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Fresh Sea Air

After getting to land, the Player takes appreciation of the sea and scenery when he notices a nearby Eugénie Latable crying.

A Glutton's Tears

The Player tries to comfort her when she realizes that he was the one who freed all her mermaids in Begin City Arc. She puts that difference aside, citing that it didn't matter since she lost her entire ship. She offers an opportunity of reconciliation by asking the Player to have sex with her.

After their session, Eugénie explains that Jackson recently stole her boat and treasure. She and Abraël tried to recover their stuff, when they got stranded. Abraël fell ill and a mutiny occurred in her crew. She explains that Edwarda took control of her ship and blackmailed her to stay in her harem. The Player offers to help infiltrate the ship and rescue the Abraël and the crew members.

Nimble Fingers

While on a reconnaissance mission, the Player and Eugénie spot Edwarda torturing an apparent rebel. Suddenly, they are compromised and the Player rolls down the hill, right into Edwarda. Eugénie is held hostage, while Edwarda challenges the Player to a harem battle. Utilizing his Player powers, the Player defeats Edwarda, causing her too free Eugénie and flee.

The Player tends to Eugénie and they have sex. Afterwards, they head over to the ship to rescue Abraël.

Coup de Bang

They make it to the ship and notice the entire crew is in the middle of a female only orgy. The Player learns that the crew have a heavy distaste for men and prefer only to partake in lesbian sex. Bonny Jenkins notices them and angrily tells them to leave. When the Player informs her that he defeated Edwarda, she is initially surprised but still reluctant to let a man onto the ship. She only lets them in when an ill Abraël tells her to. The Player and Eugénie enter Abraël's chambers and she explains the Player her situation. Abraël ate a bat-bat vegetable and is now cursed to feed off the liquids of men. It turns out Eugénie tricked the Player into coming onto the ship in order to feed Abraël. The Player, initially thinking Abraël was going to take his blood, is relieved when she explains she doesn't drink blood. Eating the bat-bat vegetable turned her into a quasi-succubus, giving her an appetite for seminal fluids. Eugénie explains it's a secret from the crew because the crew members come from bad harems and have a hatred towards men.

Eugénie and Abraël start harvesting the Player's seminal fluids to regain Abraël's strength, when Bonny walks in on them. Infuriated that they are having sex with a man, she threatens to inform the entire crew. Eugénie and Abraël explain that the Player is healing her and they are planning on utilizing his Player powers to rescue the ship. They then instruct Bonny and the Player to pry the ship off the land, although Bonny is not very fond of working with a man. The two of them manage to rescue the ship and are able to continue tracking Jackson.

The Virgin on the Ocean

Bonnie begins developing feelings for the Player and is initially confused at how this was possible. She confronts the Player, explaining she wants a medical examination to help explain her unusual feelings. The Player begins examining Bonny, when news breaks out that Edwarda has returned to recapture the ship. She kidnaps Abraël and blackmails Bonny to reluctantly join her side.

The Love Boat

Edwarda challenges the Player to a contest of who can make Abraël climax first. After the Player defeats Edwarda in the competition, Abraël's succubus powers emerge and scares off Edwarda, who is shortly captured by Bonny. The Player asks Abraël how she managed to awaken her succubus form. She postulates that it was due to the combination of having an orgasm and sperm. After explaining, Abraël joins the Player's Harem.


Confused by her urge to be with the Player, Bonnie ambushes the Player and asks him to make her forget about her previous harem experiences. The two begin having sex, when they are interrupted by Abraël, who informs them that they have reached land. While Abraël, Eugénie, Bonny, and the Player get off to continue their tracking of Jackson, the Player notices that Eugénie is fatter than usual. She explains that she was always fat, but eating a demon vegetable gave her the powers to change her form to a more slimmer appearance. Additionally, table salt cancels her powers and she recently ate a very salty meal, so she will be temporarily fat.

After a few hours of walking, the gang find a gate with a glowing portal. The Player goes to investigate when Abraël warns him that her demonic sense is getting alarmed. However, it's too late when a demon from the Boning Legion appears and warns of the arrival of the Boning Legion. Just then, Lady Arcana Od Oristis teleports behind the Player and blasts him and the demon with a magical burst, killing them.