Harem Heroes/Story/Invaded Kingdom Arc

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Invaded Kingdom
HH Adventure Background 4.jpg
Title Invaded Kingdom
Main Girl Princess Noemy
World Number 4
Previous World Ninja Village
Next World Juy Sea


The Pipe

The Player meets with servant

After arriving at the Invaded Kingdom, the Player is met with one of Princess Noemy's servants. He explains that Noemy has been kidnapped by the evil Gruntt and is being held in the castle.

Evil Castle

The Player saves Gini

The Player battles his way through the castle entrance and meets Gruntt. The Player defeats him in a harem battle and rescues The Housemaid, Gini, who informs the Player that Princess Noemy is in another castle (a nod to the Mario series). After having sex with Gini, the Player frees her and they travel to the next castle in search of Noemy.

Double Castle

The duo battle their way into the next castle and run into Gruntt again. The Player defeats him again in a harem battle and rescues two more Housemaids, Mini and Tini, whom informs them that the Princess is in yet another castle. They all get introduced through a coitus and together travel to the next castle.

Surprise Castle

The four of them battle again through another guarded entrance when they yet again meet Gruntt. The Player defeats him again in a harem battle and ends up rescuing three more Housemaids: Bibi, Fifi, and Adele. The six of them introduce each other through sex and together travel to the next castle in search of Noemy.

Infinite Castle

The Player meets several housemaids

They storm the castle and battle Gruntt, rescuing 20+ Housemaids. Among the rescued Housemaids are: Didi, Lily, Pipi, Guili, Zizi, Riri, Pili, Mili, Mimi, Titi and Titi, Cuicui, Kiwi, Lissi, Kiki, Kikki, Vivi, Viti, Tivi, Jili, Emmanuella, and a number of unnamed Housemaids. After a big introduction ritual you would expect from the Haremverse, the Player is visibly exhausted from such a big orgy.

Final Castle

The Player and the army of Housemaids charge into the last castle. They successful overwhelm the guards and incapacitate Gruntt. After the victory, two Housemaids fantasize about having a Player rescue them and begin fooling around with each other. The Player enters the dungeon and is finally met with Princess Noemy.


The Player is rewarded by Noemy

The Player informs Noemy that her kingdom has been saved, and in turn, Noemy states she will grant him a reward. The Player believes that she will have sex him, but when he informs her of his thoughts, Noemy gets offended at the thought. Instead, she gives him a kiss on the cheek and a gold medal. Afterwards, Noemy admits that the reward does seem a bit lackluster, and instead gives into the Player's original request and they have sex. Although before their coitus, Noemy informs him that she has been reserved for a future king, they continue on anyways. Afterwards, she admits she has given in to other Playeres as well.

The Celebration!

Two days later, Noemy holds a festival in celebration of the Kingdom's freedom, inviting the Player as an honored guest. After a day of interesting food, drink, and festivities, Noemy wants to give the Player an honorary cannon fire to be launched closely to nearby pillows. However, the control panel manager accidently fires him too far, launching the Player out of the Invaded Kingdom and into The Juy Sea.