Harem Heroes/Story/Ninja Village Arc

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Ninja Village
HH Adventure Background 3.jpg
Title Ninja Village
Main Girl Jennie
World Number 3
Previous World Gems Kingdom
Next World Invaded Kingdom


Ninja Mission

The Old Man recounts his observations for Jennie's kidnapping.

Arriving at the outskirts of the Ninja Village, the Player meets up with the old man.

Jennie's Kidnapping


Once the duo arrives, they are met with an annoyed Tachibana. She scolds the two for goofing off and instructs them to investigate a mysterious woman in the bar. After the old man is unsuccessful in talking with the woman, the Player tries instead. He is more successful in his approach and reveals that the woman was the Ninja Spy all along. The Ninja Spy utilizes a "Distract no justu" and is able to temporarily distract the Player and the old man.

Tachibana, frustrated with the Player and old man's lackluster attention-span, chases after the Ninja Spy, only to be captured by one of his men. After regaining focus, the Player and old man visit the Mistress of Canins, who lends them a canine to help sniff out where they're objective lies. They locate Romero's cave and are joined by Solveig Kunagachi.

Evil Laboratory

X-458 is overwhelmed by the Player

Once they enter the cave, they witness a plethora of human experiments. One such experiment that catches Solvieg's attention are a girl and hermaphrodite. The Player and Solvieg notice Ninja Spy next to them and chase after him.

While running away, the Ninja Spy pulls a lever, separating the Player and Solvieg with a grid railing. A hermaphrodite woman appears and attempts to seduce Solvieg. Ninja Spy reveals the only way to defeat the monster is by resisting their seduction. Solvieg is able to control herself and ends up defeating the hermaphordite. The Player and Solvieg chase after Ninja Spy, when he pulls another lever, this time trapping the Player in the railings. Gina and Lulu both appear and attempt to seduce the Player. Just barely resisting his urges, the Player holds out long enough to defeat them. He and Solvieg once again chase after Ninja Spy, when he pulls a lever, this time summoning X-458. X-458 restrain all three of them, but the Player is able to utilize his powers to defeat her. Now obstacle free, Solvieg and the Player continue onwards.

The Player attempts to rescue Jennie.

They run into Romero restraining Jennie, seemingly against her will. The Player "rescues" her, but she bursts out in annoyance, revealing that she was never in harm's way and was simply role-playing with Romero. They reveal that they're getting married just as Tachibana scolds them.

Mysterious Tunnel

After a slight time skip, Tachibana leads the Player to the entrance tunnel to the Invaded Kingdom and explains that Princess Noemy III has been kidnapped and needs rescuing. After getting through the obstacles of the tunnel, the Player arrives at the Invaded Kingdom.