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The Advert

After freeing the mermaids on the ship, the Hero arrives on the shores of the Gem Kingdom. He notices an advert stating that the Princess was kidnapped and to contact the castle if interested.

Harem Performance (Tutorial 2)

At the doorway of the castle, he runs into the Dark Lord, who he initially mistakes for another fellow adventure. The Dark Lord challenges the Hero to a harem performance and explains the basics of how it goes.

Meet the King

After beating the Dark Lord, the Hero enters the castle and is greeted by the castle guard, Victoria Merove. The Hero enters the throne room, only to be met with a deformed Gems King. Initially frightened, the King explains that he was cursed and requires the Hero's help to return to his normal form.

The King states that in order to break the curse, the Hero needs to make love to the girls in his harem to make them feel grateful. The Hero agrees and is introduced to three girls in the Gems King's Harem: Nicole Chikenlittle, Kimie Chiba Komina, and Mary Petitecolline.

After an intense coitus with the harem, the Hero breaks the King's curse, causing the King to return to his Adonis body. The King then further requests that the Hero help rescue Gems Princess Agate Saphir Hilda by collecting more magical gems by fighting the Dark Lord.

Fight the Evil Troll

The Hero sets off on his journey when he runs into the Dark Lord and Sheheramazond Simbad Baba. The Hero and Dark Lord begin arguing when Shehermamazond suggests they settle their differences through a series of love-making challenges. The Hero is able to best the Dark Lord and finally gets all necessary magical gems.

Save the Princess

After acquiring all the gem pieces, the Hero finds Agate surrounded by goblins. The Hero joins her in battle and is able to fend off the horde. Grateful for the help, Agate introduces herself to the Hero through an intense love-making session. Afterwards, Agate decides they need to rest up and heal, so they head off to see the healing fairy, Sanita Tem.

After resting up, the Hero and Agate head back to repair the magic seal. Agate explains they need a high level of erotic energy in order to fix it. However, after multiple attempts, the duo finds themselves having trouble generating that much energy. Luckily, Sanita arrives to join the duo in their act. With the help of Sanita, they are finally able to light up the seal.

Happy about their success, the Hero asks Agate to join his harem. Although she initially jokes about not having enough time due to being a princess, Agate joyfully agrees to join the Hero's Harem.

New Quest

After a small timeskip, the Hero sees a supposed Agate in a ninja disguise. She half-heartedly insists she is not Agate and tells the Hero to put his attention on an incoming shuriken. The shuriken lands in front of him and transforms into a bare Tachibana Yokumitsu. The Hero offers her his shirt, and she tells him that she wants to enlist his help in infiltrating the ninja world. Agate leaves to attend to her duties, utilizing the "Technique of Oblivion" to stun the Hero and leave. Tachibana wakes the Hero up through yet another love-making session, and they both begin to travel to the Ninja Village.


  • According to the developers, Victoria Merove is one of the first completely original character; isn't a parody of an existing one.
  • Although Agate is reluctant at first, she reveals herself to be bisexual. This is shown in the main story and in her affection scenes.
  • It is unclear whether the ninja Agate is actually Agate or not. In one of Ninja Agate's affection scenes, they are both seen together. Although this may another trick by Agate herself.
  • This Arc is a parody of The Legends of Zelda.