Harem Heroes/Story/Ninja Sacred Lands Arc

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Ninja Sacred Lands
HH Adventure Background 11.jpg
Title Ninja Sacred Lands
Main Girl Derri
World Number 11
Previous World Heroes University
Next World Splatters Archipelago


Oral Problems

After Devin frantically interrupts the Hero's fun time with Bunny and Lupa, he brings the Hero to the Ninja Sacred Lands. The Hero asks what the problem is, to which Devin asks two girls how long they've been performing. They tell him they've been going at it for hours, but they don't feel anything from oral anymore. They then go to visit Visor, their previous know-how instructor.

Deaf Chat

Visor explains he already knows about the situation, but Devin insists on explaining his backstory. He claims that he was performing with a girl back at the Hero Academy, but she felt nothing from oral sex. He also notes that it was only through oral which the girl felt nothing, everything else worked. Visor and Devin believe something has happened to the Pepa Poundstone, the Oral Guardian of Pleasure. Visor claims he is already investigating the manner and assures Devin that they are under his protection. Visor sends Gerart to protect the Hand Guardian, Cornea to the An*l Guardian, and himself to the Mind Guardian. He instructs Lady Karole to stay with Devin, since he is the Genital Guardian. They all go off to their assigned Guardians. The Hero isn't feeling very useful, so Karole instructs him to pleasure two of Visor's gardeners.

Charity Work

Karole decides to take care of Devin by revealing her power, the ability to analyze people's desires and determine what pleases them the most. She deduces that Devin likes it when woman hug him. When they hear the noises coming from the Hero's performance with the two gardeners, Karole decides to start a proper performance.

However, during Karole and Devin's performance, Bang Bang appears and tells Devin that Karole's trying to extract her and that he needs to retake control. Devin calls for the Hero to come help, but he's currently preoccupied in his performance with the gardeners.

Analuum Cleaner

The Hero stops his performance and goes to see what Devin needs. He sees them mid-session and mistakens Devin's cry for help as an invitation to join them. He clarifies that he has been paralyze and is losing his powers to Karole. The Hero uses his "Neptune's Touch" and makes Karole climax, causing her to fall and free Devin. Karole quickly recovers, deploys tear gas, and flees the scene.

Gardening with the Guardian

Devin and the Hero chase after her, and ask the two gardener's where she went. They say that they'll tell them if Devin and the Hero can satisfy them. With the help of Bang Bang's magic force, they're able to satisfy the gardeners, who tell them that Karole fled into the forest. Devin panics when he realizes that Karole is actually heading towards the An*l temple. The two quickly pursue Karole run off on foot.

In the Butt... Temple

As they arrive at the temple, Devin explains that it houses Derri Lubov, one of the most powerful ninjas in the territories. While explaining, they notice Cornea in a bush bare and unconscious. They believe it was Karole's doing and rush into the temple. Devin unnecessarily notes his distaste for Cornea.

At the entrance of the temple, they see Karole in the process of extracting Derri's spirit animal. The Hero and Devin are unable to enter due to a magic barrier blocking the entrance. Devin deploys an anti-seal technique, and tells the Hero to hump the barrier.


While they hump the barrier, they see Fouitch Fouitch being extracted from Derri. However, Karole's extraction technique fails and she decides to flee the scene rather than start from scratch. Right when she runs away, the Hero and Devin are able to break the barrier.

Like a Suppository?

They tend to Derri, who is exhausted. Bang Bang states she doesn't have anymore magical energy to transfer to Fouitch Fouitch, but the Hero proposes he channel his energy into Derri.

With the help of Devin, the Hero uses his powers to transfer energy. Bang Bang tells him that he needs to focus on letting his magic flow out of him and into Derri. In the process of drinking the Hero, Derri begins recovering her magic powers, causing Fouitch Fouitch to appear. He too is very weakened, so Bang Bang heals him by performing on him. Meanwhile, Devin and the Hero are both in the process of transferring energy to Derri. The Hero notes that he is suddenly able to see the spirit animals, which shocks everyone in the room. Bang Bang theorizes that the reason he's able to see them is because they're all linking their energies together. She also acts very coldly to the Hero when he asks for an explanation. Derri decides to explain the situation. She states that Bang Bang and Fouitch Fouitch are spiritual animals who are sealed within her and Devin, who serve as their guardians. She then gives the history of what a guardian is:

A Kunoichi named Amata was born with strong magical powers. She was so powerful that just her presence would cause the people around her to experience extreme arousal. She used her gift to create the magical techniques sourcing from the body's five sensitive spots: Hand, Oral, Genital, An*l, and Mind. She notes that the Mind mastery is inherently dominant over the other four forms. Using these techniques, she became a kunoichi and entered the harems of all the rulers, providing an era of peace and prosperity for her people.

