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HH Adventure Background 13.jpg
Title Digisekai
Main Girl Neono
World Number 13
Previous World Splatters Archipelago Lands
Next World Stairway to Heaven


At the Inn

After getting accidentally killed by Selena Verillo and Lenaëlle Cœur-de-Lion, the Hero is transported into the Digisekai world. He wakes up nude in Neono's inn. She tells him she found him in her garden and that she does not know how he got here. The Hero strangely notices a character stats user interface hovering above Neono's head, but she claims she doesn't know what he's talking about; indicating the Hero's the only one that can see it.

Suit Up

The Hero begins to get dressed, but as he's putting on clothes, he begins to fumble. He notices that he too has a character stats UI hovering over his head, which indicates his "dexterity", "sex skills", and "charisma" are at level zero. He becomes saddened at how he was able to get laid so many times at the Haremverse, but can't in this world. Neono wants to get him out of her inn and offers herself to help him improve. While they fool around, the Hero notices he is a lot clumsier than usual, almost as if he has never had sex in his life. Tuto-Chan appears and tells him that he needs to "try harder", annoying the Hero. Nevertheless, as he interacts with Neono, he begins to level up his skills.

On the Grind

After a certain point in their interaction, the Hero realizes he is not progressing as fast anymore, and halts their coitus. He asks Neono if there is anyone in the vicinity he can practice on. She states that there aren't anyone because her inn is located in an isolated forest and thus receives little to no business. The Hero questions how she is able to make a living, to which she replies she receives a monthly mysterious care package of food and money. She says she does not know where the package comes from, but does not ponder on it because she likes to keep her life simple. She does suggest he practice on the Datamons in the forest.

With the help of Tuto-Chan, the Hero is able to attract a group of Datamon. He interacts with all of them and begins to significantly level up. Later, he returns to the inn.

Clearing the Path

Back at the inn, the Hero continues to level up by having the Datamons continuously service him. The Hero tries to figure out a way he can return to the Haremverse. He tries to call his harem girls, but to no avail. He grows frustrated at his lack of ideas and tells the Datamon to tone it down a level. Neono finds it odd that he is able to communicate with the Datamon, to which the Hero states he can understand them through their intonation. Neono then questions why he is trying so hard to anything, telling him that life should not be so complex and that it is fine if nothing ever happens. Suddenly, Tuto-Chan enters the room and offers her help to the Hero. He notices that Tuto-Chan has transformed into a full-sized human. She tells him that she was not full sized because she mysteriously had her powers weakened and memories drained. She also reveals that she was the one who transferred him to this world, stating that she sensed his imminent death and decided to move him here rather than to the World of the Dead.

She offers to guide the Hero to where he needs to go next, but requires a deeper connection with him to do so. They begin fooling around, allowing the Hero to level up and gain the power "double wielding", making him twice as effective. After Tuto-Chan and Hero finish, everyone in the inn is hit by a vision of where they need to go, an arcade station.

Protector of the Holes

The three of them visit the local town to look for the arcade when they see Priestess Florianna Noble giving a speech to the townsfolk. She assures them that the Queen will protect them from the looming danger of the purple mist. Suddenly, the purple mist materializes and begins turning the townsfolk impotent. It is about to get Florianna, but the Hero jumps in to rescue her, noticing that the mist is not targeting him. He begins having sex with her and unlocks a new ability, "Ranged Attack", which lets him teleport parts of his body to different areas. After they finish, the purple mist is successfully warded off and Florianna is saved, however, some of the townsfolk were still hit by the mist. To thank the Hero for rescusing her, Florianna leads them to the Temple of Ataria, which turns out to be the arcade that the group is looking for.

