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Jenishi "Jennie" Murakata
HH Jennie Pose 1.png
Title Jennie
Full Name Jenishi "Jennie" Murakata
Gender Female
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
Breast Size Large
Shaved Trimmed
Birthday 4/15
Location Ninja Village
Career Kunoichi
Favorite Food Teriyaki
Hobby Sports
Fetish Brutal Sex
Biography: A young Kunoichi of the Ninja Village, Jennie is still inexperienced... in comparison to other sexual artists of the village and even her younger sister, Tachibana. Aloof, but with character, she's constantly looking for methods to improve her sexual ninja techniques. Her soft hands and her "Tantra Caress No Jutsu" can overcome any man's ejaculation difficulties.
Wiki: [Here]

Haaa! It's so intense. I'm stimulated everywhere. I'm just a sexual object and I love it, me who's so tame! It's humilating and exciting at the same time. It's so bad... I love it...

- Jennie, getting fucked by the Player


About Her

Jennie is a major character in the Ninja City Arc.

How to Obtain

Jennis is obtained through completing the Ninja City Arc.


Before Main Story

Jennie is a kunoichi from the Ninja Village.







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