Finally Cured

However, one day, she fell in love with a man and decided to pursue a monogamous relationship. This greatly upset her people, fearing that their era of peace and prosperity was coming to an end. Additionally, this upset the ruling class of other nations, resulting in the assassination of Amata's lover. After getting vengeance, she found that she no longer felt any pleasure. This resulted in her eventually turning to the Shokushu dimension, causing a great number of her people to become Shokushu cultists. She was eventually stopped by an elite group of ninjas, who transformed her powers into the five spiritual animals

The spiritual animals have been passed on through generations via a sacred ritual. They are the source of the inhabitants of Ninja Sacred Lands' ability to feel and provide pleasure.

Derri also reveals that Cornea is also a traitor, who assaulted and weakened her, explaining how Karole was so easily able to break in. Hearing this news, Devin hands off his part of the performance to the Hero and runs off. Derri that her powers have accidently harmed her past partners and confesses she has never been satisfied before. However, the Hero reassures her and remains confident in his abilities. Using his Hero powers, he is able to satisfy Derri without injury. Devin enters the room and informs them that he has found Karole and Cornea's tracks.

Hope is a Tricky Bitch

They follow them to Karole and Cornea's hideout, which is revealed to be the ancient house of Amata's lover and the place where she began to open the Shokushu Dimension, and sees the Oral Guardian chained and unconscious. Before going in, they listen into Karole and Cornea's conversation. Cornea acts extremely coldly against Karole, calling her useless for failing to extract the spiritual animals. She tells him she loves him, but Cornea still harshly scolds her for "wasting" his vacuum spell.

After witnessing the interaction, the Hero, Derri, and Devin feel bad for Karole, but remind each other that their priority is to restore the Oral Guardian. Visor appears comes up with a plan, they are to capture Cornea and use an extraction spell on him, all while the Hero is disguised as Cornea and distracts Karole. They also note that Karole won't believe that the disguised Hero is Cornea, but reckons she'll think that he's Devin instead and try to extract his spiritual animal.

=== The Transfer Ritual The plan succeeds and the group, with the help of Nika Boa's mind powers, begin the transfer ritual. Nika's power allows them to learn of Cornea's most carnal desires and exploit them. After the transfer ritual concludes, the Oral Guardian is restored.

Still the Ritual

Derri tells him that she has been isolated in her temple for years due to her fear of hurting another lover. But because of him, she finally feels comforted. She asks asks to join his harem, to which he energetically accepts. Derri, grateful for the Hero, invites him to fool around.

Chilling Time

Meanwhile, Cornea is being held and read rights by Arianne Britany. However, when she goes into another room to retrieve her tools, the Hooded Man teleports in. He incapacitates Arianne and scolds Cornea before freeing him.

The Hero is enjoying a relaxing break from his erotic adventures when a cloud emerges with Lenaëlle's face on it. She delivers a message, saying she has a mission for him at the temple of Ondina. The Hero, annoyed at not being able to catch a break, travels to the temple.

Crew You!

At the temple, Lenaëlle greets him and notes that it's been a while since they performed. They decide to fool around while she briefs him on the mission. She tells him that Selena Verillo, her sister Angel, has been kidnapped by Jackson, a pirate gang lord and a member of the Akachinpo. She tells him about Jackon's backstory; saying that he was a cruel sex trafficker. He managed to trick Abraël into falling in love with him and giving command of her crew to him. He planned on killing her and stealing the crew when Selena stopped him and emasculated him. However, this caused him to possess an insatiable desire. In revenge, he captures Selena and has unknown plans for her. Lenaëlle instructs the Hero to team up with Breno to rescue Selena.

At the docks, the Hero meets up with Breno, who reveals he's part of Selena's harem.