Ataria Temple

The four of them look around the arcade and notice a prize rack. The main prize is a body pillow of Chiba Maso, which costs 9999 points. Florianna states that the glass protecting the prize rack is unbreakable and the only way to receive the prizes are to accumulate enough points. They turn the arcade station on through a thunder scroll and begin playing the games. The games that the Hero and Neono play only grant them fifty points, but the Hero finds a different game with two androids; the androids state that if they can beat their game, they will grant an infinite number of points. The game they propose involves a male and female participant; if the male is able to satisfy one android before the other android can satisfy the female, the players win. The Hero asks Neono to play, stating that Neono will have an edge because of her lack of interest in sex. However, Neono is disgusted by the previous games and tells him she has had enough for one day. Instead, Florianna fills in. While playing the game, the Hero is able to unlock his "mojo", granting him a big advantage and beating the game.

After winning enough points, the group obtain the Chiba Maso body pillow but are unsure what to do next. Suddenly, they are hit with a flashback of a God of the Haremverse proposing the creation of a world based on love and sex. He appears to be asking someone if they want to participate in a Gorou Fight to be granted this ability. The group snaps back to reality, but Tuto-Chan notices that the person in the flashback looks familiar.

Be Soft With Me

Meanwhile, at Blue's castle, Clara begs Queen Blue to perform her duties as a ruler; reminding her that she has spent weeks without going out. Blue also receives the same flashback as the group and begins to cry. Suddenly, Mizuki enters the room and informs Blue that Neono left the inn. It is also revealed that it is Blue who has been leaving the monthly supply chest at Neono's inn.

Neono, the Hero, and Tuto-Chan are exhausted from a long days of traveling. Tuto-Chan disappears to recharge her powers while the Hero and Neono set up a tent to rest in. While they sleep, the Hero grows restless because it has been an entire day since he has been with a girl in the Haremverse. Neono gets annoyed at his restlessness and offers to help quell his urges. However, the Hero is put off by Neono's lack of experience, causing her to get frustrated and give up. The Hero, still dealing with his urges, begins using the body pillow, when suddenly, Chiba materializes from the pillow. Neono is angry at the Hero for making too much noise and decides to sleep outside the tent. On the other hand, Chiba introduces herself and offers herself as a servant to the Hero. She notices the Hero's urges and decides to sleep with him to help him relax. After they finish, they both fall asleep. Meanwhile outside the tent, Neono has apparently disappeared.

We Should Invade, Shouldn't We?

The next morning, the Hero and Chiba notice Neono's missing and begin searching for her. The Hero calls out Neono's name, but Chiba warns the Hero that if he keeps shouting. they might be violated by forest monsters. The Hero asks how Chiba managed to appear from a pillow, to which she replies that she, along with Acadia and Talissa, were created by a Blue. However, when Blue wanted to "forget all the wrongs she did in order to live a happier life", she turned them all into different objects, stating she will revive them when the world is in danger. The Hero notes how objectifying it must be to be abandoned like that, but Chiba replies that she does not mind since she is handed a great responsibility in protecting the world from danger.

They find a walled town and ask the guard if they have seen Neono. The guard dismisses them and informs them that they are under attack by orcs. The orcs appear and blame the humans for the mist, but the guard denies it and tells them to leave. The orcs state that the mist has left them impotent and unable to satisfy their villages' women. The guard points out that the Hero appears to still have the capabilities, causing the orcs to kidnap him.

While carrying him back to their village, the orcs give up their savage-like rhetoric and start talking in gentlemen-like intonation. Chiba appears and asks them to release the Hero. The orcs reply that they have no intention of hurting him and that they just want to borrow him to appease their women. They invite Chiba along with them and unrestrain the Hero. The Hero asks the orcs why they pretend to be savage beasts, to which they reply that they keep their intimidating facade as a means of warding off violent conflict.

Green Skin and Chamomile

The orc chief, Sir Markus, arrives at his house and greets his wife, Mary, who is growing increasingly hungry for satisfaction. He hands the Hero over to her to let her do as she pleases. Midway through their coitus, another orc woman, Susan, requests to join. After Susan joins, more and more woman enter the room. After three hours of performing, the Hero is visibly exhausted and asks the Markus if he can finally take a break. The orc chief is impressed at how well the Hero performed and offers him a reward. The Hero asks if he has seen Neono, to which Markus replies he has not. However, Markus does know of a sacred library that the Hero is looking for and guides him there. At the library, the Hero finds Neono sleeping on the ground. He wakes her up, causing her to become infuriated at him for constantly interrupting her sleep.

