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Kalissa Arc
HH Kalissa Pose 1.png
Title Kalissa
Full Name Kalissa Arc
Gender Female
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Red
Breast Size Small
Shaved No
Birthday 6/25
Location "Fairy Dicks" Tavern
Career Mercenary
Favorite Food Creme Brulee
Hobby Travelling
Fetish Public Transports
Biography: An expert mercenary mage, she's part of the "Fairy Dicks" guild, fighting against monsters and criminals. Powerful and outgoing, she controls power like no-one else. In short, she's hot! Especially in public transport. No one understands how, but as soon as she sets foot on a train, bus, or similar, a heat awakens at the base of her back so intense that she can't stop her pussy from getting wet. At that moment, she needs a cock; or two, it doesn't matter, but she needs to be taken...
Wiki: [Here]

About Her

Kalissa is a major character in the Admittance of the Dead Arc.

How to Obtain

Kalissa is obtained through completing the Admittance of the Dead Arc.


Before Main Story

Kalissa is a high-ranking shinigami noble in the realm of th edead.







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1-Star Affection Scene
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2-Star Affection Scene
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3-Star Affection Scene
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5-Star Affection Scene