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Hamelin Town
HH Adventure Background 8.jpg
Title Hamelin Town
Main Girl Kalissa
World Number 8
Previous World Magic Forest
Next World Plains of Rituals


The Player ends up in the Gay Haremverse


The Hero is transported onto the side of the road and is picked up by a group of guys. When they reveal they're gay and asks the Hero to join their harem. However, the Hero thanks them for the ride and quickly leaves for a train station. The group return to the Gay Haremverse.

The Player and Kalissa are noticed by the train passengers
Kalissa explains the situation while hooking up with the Player

I'm Train-Sick

The Hero boards a train to Hamelin Town and meets a flustered Kalissa. He notices that everyone on the train looks strange, unlike anywhere he has seen in the Haremverse. Kalissa notices the Hero and asks him to take her in secret, warning that the others might notice them. The Hero is confused as to the secrecy, stating that it isn't the first time he's had sex in public. He puts these thoughts aside and has sex with Kalissa.

After realizing she's made too much noise, the two of them flee to an empty carriage. The two continue as Kalissa tells the Hero she is part of a mercenary group sent to investigate Hamelin Town. She found that the people in the region are under some curse, making them aggressive at the sight of sex. The Hero then asks why Kalissa wanted to have sex while back in the previous carriage. She tells him that she gets motion sickness and the only way to prevent it is to have sex. After they finish, they hear an announcement stating that they have arrived in "Bremen Town", but Kalissa points out that they should be in "Hamelin Town". The Hero also finds it strange and decides to join Kalissa on her journey.

The Flutist of Hamelin

When they get off the train and enter the town, they find all the residents in the same state as the people on the train. Kalissa decides to question a local to find out what's going. However, when the local seems to not respond to her question, Kalissa starts fooling around with him. This temporarily breaks him from the trance, and he warns the Hero and Kalissa that Bremen has taken control of the village. Bremen wants to create the biggest harem by utilizing a hypnotizing magic flute which causes men to lose sexual desire and girls to only be attracted to him.

Bremen plays the magic flute

Just then, Bremen catches them and introduces himself. He uses the magic flute on the group, causing the other guy to fall back into a trance and Kalissa to start falling for Bremen. However, with the help of the Hero, she is able to resist Bremen's tune. She states she believes an orgasm should enough to break the trance. Surprised at their resilience, Bremen decides to play a more intense song. The Hero is just about to fall into a trance when he finds himself back conversing with his subconscious. His navel form taunts him for being unable to resist the flute and urges him to fight. The Hero then breaks free from the trance and rescues Kalissa by having sex with her. Bremen flees, stating that if he continues, his flute may break.

Don't Mess With Us

Kalissa's deceased comrades

The Hero and Kalissa continue searching for Bremen when she finds her fellow mercenaries, Giselle, Sheley, and Saru Sennin, tied to a tree. She becomes enraged and uses her powers, which sets her ablaze and burns her clothing off. She calls the writer (another fourth wall break) and asks if there was a sexual use for her powers, which he responds saying "Aside from getting you naked? Nope!". He then guides them in the direction of Bremen's harem.

Abrael and the Player take on Stephanie

The duo break into the Bremen's harem and find him. However, Bremen calls one of Kalissa's friends, Stephanie Gero, to defend him. Stephanie transforms into her demon form. In response, the Hero calls Abraël Diamond in assistance. Bremen attempts to hypnotize her, but she's able to resist due to her loyalty to the Hero. Bremen flees and Kalissa chases after him. Meanwhile, Abraël and the Hero start breaking Stephanie's trance. Midway, Abraël tells the Hero to go along while she finishes breaking Stephanie's trance.

Incense and Blows

The Player summons Jennie to fight Marina.

While searching for Kalissa, the Hero runs into Marina Key, who summons the Cygnus constellation. In response, the Hero calls Jennie to his aid. Jennie uses her invoker powers to summon Elza and challenge the Cygnus constellation. Meanwhile, the Hero frees Marina from her trance. After he's successful, Jennie returns back to the harem and the Hero continues searching for Kalissa.

He again runs into another one of Kalissa's friends, Cunegonde Moon, who appears to be a close-quarter combat type of person. In response, he calls Red Battler to challenge her. Red Battler and Cunegonde fight, ending up with Cunegonde finally breaking her trance.

The Tragic Happy N°16

Kalissa and Melanie duel

The Hero continues and finds Kalissa in a battle with Melanie, her main rival. Bremen appears, having fixed his magic flute, and is about to hypnotize everyone when Kalissa distracts him. While he's distracted, the Hero frees Melanie from her hypnosis. However, Bremen is able to break free from Kalissa's distraction and retrieves his magic flute. He's about to blow a new stronger melody when an unnamed figure flies through the window to interrupt him. He fails and is killed by Bremen, which causes the Hero to become enraged. He is able to resist Bremen's song and finally frees Melanie from her trance. Kalissa jumps onto Bremen's back as the Hero blasts him with his powers, causing Bremen to faint.

Bremen is defeated

The Hero expresses that as a guy, seeing other guys use tricks to get sex makes him sick. Kalissa asks to join his harem and he unhesitantly accepts.

Diebus Fatalibus

Finalmecia's evil speech
The Player is thanked by Kalissa, Cunegonde, and Marina.

Meanwhile, at a secret meeting of villains, the Dark Lord introduces Finalmecia. She announces that in just a few weeks, their moon and the Shokushu moon will resonate in total synchrony. And through magical rituals, they will be able to traverse between the two worlds. She interrupted by a villain stating they need two groups of magicians on both sides of the worlds to invoke portals at the same time. However, she explains that she has an ally (Donatien), who is able to pass through each dimension. She then explains she needs worldwide distractions to complete her ritual, instructing members to invoke as many yokais as they can.

Meanwhile, Kalissa, Cunegonde, and Marina are thanking the Hero through a 3 day long orgy. However, they are interrupted when a yokai appears. The group are then informed that yokai have been appearing everywhere.

Outside the town, a robed servant of Finalmecia is outside the walls of Hamelin Town. He is granted some of Finalmecia's powers, causing him to grow into a size larger than the walls. He breaks the wall, allowing demons to start appearing. Kalissa takes the Hero away from the town before it's destroyed, sending him to the magic academy.