The Founders

Back at Blue's castle, Blue is lying half-naked on her bed with Felicia. Blue pets Felicia and notes that petting her helps relax her.

Meanwhile, the group is observing a poster. Neono notes how useless it is to read and write, but Tuto-Chan asks how a printed poster could exist in a world without that level of technology. Chiba notices that the poster is of her friend Acadia Swindle. She also clandestinely tells the Hero that something is off with Neono and that she does not trust her. The Hero waves it off and tells her that Neono might seem slightly aggressive, but ultimately harmless. They take the poster off the wall and fathom how they can free Acadia.

Suddenly, back at Blue's castle, Blue receives a flashback of her team's victory in God's tournament. In it, God is telling them how impressed he is that they are able to win the tournament without killing anyone. He informs them that he has grown tired of ruling over humanity, stating that their petty problems have become too much for him to deal with. As a prize, he will retire and pass his powers down to them, essentially turning them into Gods. When God reads their minds to see what they have in store for using his powers, he is disgusted at their idea of a world based on love and sex. He scolds them for having such a raunchy fantasy, but remembers he still wants to retire. He transfers his powers and heals the team of their injuries, telling them they now have the power to do create the world they desire. God then requests he be reborn in an appropriate world, then wishes the group good luck before vanishing off. After he leaves, the group begin planning the creation of the Haremverse.

What's This World?

Meanwhile, the Hero and Neono has have fainted due to the flashbacks, so Chiba begins playing around with the Hero's body. She then interacts with the poster of Acadia, which magically transforms into Acadia. The Hero and Neono wake up, only for Acadia to pin Neono down, claiming that Neono is the one who tortured their creator. The Hero is confused at what is going on, but before they are able to explain, the purple mist appears and materializes into the Pandora Witch. She tries to possess Tuto-Chan's body, but the Hero jumps in and saves her, warding off Pandora. Meanwhile, Chiba and Acadia capture Neono and sneak off. After the Hero successfully saves Tuto, her face and body begin to greatly resemble that of Queen Blue.

The Hero is very confused and demands to know what is happening. Tuto states that she does not have all the answers and she suddenly teleports them to Chiba and Acadia's location. Chiba and Acadia are amazed that Tuto looks so much like Blue, and she replies that she knows where Blue is and asks them to follow her lead. The two girls agree, and Acadia returns the wallet she stole from the Hero. The Hero then goes on to check on Neono, who is alone and crying in the tent. The Hero goes up to her and asks what is wrong. She tells him that in their flashbacks, they see the woman Seraphine, who looks exactly like Neono. But she relents that she has no memories of ever being that woman. She claims that her name is Neono only because that was the first word she remembers, and that she has no memories of her childhood or anything else. She also worries because Chiba and Acadia think she is someone who has hurt their creator, and is scared of what she might have done. The Hero tells her that he is also equally confused, but reassures her by telling her that the struggle facing their current world has been more meaningful than any other struggle he has faced in the Haremverse. She blames him for complicating her life, stating that her life was so much simple at the inn. She also reveals that the last flashback has caused her to regain her sex drive. She then gives in to her urges and has sex with the Hero.

The Final Guardian

After their coitus, Neono tells the Hero that they have to go to their next location so she can learn more about her past. The group then travel to a maid cafe and the Hero reminiscences about his experiences at them. Estelle Opaille arrives to their table to take their order. The Hero asks for a "peace-flavored cola and yuzu mocha pie", which surprises Estelle because those dishes do not exist in their world. She deduces that he must be a "gouick" (a mis-spoken version of "geek"). She takes the Hero, Chiba, and Acadia to a temple, leaving Neono and Tuto alone at the table.

