first, he passes. The Hero utilizes his "Neptune's Touch" power and just narrowly defeats the captain.

The captain congratulates the Hero on his victory and hands him another compass. He explains that the compass will lead him to the next captain and eventually, Jackson. Breno rejoins the Hero and they begin to follow the compass' direction.

The Jailhouse Cocks

The compass leads them to a large prison facility, so they disguise themselves as guard to infiltrate it. Noting that this is the largest prison complex in the area, they try to find help in locating the captain. They see two female guards and strike a deal with them. In exchange for sex, the two guards will tell them where the captain is. Afterwards, the guards tell them that the captain should be located in cell 6969.

The Smell of Freedom

The Hero and Breno travel to the cell and asks the captain for his compass. However, the captain says he will only give them the compass in exchange for the undergarments of the Warden Hanna Baddy. The duo then track Hanna down through her strong scent into her office. She notices them and questions whether or not they are actually prison guards. They prove themselves through a three-way. Afterwards, Hanna notices that the Hero is attempting to steal to steal her panties, but decides to let it go under the condition the Hero accepts to train under her. He agrees, and the duo return back to the captain, who gives them the compass.

Fiendish Delights

This next compass leads them to an unconscious man on a deserted island. They try to extract the compass from his body, but to no avail. The Hero activates his navel form and sees the sex fiend, Riley Morgana attempting to extract the body's spirit, tightening it and preventing them from being able to extract the compass. She tells the Hero that she'll let the spirit go if the Hero can prevent her from turning into a Navel. He agrees and begins purifying her. Riley is invisible to Breno, so while the Hero is performing on her, Breno is confused at why the Hero's making love to empty air. After the Hero finishes, he tells Breno to extract the compass.

At the Temple Doors

They follow the compass, this time to the entrance of the Pool of Perpetual Pleasure. The two female guards explain that the pool is filled with the love fluids of sirens and whoever enters it will be incapacitated with intense pleasure. They tell them that in order to gain entrance, they need to pass their test, being able to perform on the guards with the assistance of the pool's fluids. The test begins, but Breno quickly fails, succumbing to the magical properties of the pool's fluid. However, the Hero is able to pass. They then move on to the next part of the test, having the Hero perform for ten hours straight. The Hero is able to succeed by distracting himself with one of the guards' philosophy dialogue.

Dive in the Juice

The Hero gains entrance into the room and notes that it smells like his room whenever Bunny is lonely. Breno notices that one of Jackson's captains is lying supine in the pool, incapacitated by the pool's powers. He warns the Hero that he might lose control while he's in there, but the Hero states that this is the only way to save Selena. He traverses the pool and feels the effects of the fluids on the submerged parts of his body. After only a few steps, he succumbs to his desires and submerges his whole body into the pool. He is then transported back to his old classroom, which he notes is the last place he was before Bunny introduced him to the Haremverse. He is met with his old crush, Jessica, who tells him that she always loved him. The Hero tells her that she was the one who rejected him and ignored him, but she apologizes by saying she was stupid and that she regrets her decision. She begs the Hero for a second chance and they begin making love.

Lost in the Sauce

Meanwhile, back at the Haremverse, Jackson arrives and traverses the pool unaffected. He retrieves the vegetable and his unconscious captain and leaves.

Breno, slowly losing hope in the situation, is reassured when Bunny teleports in. He asks her how she knew they needed help, and she reveals that her deep connection with the Hero has allows her to sense whenever he is in trouble. She strips down and dives right into the pool.

Back in the Hero's pool-induced trance, he and Jessica are making love. Bunny appears in his trance and asks if she can join them. The Hero agrees, but Jessica is against the idea. Bunny suggests that they have a "friendly competition" to determine who the Hero prefers. The Hero tells Bunny that he has imposter syndrome and believes it's too absurd that a lonely student like him was able to become a stud hero. She comforts and reassures him that he's a hero to her and to all the girls at his harem, praising his love-making abilities. They kiss and the Hero awakens from his trance. He realizes that Bunny saved him from his trance, but Bunny tells him it was literally a pleasure doing it. He is about to confess something to her, when she stops him and simply tells him that she looks forward to how he'll repay her. Breno informs the two that they spent a long time in the pool, and that they need to hurry before Jackson finishes his plan. Bunny finds the next compass and the three follow it.


Meanwhile, Jackson is giving a victory speech to an army of his crew. He expresses gratitude to his crew and promises that they will be greatly rewarded for their support and loyalty. The crowd cheers as Jackson prepares to finish enacting his revenge on Selena. The Hero, Bunny, and Breno appear to stop him. But Jackson simply laughs them off and threatens to kill the Hero and enslave Bunny and Breno if he interrupts any further. The Hero then reveals that he too has an army. Bunny then teleports an army of consisting of members from Hero's Harem, Heroes University, and other friends of the Hero. Jackson asks what they're going to do with their army, to which the Hero replies "This is a club performance you'll never see again".

Sex Battle

The giant orgy battle begins between the Hero's friends and Jackson's crew. During the battle, the Hero's allies demonstrate their unique abilities in battle. Abraël Diamond uses her succubus powers to defeat a large group of male enemies and Red Battler uses her swiftness to quickly finish off individuals. Bunny lends her 5 Chaos Toys to Lupa Longteeth, and they challenge each other to a friendly competition of who many people they can satisfy.

Jackson, increasingly losing patience, munches on the demon vegetable, allowing him to regrow his penis. He prepares to rape Selena, but is stopped by Alban. Jackson questions why the Hero is trying to stop him, noting that he has not personal stake in the scheme. The Hero explains that he despises the violence and hatred from his previous world. He has grown to love the method of love and intimacy present in the Haremverse, and wishes to stop the violence and corruption brought by Jackson.

Winning Our Way!

Breno carries Selena away, but she insists they refuse taking Jackson down through violence. Instead, opting to use her powers to stop him. They briefly halt Jackson by launching him off of a cliff, buying them enough time to fill Selena with enough erotic energy. With her powers restored, Selena uses her magic to castrate Jackson.

After the fight concludes, the Hero's side is deemed victorious. Selena thanks Breno and the Hero for their efforts in rescuing her, rewarding Breno with promises of tremendous pleasurable nights and the Hero with an invitation to join her harem. Delighted at the opportunity to join an Angel's harem, the Hero accepts.

The Last Ride

On a oceanic train back home, Lenaëlle and Selena decide to properly thank the Hero, so the three of them have casual sex. The Hero reflects on his last adventure and Selena explains that the purpose of the angels are to keep the Haremverse peaceful. Suddenly, the phone rings and the Hero picks up to hear the All Mastery telling him that he's in urgent danger, across the ocean, and needs help.

The two angels decide to try and teleport the Hero to the All Mastery. In preparation, they fly the Hero high into the sky and begin generating sexual energy together. However, while midair, Lenaëlle and Selena lose control of themselves and accidently drops the Hero in front of an incoming train, killing him.