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Mother Angel
HH Mother Angel Pose 1.png
Title Mother Angel
Full Name Mother Angel
Gender Female
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Purple
Breast Size Large
Shaved Trimmed
Birthday 4/17
Location Heaven
Career Mother of All Angels
Favorite Food Creme Brulee
Hobby Singing
Fetish Young Men
Biography: Long ago, back when the Haremverse was first created, a few special heroes and heroines were summoned from different dimensions. Only the bravest and horniest were deemed worthy by the creators to populate the sexy new world. Mother Angel was one of the chosen ones, her supple body and insatiable lust making her perfect for the kinky universe. Beautiful and powerful, she has been guiding the angels and protecting the heavens since the very beginning.
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About Her

Mother Angel is a major character in the Admittance of the Dead Arc.

How to Obtain

Mother Angel is obtained through completing the Admittance of the Dead Arc.


Before Main Story

Mother Angel was one of Tetsuya's lovers.


Mother Angel is with Lenaëlle and Selena when she realizes that the Gods of the Haremverse are still among them. She begins investigating this phenomena due to increased pressure of the Shokushu threat.

Stairway to Heaven

Mother Angel is checking up on the interrogator's progress on the Player, but is horrified to see that he is being tortured. She comforts the Player, introduces herself to him, and has sex with him to reveal if he has Tetsuya's aura.