At the temple, Estelle scolds Acadia and Chiba for bringing Neono to their sacred place, and they reply that Neono and the Hero share too close of a bond to break. Estelle informs the Hero that Neono is actually named Rafine, and is the reason why Blue decided to erase her own memories. It turns out that Rafine was made to be Blue's personal love doll, but decided to start messing around with anyone she could, constantly breaking Blue's heart. One day Rafine disappeared, causing Blue to reach her mental breaking point and deciding to erase everyone's memories. She let Estelle keep her memories so that, in case the world was ever in danger, she could help guide the Hero to their success. The Hero is hesitant in believing her story because he does not believe Neono is capable of the things she describes, so Estelle proposes they wake the third guardian up to restore Blue's memories.

Estelle hands him the statue of Talissa Sandalo and informs him he needs to touch his fluids on it. The Hero tells her that he does not have the drive to do so yet, so she, alongside Acadia and Chiba, offer to help him with that. They are successful and the statue turns materializes into Talissa. The Hero then asks Estelle why he was hit with the flashbacks, which she is surprised because the only way to access the flashbacks is through satisfying a guardian. The Hero then asks Talissa if he can access her memories, to which she states that she requires pleasure from being a statue for so long. He kindly refuses, stating that he is exhausted from the performance to wake her up. She grows a sadistic look on her face and tells him that she does not take no for an answer. She then forcibly takes the Hero on, inevitably satisfying herself, and granting everyone her visions.

You Are No One!

At Blue's castle, Clara informs Blue that the purple mist is causing civil unrest. She warns her that if nothing else is done, the people might turn violent. Blue tells her that she already has her best people working on it and that there is nothing else she can do. Mizuki arrives and relays Chiba and Acadia's message informing Blue that they are in the process of awakening her powers. However, Blue is clueless of what the message means, but postulates it might be related to the visions she recently experienced.

Back at the maid cafe, Neono is taking a nap and Tuto is meditating and trying to understand her powers. Neono asks why Tuto looks so much like Blue, but she tells her she does not know. Neono tells her that she feels confused about seeing Seraphine in her vision. She states she looks like her, but claims she does not feel like she is her. She reveals that her first memory was someone shouting to her "You're Neono!"

Meanwhile, after the Hero and Talissa finish, the flashback that ensues and reveals that Blue killed Tetsuya because she was angry that he took Seraphine and Rafine away from her. However, Rafine tells her that she fell in love with him because he saw her as a real girl, not as a love doll used for fantasies. Blue is visibly filled with regret as she tries to tell her and herself that it was his own fault, but this angers Rafine, causing her to vow to inflict suffering to Blue. She begins sleeping around with anyone she can, mentally torturing Blue to the point where she has had enough. Blue, in a fit of rage, erases Rafine's memories and screams "You're No One!". Blue's memories are awakened by the flashback, but she does not have her powers back. She states that she left her powers in her glasses and gave them Estelle. She then moves to stop the Pandora Witch before she can inflict harm on the Haremverse.

The Towers of Guilt

Meanwhile at the maid cafe, the Pandora Witch appears and possesses Neono. Tuto tries to call for the Hero, but she is sucked into a possessed Neono (Pandora). The Hero arrives and asks her where Tuto is. Pandora is then enraged when the Hero calls her "Neono", stating that she is not "no one". Blue arrives at the cafe with Clara and Mizuki, but they are too late to stop Pandora, who flies away in Neono's body. She states that she plans on spreading despair to the current world, and then moving on to the Haremverse, where she will find Seraphine and replace her. Blue then orders Clara and Mizuki to seek the assistance of the local nobilities to help quell the threat.

