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Kimie Chiba Komina
HH Kimie Pose 1.png
Title Kimie
Full Name Kimie Chiba Komina
Gender Female
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Breast Size Small
Shaved No
Birthday 7/7
Location Unknown
Career Wind Priestess
Favorite Food Grilled Veggies
Hobby Martial Arts
Fetish French Kiss
Biography: Warrior priestess of wind, she is called upon for traditional rituals to bring about good weather, and to beat up thieves and criminals who try to enter the sacred Temple of Wind. Small, shy, reserved, polite - she doesn't look like much, until she takes out her weapons, and then you'd better run!!
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It is not this big bump in your pants that is going to make you a priest! In my final course the hardest part is mastering yourself!

- Kimie, naked in front of the Player


About Her

Kimie is a minor character in the canon.

How to Obtain

Kimie is obtained by random drop from the Dark Lord


Before Main Story

Kimie is a Wind Priestess who eventually met the Gem's Kingdom monarch and joined his harem.

Gem's Kingdom Arc

Kimie has sex with the Player to help free the King of his affliction. She gets annoyed at Pooky for her attempts at fooling around with her.



Kimie and the Player occasionally have sex when they see each other.

Gem King

Kimie is a part of the Gem King's harem.


Pooky seems to frequently tease and annoy Kimie with her antics.


Kimie and Pooky are in the King's harem together. They participate in orgies together.





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