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Samane Sanetomo
HH Samane Pose 1.png
Title Samane
Full Name Samane Sanetomo
Gender Female
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Blue
Breast Size Small
Shaved Yes
Birthday 12/19
Location Admittance of the Dead
Career Shinigami
Favorite Food Crab
Hobby Orating
Fetish Brutal Sex
Biography: Samane is crude! At first, she was part of the lower class spirits of the shinigami society. However, her ability to appreciate everything shoddy and dirty, and the pleasure she gets from being stuffed in all her holes got her noticed among the shinigamis. Adopted by an aristocrat of the court, she became an elite shinigami.
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About Her

Samane is a major character in the Admittance of the Dead Arc.

How to Obtain

Samane is obtained through completing the Admittance of the Dead Arc.


Before Main Story

Samane is a high-ranking shinigami noble in the realm of th edead.