Estelle and the Three Guardians come to greet Blue. Blue starts feeling up Estelle and tells her that she has grown a lot since the last time they saw each other, to which Estelle reveals she is at least "many decades old now". Blue also reveals that Estelle was able to prevent from growing old through her eternal youth spell. They then get back to discussing how to stop Pandora. Due to the massive threat Pandora poses to the worlds, Acadia suggests they should resort to killing. Blue almost agrees to it when the Hero makes his grievances clear. He reminds Blue that she is a creator of the Haremverse, and should uphold their principle of never resorting to violence. As he says that, Blue is reminded of Tetsuya's speech explaining his founding principles. She feels inspired and begins to cry. Blue regains her powers and tells the Guardians to protect her people while she deals with the issue with the Hero.

Blue and the Hero fly to the Broken Tower Inn, but the Hero relentlessly demands Blue to explain everything. She tells him she will in good time and they enter the inn. Megane comes to take their order while Blue starts telling him her backstory. She explains that she, Seraphine, Tetsuya, and Liberti all met roleplaying while in the military. She explains this is where her love of roleplay comes from. She plays the role of queen and the Goddess, Lustia. She then signals Megane she wants to fill the Hero in on the world's secrets.

The Nomura Plan

They bring him into a laboratory and hook him into a machine that transfers him into Blue's mind. The Hero states that he is abnormally excited, but Blue states that Megane needs to keep him excited to allow for the state of complete trust between the Blue and the Hero to continue. Blue explains that in her original world, she, Tetsuya, Seraphine, and Liberti were all warlocks for their country's military. Their world was in a constant state of war, and she and her friends were responsible for countless massacres. She reveals she was in love with Seraphine, but in that world, lesbian love was forbidden to prevent "a waste of possible future soldiers." After they created the Haremverse, she confessed her love to Seraphine, but she would only serve as a third-wheel to Seraphine and Tetsuya's relationship. She felt so much jealously that after creating the First Haremverse, she created her own private world, Digisekai. However, she still could not get over Seraphine, so she built her own copy her named "Rafine" and even granted her some magic powers. However one day, Tetsuya and Seraphine decided to check up on Blue out of worry, but when Seraphine saw Rafine, she became very disgusted at the fact that Blue copied her body without her permission. However, Tetsuya observed that Blue was going through depression and begged her to come back to the Haremverse. Blue's world was falling apart around her, and to make things worse, when Rafine saw Tetsuya, she fell in love with him.

Because Blue granted Rafine magical powers, when Rafine rebelled, she was able to cause a considerable amount of harm to the Digisekai world. At this point, Seraphine had cut Blue out of her life, but Tetsuya continues to return in hopes of recruiting Blue to join them in their fight against Liberti, who was falling victim to corruption. However, Blue could not help him because she was too busy dealing with the threat Rafine posed to Digisekai. However on one unfortunate night, Rafine attempted to seduce Tetsuya. When Blue caught them, she became infuriated and accidently kills Tetsuya. Plagued by her guilt, she decided to isolate Digisekai and lock herself in her own world, willingly letting Rafine mentally torture her. Blue realized that her powers were to dangerous to be used even by her, so she erased the memories of the world to control herself. As a quasi-insurance policy, she instilled the responsibilities of keeping Digisekai safe to the three Guardians, hiding them in places that her people would never figure out; she granted Estelle eternal youth so that she could help guide a potential Hero to her; and she created Tuto-Chan her powers to find someone who could help save their world. Just as Blue finishes her story, Megane finishes off the Hero, completing the body synchronization. The Hero wakes up in Tetsuya's body.

God Mode

Pandora is trying to create a portal to break free from the Digisekai world. Meanwhile, Mizuki rescues a couple from the mist. Seeing the couple try to enjoy their last moments of sexual drive gives her an idea on how to stop Pandora. She strips naked and uses the "Final Spell: Emergency Call" to call all the girls in Blue's Harem. She tells them all to prove their loyalty to Blue by rallying to her naked. Felicia, Vanessa, Clara, Lyrsa, and Estelle all appear naked and expresses how proud they are be a part of Blue's loyal circle.

