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Lost in the Woods

While wondering the forest, the Player runs into Lima Kodama.

Kodama Village

She asks the Hero to for sex. Although reluctant due to her young appearance, the Hero agrees once she explains that she's actually 153 years old. After their session, the two run into Silvanus, who threatens to turn Hero into a monster. The Hero manages to temporarily fend him off but asks Lima to lead him to the Kodama village for assistance in preventing him from turning.

Kodama Leaders

After making it to the village, the village members are astonished by the presence of a non-monster human. To welcome the Hero, they perform an erotic ritual on him called the "Honey Pot". After their done, the Hero is met with Sylvia Kodama and a male chieftan, the leadership of the village. They request that in tribe tradition, the Hero must satisfy them. After the Hero satisfies Sylvia, he is reluctant to satisfy the male chieftan. The male chieftan decides to let it go due to believing the Hero to be ugly.

The Fairy Village

After another erotic session, Sylvia grants the Hero assistance in the form of a magical orb to guide him to the Fairy Village. While on his journey, he encounters Silvanus and fends him off again. He reaches the Fairy Village and is in awe of their beauty. So stunned that his navel form bubbles out and brutally assaults the fairies. The fairies are able to take him down and tie him up, scolding him for what he did. Walk in the Woods

Seeking reconciliation for what he did, the fairies have sex with him. Afterwards, they release him and he meets Fairy, who agrees to lead him to Queen Titania's Cave. Her only condition is that he has to give her a kiss every five minutes.

The two of them start journeying to the cave and Fairy asks the Hero to kiss her every five minutes. The Hero gets annoyed when it seems like she's asking for a kiss more and more frequently. However, while on their journey, the duo run into Silvanus. Fairy shrinks into wisp form and leaves the Hero to battle him on his own. After defeating him, the two continue traveling to the cave. After seeing a wooden sign with the words "Certain Death" on them, the Hero feels uneasy. Fairy reassures him by saying they are not far from the cave. Additionally, she reminds him that five minutes have passed again, only this time, instead of a kiss, she wants him to make love to her.

They continue on with their journey when a cloth-eating slime attacks Fairy. After Fairy's clothes have been entirely consumed by the slime, the Hero feeds it a spicy kebab, causing it to turn red and run away. Naked, she asks the Hero to bring her leaves so that she can craft new clothing. However, while doing so, Silvanus surprises them, but the Hero is able to fend him off. Fairy is able to craft a new dress, but realizes she forgot to craft panties. However, she states that those aren't important.

They finally reach the cave and Fairy warns the Hero that there are multiple magical traps and to listen to whatever she does from now on. Suddenly, Fairy freaks out and frantically tells the Hero to have sex with her. He does so and asks what the emergency was. She claims it was nothing and that she simply wanted to try butt stuff with the Hero.

She then expresses that she is actually in love with the Hero and enters his harem.

Meet Queen Titania

Meanwhile, the slime that previously attacked Fairy is seen conversing with another slime. The blue slime asks why the other slime is red, but the slime just claims it doesn't know. They proceed to have sex and the blue slime turn red, stating that they must have an STD and they should abstain from sex. However, according to Bunny, 8 hours later, all the slimes in the forest were red...

Back at the cave, the Hero and Fairy meet Queen Titania, who appears in a very large form. She asks the two to drink from her to restore their vitality. Afterwards, she rewards them with the honor of making love to her.

Queen Titania's Reward

After the Hero and Fairy finish making love to Titania, she grants each of them a wish. The Hero wishes to escape Silvanus and not become a monster. Titania agrees to his request, but only after they make love to her again. Afterwards, Titania grants him his wish and creates a portal out of the Magic Forest. Titania then asks Fairy what her wish is, where she asks to keep her strap-on and make love to the Hero. Afterwards, the Hero then enters the portal and is transported away.