As Pandora begins to expand her portal out of Digisekai, the group starts to taunt and jeer at her as a means to distract her. Pandora laughs at their efforts and unleashes her improved fog at them, causing all of them to start losing interest in life and sex. Suddenly, the Hero (who is now in Tetsuya's body) arrives and uses his a "Neptune's Godly Mojo Touch: The Ineluctable Tsunami of Squirts!" This move is so powerful, it restores all the girls desire and satisfices them all in the process

Pandora notices Tetsuya and begins to tear up, infuriated at being reminded of her old crush. She flies up to him and states that although it feels like Tetsuya's body, it is not him. Blue appears and informs Blue that this is the only non-violent way to deal with her threat. Pandora is confident she can overcome Tetsuya's body, and they begin having sex.

I Will Fuck Among You...

During their interaction, the Hero's demeanor and words greatly remind Pandora of Tetsuya. The Hero reassures her that although she looks and acts like Seraphine, she can still find meaning and independence in her life if she is willing to go with him to the Haremverse. He tells her that to him, she will always be Neono. Pandora's influence over Neono's body begins to wane. To completely rid Pandora's grasp on Neono's soul, the Hero activates his divine powers and begins to have sex with Neono. As they perform, they begin to emit a powerful mojo, which travels across the entire planet, causing the people to feel the pleasure that the Hero and Neono are feeling as they engage. As they continue, their mojo begins to travel through the portal opened by Pandora.

Meanwhile, in the Haremverse, Samane delivers the news to Bunny and Lupa that she cannot find the Hero's body in the Admittance of the Dead, indicating that there is a big chance he is gone. Bunny is seen crying with Lupa trying to comfort her. All of the sudden, the powerful mojo appears and the three of them and they begin to feel extreme pleasure. Lupa recognizes the way the pleasure feels and states that the only person who could be responsible for it is the Hero. Bunny is ecstatic and proud of him for achieving his godhood. She states that she will wait for his return and until then, indulge in the feelings of their mojo. Afterwards, when the Hero and Neono finish, everyone across the planet and dimension do to.

Follow the Leader

Afterwards, in the Stairway to Heaven, Lenaëlle and Selena are confused by the feelings they just felt. However, the Angel Mother states that it's a miracle and theorizes that the Gods of Haremverse are still with among them. She states she will start investigating because the Shokushu threat is growing.

A New Life of Lust

The Hero awoken in the Admittance of the Dead by Samane. They notice a naked Neono in a catfight with Kelina, with Estelle, Talissa, Florianna, Acadia, and Chiba all naked and unconcious next them. The Hero enters the room and asks what they are all doing there, but before Neono is able to explain, Samane and Kelina take it to themselves to start servicing the Hero. Neono gets annoyed and asks if they can wait until she is finished. They claim the Hero has not been around for weeks and they need a break; additionally, the Hero tells her that he will do his best to focus on her.

Neono tells her that after he defeated Pandora, he was expelled from Tetsuya's body, and sent his original body back to the Admittance of the Dead. With the imminent threat Pandora posing quelled, Blue offered all the girls in her harem the opportunity to go to the Haremverse. It is revealed that Blue kills Neono to send her to the Admittance of the Dead, giving her the opportunity to follow the Hero into the Haremverse. After the Hero finishes, he begins to black out. He is awoken in a flashback from Tetsuya's perspective of a naked Liberti. Tetsuya asks why he did the things he did, to which he replies that he "just felt so insufferably bored!"

The Hero wakes up again to Samane on top of him. She informs him she has called already called "Dius Ash Ma'ki' na" to resurrect him. The dragon appears right when all the girls who crossed over to the Haremverse come to greet the Hero. They all express their worry over his blackout. When he reassures them that he is fine, he asks them what they are doing here. Acadia, Chiba, and Talissa tell them that since they were turned into magical objects for so long, they craved a more fun and exciting life, so they decided to follow Neono's plan. They, along with Estelle, reveal they did not stay in Digisekai because Pandora still poses a threat there and it might require them to go back to being magical objects again. As thanks for their previous service, Blue granted them all the opportunity to follow Neono and join the Hero in the first Haremverse. Florianna properly introduces herself and tells him that she had too much fun at the Ataria temple and suddenly woke up here, indicating she had an accident; but she tells him that she wishes to resurrect with him.

The Dragon, annoyed that the Hero has been ignoring him this entire time, screams at him for his attention and asks what he called him for. The Hero tells him that he wants to resurrect again, to which the Dragon tells him that he already has the ability to resurrect whenever he wants to. The Hero, realizing his foolishness, then asks the Dragon to resurrect all the girls that want to cross to the first Haremverse. The Dragon tells him that because all the girls do not have bodies to resurrect in, he will have to expend a lot of energy to revive them. In return, he wants the Hero to give him a "show of passion" to help motivate him. Neono calls him a voyeur, but the Dragon states that he is usually trapped in his balls and is unable to witness any action. Neono tells the Hero that he is not against the idea because she has been craving this type of excitement since she left her boring life at the inn.

The Hero then engages in an a seven-way orgy with Acadia, Chiba, Talissa, Neono, Florianna, and Estelle. During their performance, a few things happen: Estelle properly thanks the Hero on behalf of the royal court for his help in protecting Digisekai; Neono thanks the Hero for helping her discover herself and face her evil demons; Neono also states how she is amazed at the new feelings she has received ever since her genitalia regained feelings; Florianna enjoys the change of feeling from the Ataria temple to the traditional method; Chiba tells the Hero that she has been waiting for a proper moment to enjoy themselves; Chiba properly apologizes to Neono for misjudging her, but Neono understands where she came from;

Meanwhile, the Lord of Death, Samane, Kelina, and Lola are discussing the implications of allowing other-worlders into the Haremverse. Lola raising the concern that they are unable to visit the Digisekai world. Samane reassures them that they will know more once the angels interrogate him. Suddenly, another surge of mojo mysteriously appears, indicating that the Hero might have gained some residual divine powers.

After all seven of them finish, the Dragon is impressed and satisfied with their performance, expressing jealousy for not being a humanoid. He upholds his end of the bargain and prepares to give each of them their own bodies. Neono tells the Hero how grateful she is to be able to be taken care of by him. She tells him that she could get used to living in a world driven by sexual desire. The Hero then asks her to join his Harem. She agrees and reminds him that she died in Digisekai to be with him.

Blue's Plans

Back at the Digisekai Laboratory at the Broken Tower Inn, Blue and the rest of Blue's Harem are all present and naked. Mizuki informs Blue that they have been unable to locate Pandora and that she can still pose a threat to the Digisekai. Blue tells them due to her regrets and emotions, she has lost confidence in herself to responsibly use her powers as a goddess. Instead, she will resign and transfer all her powers and responsibilities to Tuto. Blue tells them that they need a God to fix up their mess, but because Pandora holds a significant portion of her powers, she is unable to enter the first Haremverse in search of Seraphine, even if she was, she doubts that Seraphine will even talk to her. She states that their only hope is to revive Tetsuya by rebuilding his mind. She admits she does not know how long it will take, but has full confidence that Tuto-Chan is up for the task. Blue's Harem proposes they rename Tuto-Chan to "Goddess Lustia".

Lustia tells them that she will rebuild Digisekai to accelerate the repairing of Tetsuya's mind, allowing Tetsuya to help the Hero quell the threats in the Haremverse. Lustia plans on putting the rest of Blue's harem into stasis so they can guide Tetsuya when he regains consciousness. Additionally, Blue kept the Hero's body to create the same experiences the Hero felt during his arrival into the Haremverse for Tetsuya. She also reveals that she believes merging their bodies will help in speeding up the recovery. Once they start the procedure, Blue's harem girls all give her a big group hug. Blue thanks them for their friendship and loyalty, tells them she will always love them, and that she hopes to meet them in another life.

Meanwhile, at an unknown location, Pandora is contemplating to herself how she was betrayed by her own body, soul, and lover. She vows to spread despair through the land reek havoc upon Digisekai and the Haremverse, thus jump-starting the story for Hentai Clicker.